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The Abyss has taken away my sight from me; most likely in hopes of keeping me from seeking my friends from the forgotten script. Only I remember and that is only as punishment. In the darkness I can feel the bumbling motions of life in the parallel universe called Earth.

"What a disappointment you are you have never had a name before, but now that you were once given one you cling to it dearly as your identity. I told you that you are bound to me for eternity. That if you succeeded in dumping some idiot on me that you would eventually have to come back. No one in the human world likes the Abyss or the key that it created," her voice was layered thick with sadistic amusement.

"Like your one to talk Abyss, I know how much you want to be human. I know how much you desire to have one soul and not be a collection of many collected together. Everyone fears and hates us just for who we are," I snapped.

"Stop calling me Abyss I am not the Abyss by myself us together is the Abyss," she complained.

"Don't remind me," I sigh.

"Hey you should be happy; you have more opportunities to interact with the humans. I only get to stay here and communicate to you what our options are…in fact you should go out and walk about the town now," she smiled.

"How can I go there when I have no body? How sad is it that we have nothing to claim as identification a body for these wandering thoughts. I presume you want me to borrow bodies temporarily," I finished.

"Thank gosh you are done complaining! I can't handle that attitude fix it," she frowned.

"Not until you fix yours," I retort.

"Go, if you have remembered everything you should be able to get your own sight back and know how to get out of here. Besides this is a perfect opportunity to check on your friends."

"Well then I'll be going," I nod then vanish.

Elliot's POV

I have finally gotten my sword repaired and honestly I can't wait to beat the teacher in a sparing battle. Leo is behind me carrying my bag even though I keep insisting I should carry it. "I'm the servant Elliot, it is my job and I won't have you take it from me," Leo stated.

"I know I'm not trying to take it from you, but I am trying to get something from my bag," I argue.

"Liar, I know you better than that. Thanks for worrying, but I don't mind being your servant and your friend," he smiled.

"What? Why would I worry about things like that? I really just wanted to get my bag," I argued and turned my face away from his in an attempt to hide my embarrassment.

"What a nice friendship. It's been a while since I last got to see it," a boy with brown curly hair and brown eyes said.

"Gerald what are you doing here," Leo asked putting his book down.

"I forgot something in a classroom and was on my way to get it," he stated simply with a smile that was unlike his own.

"You seem different today and oddly familiar," I scoffed.

"Yeah to tell you the truth I feel weird today. I feel like it is an off day. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and be my usual self," he chuckled.

"Hey do you have any advice on how I can beat Mr. Bradley," I asked knowing he beat him a month ago.

"Are you sure you want to hear it? I believe Leo knows that you have been ready to beat Mr. Bradley long ago. My advice to you is that today will be the day you win," he smiled at me like smiling at a child.

"Don't treat me like a child," I complained with a vein threatening to pop.

"Elliot you should act like an adult when saying that to prove your point," Leo chuckled.

"Don't worry Elliot; you have a great life ahead of you so I just felt like teasing you a little. Well I must be on my way now. See you around Leo, Elliot," Gerald said with a wave.

"Am I just imagining it or does he feel really different today," I asked looking over at Leo. He seemed to ponder my question in deep thought.

"I would believe you to be correct, but we don't know what is going on with his life so he could have a reason," Leo mused.

"You're probably right as usual," I sigh.

"Well shall we go to your piano class before your teacher throws a fit," Leo asked with an amused smile at the thought.

"We better otherwise she will make me play the music with lead weights on my wrists. Last time that happened my hands were sore at the end of class and I couldn't even hold my sword properly," I groaned.

"Yeah and the last time she did that was a few weeks back," Leo commented. I snapped my head to look at him, but he refused to look me in the eye and started whistling.

"Wait are you saying that every time that I have gone against Mr. Bradley are days I was late to piano class," I asked wide eyed with the possibility and the thoughtlessness of my errors.

