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Amber ran through a deserted, creepy alley, her mascara streaming down her face. Her tears had totally ruined her makeup. But Amber didn't care. She didn't care about anything at the moment. She only cared about going somewhere she could be alone. Somewhere no one would bother her. She had the perfect place for moments like these; although this was the first time in years that she would be using it.

Amber raced through the doorway of an old, abandoned house. The dusty old door slammed shut behind her. She ran up the stairs, each one creaking as her weight came in contact with it. She reached the top of the staircase, stumbling uncontrollably. She felt sick. Very nauseous. Amber, nearly hyperventilating, broke down into tears once more, collapsing onto the hard wooden floor. Why... she thought, her tear-stained face clenching up. Her broken heart ached more than her now blood-covered knee, which had gotten a large gash from tripping up the stairs. The blood oozed out heavily, making Amber feel light-headed. She shivered on the floor, trying to dig her bitten down fingernails into the wooden floorboard. The room wouldn't stop spinning. Then everything went black. Somewhere in the distant future... A blue haired figure stood in a dark clearing, tuning her guitar. She strummed a few chords in silence. "I knew it," she muttered. "I shouldn't have been so stupid. Of course it wouldn't have worked. I'm an idiot for even thinking I would've had a chance." A flashback of a teenage boy holding the hand of a young brunette appeared briefly in her mind, only to vanish just as quickly. "FUCK!" she yelled as she dropped to the ground, punching it. She put the same hand over her eyes as they filled with tears. It's over. I'm screwed. "AMBER! OH MY GOD, CAN YOU HEAR ME? PLEASE SAY SOMETHING, AMBER!" Amber lifted her head as a piercing pain jolted through it. "Urgh..." A hand was placed on each of her shoulders. They released her as she stirred. Amber opened her eyes, her blurred vision clearing up to see Kitty sitting at her side. Kitty's eyes were red with tears. "Oh, Amber... What happened to you?! You're covered in blood!" She lifted her hand to her head, feeling an especially sharp pain. Glancing at it, she saw it was coated in dark, sticky blood. There was a severe throbbing and she realized she must've hit her head as she fell to the floor, opening a new cut on the side of her head. "I... Ugh..." "You look terrible!" Kitty helped her up carefully, easing her way down the staircase, out the doorway, and to her house. "Thanks Kitty..." Amber moaned softly as Kitty cleaned and disinfected Amber's cuts. Kitty had given her several glasses of water in an attempt to help restore her strength, and was now preparing to bandage up the worst of her cuts. "Amber, it is no problem at all! You know that! Now can you please tell me why I found you all bloody and unconscious in an abandoned old house? I'm just glad I saw you run down that street or I don't know what would've happened..." Amber reached for a nearby ice pack, applying it to her incredibly sore head. "Well... You know how I was going to talk to Brad earlier?" When Kitty nodded, she continued. "I walked into the store... And there was... Another girl there. Not a real girl... One of the ones that look like a cheap-ass model. With boobs, an ass, and everything. And Brad fucking kissed her right there in the store... I couldn't take standing there and seeing it for myself so I ran. I ran to where no one could find me." Kitty looked at Amber, her mouth gaping and tears flooding her eyes. "You didn't want to be found? Amber, you could have died! If I hadn't found you, I don't know if you would have bled to death..." Amber looked at Kitty icily. "I don't even care." Kitty glanced at Amber, horrified. "Amber, no! Don't say that! Promise me you won't do anything to harm yourself after I'm gone!" She stopped, realizing her mistake, but Amber glared at Kitty, catching her. "Gone? What do you mean, gone?" Kitty choked up, crying softly. "Amber, I... I'm moving." Amber stared at her, her face falling. "No... Kitty, you can't... Don't leave me..." Kitty couldn't stop crying now. "My mom's making me. She got a good job offer in another state... I wanted to tell you... Just not like this..." Amber shook her head. "This can't be happening... What about Johnny?" Kitty looked utterly defeated. "I'll have to tell him..." She turned to Amber. "Amber, don't think I'm abandoning you, please... There's nothing I can do... I already tried talking to my mom... She and my father talked it over and decided it was a definite plan." Amber threw herself at her best friend, hugging her nonstop. This was the last time she would hug her or smell her lavender scented perfume. The last time she would enjoy her best friend's presence. They both cried, hugging each other tightly. And then, without any warning, Amber pulled away and sprinted out of Kitty's house, ignoring her friend's desperate pleas not to leave. Amber raced back to the location of the abandoned house. This is too much... Just too much... I've already lost the one I loved... I can't lose Kitty too. I refuse to go on without her! She flew through the door, going straight to a dusty old desk. She pulled open a drawer, pulling out a set of matches. She quickly lit each match in succession, throwing them in random directions. By the time she threw the last match, a violent fire had flared up. She stood in the middle of the house. Broken. Defeated. Done with it all. As she watched the flames grow higher, she grew more certain of what she was doing. She knew her destiny now. All her dreams suddenly made sense. She was no longer going to be Amber McLain, seventeen year old high school junior. She was Ember McLain, ghostly rockstar. Remembering that famous song, she muttered, "You will remember my name... Every last one of you." She stood still as the flames engulfed her body, and the last thing she felt was a hot burning sensation. What are your thoughts at this point? Did Amber make the right choice? Do you agree with her? Have no fear, the epilogue is on its way! Thanks for reading my story up to this chapter, guys! I hope I haven't disappointed!