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Warnings: AU, cursing, mild sex scenes, and oddness aplenty.

Summary: Tetsuhiro has been keeping a secret from his senpai, and Souichi plans to use it to his advantage…

Notes: OK, I'll let you know right now that this is sort of a crossover of another manga series, though not really enough to include it in the crossover section. What can I say? I have an odd obsession with science fiction…

Chapter 1: Retrospection

In many ways, Souichi could say that his life was strange. He had seen many strange things before, had encountered many strange people, and even his love life was abnormal (not that he would admit it was a love life at all). Still, he had to say that he would never have guessed that he would end up in the situation he was in now. He supposed he had it coming; sure, he had been a jerk to people. Sure, he had done some things that could be considered downright mean. But to wind up in this place? He didn't think he deserved it. Surely karma was kinder than this. He wasn't usually one to speculate on the workings of the gods (if they existed), but at that moment he was hoping that they were indeed real and that they would hear his silent prayers.

What was it about an all-out fight to the death between two machines that brought out the philosopher in people?

To be fair, he was partially at fault, and he admitted it. Then he looked to his left; Isogai was sitting on the ground, looking alarmed and a little embarrassed. Souichi thought that he should at least feel that way, and much worse. After all, it was mostly Isogai's fault. Still, there was no sense in playing the blame game. All he could do now was try to dodge the flying debris and remember the day that his life took a detour through the Twilight Zone…


"MORINAGA!" Souichi's shout echoed down the halls of N. University, but by now student and faculty alike were used to it. They had been hearing that very same call for several years now, and they almost didn't even hear it any more. It could be said that a person's seniority in the school could be deduced simply by how they reacted to this familiar cry. The newest ones, the freshmen, would jump a little. Those in their second semester would turn their heads, but not think much about it. By the third year, it was routine enough not to be noticed.

This familiar scream was followed by a crash, another common sound coming from the direction of the agricultural sciences lab. Inside, Tetsuhiro was scrambling to follow Souichi's orders as quickly as he could. He panted a little as he skidded to a stop beside his seated upperclassman, whose hand was already held out to receive the much hunted-for cotton swab.

"Don't tell me you forgot where they were again!" Souichi snapped as he applied solution to his specimens.

"No, I think someone moved them again," Tetsuhiro said, defending his intelligence despite the futility of it. There was no arguing once Souichi had decided to accuse him of something.

"Don't blame others for your stupidity!"


"What?" Souichi's tone dissipated the argument brewing between them. Tetsuhiro backed off.

"Nothing! I didn't say anything!"

The day continued in much the same pattern. Souichi was feeling a bit irritated, to say the least. Tetsuhiro couldn't help but notice it. The older man barely spoke to him unless it was to give him an order, and Tetsuhiro didn't know how long he could put up with it before mentioning it. Doing so would only make things worse. He knew this, yet when evening came and his senpai didn't relax at all he decided to broach the subject.

They had already gotten home before Tetsuhiro worked up the nerve to mention it, but he hoped that being in comfortable surroundings would put Souichi at ease.

"Um, Senpai, you know…" Tetsuhiro began.

"What?" Souichi's voice carried the threat of death in it, yet Tetsuhiro persisted.

"You've been really tense today. Is something the matter?"


"But you're really uptight today. I mean, you yelled at a little girl…"

"She was asking for it, getting in my way like that!" Souichi tossed his book aside and got off of the couch. Walking to the fridge, he pulled out a can of beer and opened it. It was refreshing, but still not what he needed.

"Senpai, what's wrong?"

Souichi said nothing; he just sat down again, practically chugging his beer. If he were honest with himself, he would admit that he was going absolutely crazy from lack of physical contact. He wasn't being the least bit honest with himself, though, and the part of his mind that was trying to think of any excuse was just thinking of more things to irritate him. No matter how ticked off he got, the other part of his mind constantly reminded him that it had been almost a month since he had been to bed with Tetsuhiro.


"What?" Souichi was not in the mood to put up with a worried Tetsuhiro. In fact, looking at the other man made him feel fuzzy in the head. "What is wrong with me?" he thought, crushing the now-empty beer can and tossing it across the room. It barely cleared the rim of the garbage can.

"Are you angry with me about something?" Tetsuhiro pressed on timidly.

