"Ember, so warm and tender!" A harmonious voice filled the stage and its surrounding areas. Deafening screams of excitement were audible from many streets away.

"You will remember my name!" The song's end started a chorus of chants. "EMBER! EMBER! EMBER!" The teenage girl on stage stood in front of a microphone stand, holding her signature purple guitar with blue flames on it.

As the chanting continued, she felt an intense feeling of satisfaction. She loved the feelings her performances gave her. She stepped forward, her bright blue hair flaring up in its ponytail. She chose her ensemble special for her first live appearance; her one-shouldered black tank top (exposing her midriff), black leather pants, silver belt, and skull boots went perfectly with her accessories- a black choker, a long black glove on her right arm, and a black bracelet on her left. And of course, the rock star make up. Black eye liner outlined her eyes and her light purple lipstick on her lips completed her looks.

She grabbed the microphone with her gloved hand and yelled, "Hello, Amity Park! TELL ME WHO YOU LOVE!" The crowd exploded. "EMBER MCLAIN! EMBER MCLAIN! EMBER MCLAIN!"

"That's it baby, say my name!" She grinned, her hair flaring up again, now twice its original length. Just as she was about to perform her finale, a loud, high-pitched beeping sound pierced her ears.

Just like that, the entire image faded away. Seventeen year old Amber McLain reluctantly opened her eyes. They darted over to the sound that had awoken her. The most evil of all inventions: the alarm clock. It read 7:00 A.M. Her light brown hair, usually kept neatly brushed and straight, was unkempt and stuck out in all directions. Groaning, she pushed herself out of bed and walked sluggishly to the bathroom. She changed from her Hello Kitty pajamas to a black miniskirt and a dark purple tank top.

A light tapping sounded from the other side of the door. Amber, still groggy from a lack of sleep, hesitantly unlocked and opened it. A cheerful looking, mid-aged woman stood there with a silly grin on her face. "Gooooooood morning, Amberkins! Time to end the summer and start the school year!" Her grin faded when she saw Amber's still messy hair. "Hey, bedhead," she taunted. "Go brush up, because you AREN'T going back to bed." Well, duh. Amber thought in annoyance. "And brush your teeth, too," she added. "Your breath must reek." Amber's patience was extremely low this morning. She was about to snap out a reply, but thought better of it. They argued frequently, and things always turned out bad. Well, for Amber, anyways.

Instead, she stalked back to her bedroom. She hated the way her mother tried to control her. Or anyone. As far as she was concerned, authority SUCKED. Remembering she had yet to brush her teeth, she left for the bathroom again, throwing a dart at a photo of her mother on her dartboard. Another bull's-eye. Amber smiled to herself. "I never get tired of that."

She brushed her teeth and hair. Grabbing a black hair tie, she gathered her hair into a ponytail. First day of junior year, she thought to herself. Can't be THAT bad, could it?

Amber was able to grab her backpack and sneak out before her mom had the chance to talk to her again. As she walked down the street, the dream still played in her mind. It wasn't her, but she felt great, seeing what it was like to be well-known and famous. And the guitar she had held was so similar to her own- black with red flames, instead of the purple with blue.

She was so deeply in thought that she hadn't heard the voice screeching her name not far away. Realizing who it was, she paused, waiting for them to catch up. "You're late," panted a long haired blonde. She wore a red leather jacket and skirt, black tank top, fishnet stockings, and knee-high high heeled boots. She wore make up as well; the purple eye shadow and lipstick complimented her semi-dark purple scarf.

"Oh, I'm late?" Amber's eyes narrowed. "Look who's running after who." The blond-haired girl peered closely at Amber. "Ok, what's up?" Amber stiffened. "Oh, it's just my mother," she stalled. "Come on, Amber. You're always dealing with your crazy mom. I've known you long enough to know when something's really on your mind."

Amber sighed. Kitty had been her best friend since first grade. She could never get anything past her. No sense in trying to deny it, she thought dully.

"Well, lately I've been having these unusual dreams…" Amber began. Kitty looked thoroughly confused. "Unusual how?" Amber went on describing her dream, using any detail she could. "Unusual, like… it wasn't me. I was in the dream as someone else. I started out singing this song, and everyone was chanting my- er, her name. I was on a huge stage in a concert arena. As for looks, I had a one-shouldered black tank top, and black leather pants with a silver belt. I wore a black choker, a long black glove on my right arm, a black bracelet on my left. Rock star make up, too. And my hair… it was like a blue flame tied up in a ponytail that fueled up more as the crowd chanted."

Kitty had listened intently the whole time. "Wow, that sure is peculiar. Well, you said everyone was chanting her name… What was it?" Amber responded, "Well, from what I remember, they were chanting 'Ember McLain'." Kitty got lost in her thoughts, forgetting Amber was still standing beside her. "Hello? I'm right here!" Amber exclaimed, slightly annoyed. "What are you just standing there for?"

Kitty turned to Amber, excited. "Amber, she has the same last name as you! You must have a famous relative named Ember McLain!" Amber stared at her disbelievingly. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd have known about something like that long ago." Kitty, however, wasn't so quick to assume that the dream was just that- a dream, nothing more. "Amber, you have got to read into this more. Think about it! Ember McLain, Amber McLain? Have you honestly never noticed the two similarities before? You have nearly the same exact names and guitars!" Mulling it over, Amber did realize that they were almost exactly the same. How could I NOT have noticed? Amber thought to herself, dismayed. That should have been the FIRST thing I'd noticed!

"You're right…" Amber said instead. "Y'know what I think this all means?" Kitty asked. "I think this is a sign. A sign that you should change your name, write a hit, and become a rock star!" Kitty spoke as if she was completely, 100% positive of it. "Really." Amber muttered mutinously. "And dye my hair blue?" "YES!" Kitty cried delightedly. "Er, I mean… if you want to!" Amber rolled her eyes dramatically. "Pssh. That's ridiculous. It could never really happen. You and your silly ideas…" But as they walked to school, Amber couldn't help thinking about it. Wow… she thought to herself longingly. How great it would be, if that really happened…