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House recovered before Thirteen did, quickly turning away from Wilson and pulling his pants up. Wilson hesitated for a moment, not sure whether the most appropriate thing to do would be to leave and give them some privacy, or stay and pretend that what just happened wasn't a big deal. Thirteen remained shaking on the floor until House moved his hands to her shirt, trying to help her. At this, she sprang into action and shoved House away before buttoning the top herself. As soon as she was adequately covered, Thirteen stood up and ran her hands through her hair, knowing that she had to say something to Wilson but too scared and too furious to form any sort of coherent sentence in her mind. Finally, she fixed him with a cold stare and opened her mouth, hoping that something would come out.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Good, that made sense and it would be nice to know the answer as well.

"I was coming to check on you," Wilson replied, putting all his concentration into looking at her face, and not anywhere else.

"Well, I'm fine, so you can go now," she shot at him, stopping herself from turning to House. If I pretend he's not here, she thought, maybe Wilson won't pay any attention to him either.

"Remy – " Wilson began, only to be cut off by the young doctor.

"I said I was fine. Now, can you please leave?"

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Wilson asked her, keeping his distance from the other two, but not moving any closer to the door.

"What, sleeping with House, or not letting you watch?" Thirteen did her best to use words that were sharp enough to cut through Wilson. She felt like she was melting inside and he was going to pay for that.

"I – I had no idea that he – that you were – "

"That we were fucking." Remy's voice was filled with ire, which she hoped was concealing her embarrassment. "Let's not waste time with politeness, Wilson; I'm pretty sure that all respect has been sufficiently eradicated at this point."

"I promise, I didn't see anything – "

"Like hell you didn't." She was getting good at this interrupting thing. "He was still inside me when you stepped through the door!"

"On that note," House finally joined in, "I would like to point out that this was completely consensual."

"I know that!"

"He knows that!"

Thirteen and Wilson spoke simultaneously, both turning their intent gazes on House.

"Then I don't see what you have to object to," House directed at Wilson. "As long as the bisexual and I are happy with what we're doing, no one has the right to stop us."

"It's not going to be consensual for long if you keep talking like that." Thirteen's voice was low and rough and carried a heavy threat with it.

"This is what I'm talking about," Wilson interjected. "Is this really the best way for you to recover? You've suffered a serious trauma, not to mention your Huntington's – "

"That's none of your business," Thirteen spat. "Look, you don't know me, so how can you know what is and isn't good for me?"

"I'm a doctor," Wilson reminded her, trying to play his compassionate wisdom card that convinced his patients to take his advice. Well, most of the time.

"So am I!" Thirteen was no longer using her inside voice and both men were starting to get concerned that one or more neighbours might come bursting through the still open door at any moment. "And so is House," she added, "which makes me think that we're quite capable between the two of us of monitoring my health."

Wilson gave a heavy sigh. Continuing this argument was only going to stir up more anger and pain; it was best for him to leave them and let them make their own mistakes, regardless of the consequences. Maybe they would learn something. "Alright, as long as you know what you're getting into."

"I do," Thirteen said, her voiced determined and her chin raised despite her discomfort at how much Wilson had seen of her. The oncologist turned and headed for the door, but Thirteen called after him before he disappeared into the hallway. "Wilson." He turned back to face her. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread this around the hospital, regardless of how much House wants to brag about it." She threw an impish glance at her lover, causing him to roll his eyes and making Wilson's cheeks turn slightly red.

"No problem," he reassured her, before turning left into the corridor and moving out of earshot.

"Boy, are we going to have fun tomorrow," House leered, making Thirteen's stomach drop. She knew that she'd never receive the same promise from House that she'd just gotten from Wilson.

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