"Does it always have to be about you?"

"Well, no, but… Senpai, if there's something bothering you, you can tell me. Get it off your chest."

"Who says there's anything bothering me?"

"You've been really angry lately…"

"I'm not angry!" Souichi stood again, going for another beer, "I'm just thinking, that's all!" His quest for alcohol was interrupted when Tetsuhiro grabbed his hand, pulling him away from the fridge and back onto the couch.

"Beer won't solve your problems," Tetsuhiro said sternly, "Now tell me what's wrong."

"Morinaga…" Each syllable was a warning.

"Senpai, what's bothering you?" Tetsuhiro nearly demanded, but faltered for a minute. "Wait…" his eyes went wide when he realized that Souichi was blushing.

"What is it, you idiot?"

"Senpai, are you…"

"Am I what?" Souichi pushed Tetsuhiro back, standing up and stalking towards his room. "I'm just tired tonight, so stop bothering me! I'm going to…" He didn't have time to finish that statement; Tetsuhiro was suddenly hugging him from behind.

"Are you feeling a little neglected…?" Tetsuhiro whispered, causing shivers to creep up Souichi's spine. God, he loved it when he did that…

And yet he hated it. "Get off of me!" Souichi backhanded the younger man, jerking away and spinning around to glare at him. "Why is it that THAT is your solution to everything?"

"It is not!" Tetsuhiro whined, holding his bruised cheek, "It's just that… Just now on the couch, you seemed…"

"Yeah?" Souichi pulled him close, glaring daggers. Tetsuhiro gulped. The long-haired man was practically daring him to finish that statement, and Tetsuhiro knew that he would really be in trouble if he did. Still, he decided to just plunge ahead and say it.

"You seemed kind of… Well, even now, you're…" he glanced down between them, and Souichi followed his gaze. His face went bright red when he realized that he had a hard-on.

"…horny?" Tetsuhiro finished.

Uttering that word turned out to be a huge mistake.

With a cry of rage and embarrassment, Souichi punched Tetsuhiro square in the nose. The taller man staggered back, stumbling into what he thought would be the wall. Instead of solid plaster, however, he met open air. The large windows were open to allow the pleasant spring breeze into the apartment, and Tetsuhiro tripped on the low sill. Before either of them could realize what was happening, Tetsuhiro fell out of the window.

It wasn't a deadly fall, but two floors was a tall enough height to seriously injure someone, if not kill them. Souichi rushed to the window as soon as he registered, after the initial shock, what had happened. His heart pounding, he looked down into the street. To his amazement, Tetsuhiro was sitting up. More than that, he seemed relatively unharmed. A little unsteady, but otherwise in one piece.

He didn't take much time to think it over. He dashed for the door, down the stairs, and around the building. "Morinaga!" he shouted, stopping at the sitting man's side.

"Oh, Senpai," Tetsuhiro said, seeming a little embarrassed. His right hand covered his left shoulder. "I- I'm fine, I just…"

"You moron!" Tetsuhiro wasn't surprised to receive a kick to the head. "You could have kicked the bucket, you know! What are you doing falling out of the window?"

"Wha - Senpai, you were the one who punched me!"

"Because you said something stupid! Dammit, are you OK?" Souichi crouched down and grabbed the hand that was covering Tetsuhiro's shoulder.

"Ah! No, Senpai, I'm OK!" Tetsuhiro jerked away, keeping his hand firmly clamped in place.

"Don't be stupid!" Souichi scoffed, "I can see blood! Just let me take a look at it!"

"Really, I'm fine! It's just a scrape," Tetsuhiro tried to move to stand, but cursed under his breath when he couldn't. Souichi took the opportunity to twist Tetsuhiro's wrist away from the shoulder, drawing a cry of pain from him.

"Let's see…" he adjusted his glasses and peered at the wound. He blinked, then blinked again. His eyes widened, and he looked into Tetsuhiro's face. Then he looked back down at the wound. Tetsuhiro looked away, hiding his face in his bangs, and a small tremor went through him. Souichi just kept staring at the wound.

Visible beneath the torn fabric and skin, stained by the flowing blood, was a pale gleam – not of bone, but of metal.


Well, what could this mean? I've already got it all planned out. Oh, and any guesses which manga this idea is inspired from? Feel free to give me feedback! :)