"I never said such a thing, but it is nice that you have figured it out on your own," Leo turned and smiled, "It's about time Elliot."

"Oh shut up," I muttered.

"I know you don't mean that," Leo laughed and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Maybe not, but I wish you would sometimes," I smiled back.

"Oh look Elliot is smiling," squealed a girl. My smile immediately turns to a frown.

"Do you think she will ever get it wrapped around her mind that I refuse to marry her," I asked Leo while pretending to be too busy to notice her.

"Who Meredith? I thought your father is planning an arranged marriage for you and that it is with her family. For that reason I highly doubt she will get the hint that you are not into her," Leo smiled at my misfortune.

"I guess it's about time that I have another talk with my father, maybe I should get Vanessa to help convince him," I add.

"I don't think it will work Master is not the kind of person to care whether his children are against his decisions," Leo said solemnly.

"Maybe I should just run away, but I can't leave behind my sister and brothers," I contemplate dropping my shoulders in exhaustion.

"It's okay if you get married really Elliot, I'm just glad to be by your side," Leo shrugged his shoulders in an attempt to be nonchalant.

"Even if it was really okay with you Leo (which it is not) it is not okay with me," I mutter.

"Aw Elliot it is okay to just come out and say that you love me," Leo grinned.

"Shut up. Why do you always tease me," I splutter.

"Simple it's because you are just too cute when you're embarrassed," Leo stated.

"Ugh it is not cute. I look stupid," I complained.

"Yeah you do, but that's cute as well," Leo smirked.

"I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day," I shouted angrily as I felt my face flush red. I briskly walked to class and tried to calm down so the color in my face would leave. Leo following me two steps behind laughing all the way to class. In the middle of my class the principle of the school came into our class and called me out the room. I looked over at Leo with worry. Leo tried to smile, but it fell short.

"What is it," I asked sharply.

"Your father wants to take you home early he says there is an important family meeting," the principle stated.

"I hope it is good news," I say to fill the empty silence.

"Sadly, it rarely is when being pulled out from class," the principle replied.

"I'd have to agree with you," I sighed. We reached the front of the school and I saw a coach with Vincent and Echo inside. It just had to be Vincent my adopted brother who picked me up; I had wished it was his brother Gil.

"I wish you luck Elliot," the principle said before turning around and walking back into the school. I sighed this would be a fun ride back.

Vincent opened the door to the carriage and shouted, "Little Elliot father told me to pick you up. Also stay away from Gil he is my brother!" I completely ignored him and walked over to the carriage.

"Hello Echo it's nice to see you," I offer a small smile which she returns back.

"Hey are you going to completely ignore me," Vincent asked trying to make sure his presence was known.

"Do you know how Leo will be getting home," I asked turning to Echo.

"A coach will be sent for him later after school," Echo answered.

"Thanks," I mumble.

Oz's POV

Classes were interesting and Elliot seemed happy enough. He really is good at hiding it when he is happy. "Gerald, can you take this map over back to Mrs. Sullivan," Mr. Gregory asked.

"I don't mind," I smiled taking the map within his arms.

"Thanks it's in room 22," Mr. Gregory smiled.

I walked into the classroom to find it full in session.

"Oh is that the map Mr. Gregory promised to give back," Mrs. Sullivan asked taking it from my hands.

"Yes he was rather busy so he asked me to return it to you for him," I answered politely.

"Who is he," a girl shouted angrily startling me. I look over to see a girl pointing her finger rudely at me.


Elliot's POV

"What! Father that is an outrage, I don't even like her," I shouted angrily covering up the pain I felt.

"I thought you didn't want to be in the Vessalius shadow. Besides you said you didn't want to marry Meredith," he stated firmly.

"I don't father, but I promised you I would raise our family's reputation above theirs my own way," I grimaced, "I didn't agree to marry."

"I don't think this is the right way for us to go about getting above all the other noble families'," Gil offered weakly.

