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Tell Me You Love Me


The hallway was surrounded by onlookers as they gazed at the scene before them. Kuchiki Rukia stood there unable to believe what she was seeing. She was the centre of attention here, the drama unfolding before her was entertainment for the crowd.

She stood ram-rod straight as she looked at her boyfriend who stood close to her best friend since kindergarten. She could not believe her eyes. Were the rumours true?

No…. she wouldn't believe it until she heard it from her boyfriend's own mouth. And hear it, she will.

She was desperately trying to ignore the crowd of faces around her which also included all of her other friends and classmates. They looked at her with worried expressions which she didn't want to see any more than the almost excited faces of the others, mostly girls.

"Is it true?" she asked her orange-haired brown-eyed boyfriend.

Kurosaki Ichigo looked back at her with something close to mirth in his eyes. His mouth curled into a smirk that complimented his expression. "Yeah, it's true. We slept together," he declared, putting an arm around Rukia's best friend, Orihime. Said best friend, blushed furiously at his words while trying to look most apologetic. It didn't work on Rukia.

The onlookers gasped at his words, not to mention her friends who looked at Ichigo in stunned disbelief.

Rukia… felt the ground beneath her feet leave her the second he had said, "Yeah". She could not comprehend how she was still standing for her entire body felt numb. She started trembling, tears threatening to form in her eyes.

I will not cry… not here… never here…

She took a few tentative steps toward him and her. She didn't know what exactly they saw in her eyes but Orihime flinched when she got closer to them and he stiffened, as though trying to keep his emotions in check.

"R-Ru-Rukia-chan - ," started Orihime, shaking visibly from head to toe.

"We're done," Rukia said, cuttingly, in a voice that was so cold it made even the most excited onlookers flinch.

"That's it," she said, looking Ichigo straight in the eyes.

"Fine," he conceded, for he was seething in anger as he looked at her.

But she was already shaking her head back and forth, her eyes not leaving his.

"Don't ever speak to me again," she said, in a low soft voice that sent chills down everyone's spine, especially Ichigo's.

"Ever…" she said.

There was nothing that Ichigo could say or do after that, for the last sentence still hadn't registered in his mind. He just stood there, shocked.

With one last look at him, she turned around and walked away.

She didn't come to school after that and within a week, her brother, Kuchiki Byakuya, had made arrangements for a Transfer Certificate from the school. She had moved away before anyone could do or say anything about it.

She never went back again.