This is just an English assignment I did…. I thought you guys would be interested in it :)

The Truman Show – Continuation

DISCLAIMER – I do not own The Truman Show. If I did, Meryl would be dead.

Walking out of the safe boundary of Sea Haven Island was scary for Truman Burbank. He had always had some small fear of the unknown, which is what the rest of the world felt to him in that moment when he walked out the door of the set. The streets that he stepped out on to were not how he expected. Crime, poverty and dishonesty laced the street he stood on, but it all vanished when Lauren or Sylvia, the woman he was in love with for 8 years, came into view. He ran up to her as if she was the last supply of food on earth, and she kissed him in a way that made the last eight years of longing slip away like a butterfly in its cocoon.

What no one noticed was something happened on the 221st floor of the set, where Christof stood there, seeing these two little dots (it is pretty high from 200 floors) sharing this moment. A single tear dripped down his face as he realised how much he missed Truman.

Meanwhile, Truman reached into his pocket to give something to Sylvia. As he pulled the items out, she gasped. It was her beaded bracelet and the picture made from magazine cut outs. "I still have your jumper as well," he told her. "When Meryl left me, I hugged it every time I felt lonely, usually for long periods of time." She smiled up at him, but she didn't realise this would be the last time he would be truly happy.

It took one day for Truman to become a recluse. When Sylvia took him out for some pizza, they acted really crazy like in college, everyone knew who he was. The creepiest bit was when he came out of the pizza joint. One step out the door, and everyone surrounded him like he was the cure of cancer. He ran back to Sylvia's place and was never the same. One day he was angry and the next he would curl up into a ball and cry on the floor.

One day, he stepped out for one minute, and a crazy fan put a gun to his head, saying how much he ruined her life for leaving the show. He then decided to take matters into his own hands.

That night he slipped out of bed and walked to a bridge three blocks away. He put on a ski mask so no one knew it was him, and he jumped.

- The End -