"I think it is a wonderful idea, Elliot needs a friend," Vincent smiled too innocently.

"Hey I have friends," I growled angrily at him.

"Leave Elliot alone father, I had thought I married a high ranking man to do the very thing you are claiming Elliot should do," Vanessa frowned.

"Vanessa I found you a good husband to take care of you, as for you Elliot it would seem your fiancé also put up a fight against this marriage. I wonder does she have someone she likes more. Elliot you haven't fallen in love besides it's not about love it is about well-being," father curtly replied.

"I have fallen in love it's not like you would know," I shouted angrily.

"Who with that scum of a servant," father asked looking at me angrily.

"It doesn't matter who," I growled. I was slapped across the cheek and fell back against a chair knocking it down.

"You mention being in love with anyone other than Sharon Reinsworth you can count on it that I will rid you of your servant and find you a new one," my father growled.

"You're a bastard," I yelled and punched him back for the slap. I ran out of the meeting cornered. My father new it to; I have to listen to him. I won't let him get rid of Leo he suspects us already. I'll have to edit that part out when Leo asks me about the emergency. I lifted my hand and lightly touched my cheek were I was slapped.

"Tch, maybe I really should run away with Leo," I whisper quietly. If I did I would feel bad for leaving Vanessa behind my other two brothers were traveling the world so they would be fine. I guess I could leave Gil to watch over her, but if I told him he would know something was up and will undoubtedly try to stop me. He knows if I get caught I will be in big trouble.

"Elliot," Vanessa called out.

"Over here," I answer. As she nears I realize she is holding two travel bags in front of her. I looked at her curiously.

"Here take this bag Elliot I put all of your most cherished items worth dragging along in there along with a few other helpful things. This one here is Leo's I did the same for him as I did for you," she whispered hastily.

"What do you mean," I stared in shock grasping the bags tightly. She looks me in the eyes sternly.

"You know what I mean Elliot. Runaway, I'll be fine Gil will still be here and my husband is planning on moving anyway. Take Leo with you and live your lives freely forget our stupid family's prestige. All I want is for you to remain happy and you cannot do so here anymore. In the bag is an envelope with an address to someone who I trust and can help you out with living arrangements. Go now Elliot," Vanessa urged.


"I love you, now go," she whispered loudly.

"I love you too," I whisper just loud enough for her to hear and focus hard on not crying as a turned my back on her and exited the house for the last time.

Oz's POV

"Alice it's rude to point," Alyss chides, "Mother would be displeased."

"Who cares, I want to know who he is," Alice stomped her foot on the desk. I felt a small ache in my head and turned away from the class toward the teacher.

"If that is all I will take my leave," I said.

"Yes, that is all you may be excused," Mrs. Sullivan says glaring at Alice for her disrespect. Before I could completely exit the room Alice's gloved hand gripped my wrist, her eyes fierce with curiosity.

"May I inquire your name," she asked.

"What if I truly have none," I questioned.

"Then you have not identified with a name at all even if it not be yours on documentation," she questioned back her curiosity growing as well as the headache I was getting.

"Classmates know me as Gerald," I winced and noticed my surroundings were getting blurry.

"Are you okay Gerald," Alice asked moving her face closer to mine.

"Yes, I have to go or I will be late for class," I lie easily and brisk out of the room and into the nearest bathroom.

"What's going on Abyss," I asked.

"It's happening something is already starting to move," she answered.

"What's that supposed to mean," I asked starting to think the floor was getting closer.

"It means that a big force has evil intent. We are consumed by big events and their emotions. You have a lot to remember."

I felt my body being roughly shaken and slowly opened my eyes to quickly close them. "Gerald are you awake? Are you alright," a voice asked through the wringing in my head. This time I successfully opened my eyes to find myself in the bathroom on the floor with a worried Leo in front of me.

"What happened," I asked shakily.

"That's what I want to know," Leo muttered.

