For We Are Many

For We Are Many is the direct sequel to The Darkest Night, and indeed begins about twenty minutes after the Epilogue of that first work. This piece is, in essence, a Mass Effect 2 redux, with some canonical items changed around to incorporate a slightly altered plotline. You'll see many references to things from The Darkest Night, as I intend for my works to not only stand alone, but also all be parts of one large, overarching series, utilizing the same characters and plot developments.

Ergo, if you haven't read The Darkest Night, I'd start there. =)


This work is dedicated in equal measure to four people. In no specific order, they are:

Tairis Deamhan
Rose Tinted Contact Lenses

Without their wonderful contributions to this site, my work wouldn't exist. I've drawn inspiration from Calinstel's rich quarian lore and language, as well as Rose's ability to completely invade a character's mind, and describe in excellent detail, and so few words, exactly what that character is thinking, how they're reacting to the situation at hand. I've drawn from Tairis' ability to broaden the scope of a widely known but not terribly fleshed out side-plot, and Andrio's capability to masterfully trace a character arc over a huge period of time, while at the same time keeping that character ever someone the reader can relate to.

These four were my main inspiration for starting work on The Darkest Night, but every so often I find an author who can at the very least show me a side of this wonderful universe I haven't seen before. If you're wondering whether or not to start writing, just start writing, and see what happens. The worst you could do is waste a couple hours trying to reinvent the wheel. The best you could do...well I personally feel that's listed above, within the works of the people I've mentioned. (=D)

Right, then. Enough raving about people who write better than I do (=D). To all of those joining me from The Darkest Night, welcome back! I hope the "break" wasn't too much of a strain (=P). And to anyone just joining, welcome as well, I feel you're in for a real treat!

As of the time of writing this Foreword (1:21am U.S. EST 10/24/11), I still have a good bit of Java Programming homework left to finish off. Expect the Prologue up probably around this time tomorrow. Can you live for 24 hours? I know it'll be rough for me!

Oh and for anyone concerned, expect the same pace as before, with about four times the content to write. (=D)

Let's get this party started. Happy Reading!