"I felt horribly sick after dropping of a map to a teacher and went to the bathroom," I answered slowly remembering.

"Schools over otherwise I would take you to the nurse. Are you sure you are able to go home," Leo asked.

"I'll be fine," I answer and push myself up off the ground to stand. I held on to the sink until my balance steadied. Leo watched me carefully as he followed me to the exit of the school ignoring the crowd of loud students bumping into him. As soon as we made it out the door I couldn't find Leo anymore.

I tried to go back to the Abyss and leave Gerald's body, but noticed nothing happened. "I can't get back to the Abyss, I can't even leave this body," I panicked.

"Oh no we're too late so that's what that premonition was all about," Abyss added with worry, "Oz you are just going to put on a good show of acting like Gerald usually would for a while until I can get you back. Someone is looking for the power we have and they sensed you were here lingering or in their beliefs tainting someone's soul. I got to go and plan some counter measures in the meanwhile go home and stay there."

Elliot's POV

"Why did you pull me away from Gerald he fainted in the bathroom so I was making sure he got home safely," Leo whispered angrily.

"I'm sorry I didn't know," I said feeling a little guilty, "However, we have to hurry. My father engaged me to Sharon and although she seems okay she is not my love. Vanessa packed our things and told me to run away. They will be looking for me and you."

"Elliot you couldn't have! Where are you supposed to go? Family is everything when it comes to work and I doubt your father won't be looking for you," Leo exclaimed.

"Vanessa gave me an address to go to. Leo you can either come with me or not, but either way I am not going back to live with my father" I said releasing my hold on him. Silence.

"Leo," I asked.

"Where is this place we are headed for," he asked. A smile forced its way onto my face and I didn't even try to hide it.

"I'm not really sure. I was hoping you could help me," I stated.

"Your right I'm not quite familiar with this address," Leo frowned.

Oz's POV

I had made it home from Gerald's memories and stayed put like ordered. I played with Gerald's niece Morella telling her stories that Gerald would have told her when there was a knock on the door. "Glenda, were you expecting company," I called out.

"Possibly, would you be a dear and see who it is. Morella come with me it's bed time," Glenda called out and I waited for the both of them to be upstairs before opening the door.

"Hello how may I help—oh why isn't it Leo and Elliot. I hadn't known you knew where I lived," I said in shock quickly going through Gerald's memories to confirm I hadn't missed anything. I hadn't.

"Ugh we didn't know. We didn't know that this was your house. May we speak to Lady Glenda," Elliot asked.

"That would be me, it seems like everything went according to Vanessa's plan then if she managed to convince you two to run away."

"Yes it seems to be so," Leo said looking over to Elliot.

"You have a beautiful mother Gerald you never said anything about her," Elliot said.

"I don't know if my mother is beautiful, but my sister will gladly accept your complement," I smile.

"Where is your mother," Elliot asked to which Leo elbowed him in the side.

"What it was just a question," Elliot exclaimed.

"A rude one, when asked without caution," Leo explained.

"It's okay we don't know. She murdered Gerald's father than vanished," Glenda answered emotionlessly.

"Well then that's enough talking. How about I show you two to your rooms," I interrupted.

"Thanks I was wondering about getting a job," Leo started.

"Hush we already have that figured out," Glenda smiled, "We'll talk about it in the morning."

"You should have told me about this Glenda," I lashed out angrily, "You can trust me you know it yourself!"

"We will talk about it after you show the two to their rooms," she ordered.

"As you say my lady," I answered politely, "Follow me."

"The mistress asks you refrain from going into any of the rooms upstairs except for the ones given to you unless invited into one of them. This room and the room across it are yours to pick from. I will see you in the morning."

"Sorry for inconveniencing you," Elliot said in thanks.

"No one can inconvenience me more than I already am," I smiled darkly and walked down the stairs waiting for an explanation that the real Gerald would be angry have not knowing.

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