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I was surrounded by pitch black darkness. The darkness did not make any noise or move, but I swore I could feel its deep sorrow engulf all my feelings so that I felt nothing else. I didn't know how long it enveloped me, or how long it took before I saw a dim light. It felt worn out and rugged.

'This is an odd dream. Everything is so painfully dreary,' I think as I look at the round dim light in front of me.

"Is that so? Sorry I know I'm a miserable guy, you'll get no argument from me," a voice resounds into my head.

"The light can speak? Who are you," I ask out loud.

"Oh is that what my form is? Well you can hardly call this a light it so dim. Figures you would ask who I am, but I often wonder that myself."

"You don't know who you are? Do you have amnesia," I ask.

"No nothing as kind and sad as that. My existence as a whole is complicated, you see I know of how I came about only recently and even so I had thought myself before then to be something very different," the voice resounds.

"Am I talking to a figment of my imagination, a dream?"

"Oh right, I'm here to explain some things to you since you deserve to know. First of all I am sorry, but for some odd reason I am stuck in your body and cannot leave it. However, I will figure out how and leave as soon as possible so you can have your privacy back. Good news is that I finally figured out how to give you control of your own body. Bad news is you probably missed out information on the classes yesterday."

"This….is…pretty crazy," I managed to spit out in shock.

"I'm sorry I'll explain more later, but if you don't want to be late for school you should get up," the light started to fade away into the darkness in the distance.

"Wait where are you going," I called out.

"Don't worry you can talk to me through your thoughts whenever you want to. Just make sure you don't talk out loud to yourself. Don't want people to suspect you of being crazy or having me stuck in you."

"Gerald WAKE UP!" I jolted up with my heart racing.

"Darn it you didn't have to be so loud, Glenda," I muttered to her back as she exited the room.

After changing into my school uniform I walked into the kitchen and instructed the two maids what to make for breakfast and how many plates to serve. I went into the garden plucked the necessary herbs and handed them to the maids who gladly thanked me as they did every morning.

"Morella wake up it is time to get you dressed and ready for school," I said lightly shaking her awake.

"I don't want to go. Antoine will make fun of me again," she replied with a pained face.

"Who cares what Antoine thinks? Don't you trust me over him? You are beautiful the way you are and if he cannot recognize that then he isn't worth your time or thoughts," I said helping the 5 year old into her uniform.

"I love you Uncle Gerald," Morella exclaimed griping me into as tight of a hug she could manage.

"Yes no matter what your mother and I will always love you. Don't forget that. Come down stairs and eat breakfast your mother is waiting for you," I said exciting the room.

I walked down to Elliot and Leo's room and knocked on both of their doors, "It's time for you two to get up or you will be late for school. Breakfast is ready down stairs if you need any sort of assistance you can just ask me. I will take my leave."

Without waiting for an answer I went back down stairs and into the dining room to see indeed that breakfast was ready and in order.

"Gerald, have you woken up the boys," Glenda asked.

"Yes, I have informed them that breakfast is ready," I answered. I stared at me seat then back to my sister as my stomach growled.

"Fine, since you seemed to have done everything I have asked you may sit down and eat now," she curtly smiled. Just as I sat down and was about to eat my fist fork full of breakfast Elliot and Leo came into the room.

"Sorry Gerald, I should have been awake earlier and woken up Elliot as his servant I have made an error," Leo said with a bow. Glenda looked at me firmly. My hand shook slightly, but I quickly recovered.

"I apologize for not notifying you earlier Leo, but upon when you entered our house you have lost your title as a servant and need only to concern yourself with your own self," I state and bow back.

"Come boys let us all eat for not much time is left," Glenda smiled.

Oz's POV

Gerald's situation is pretty dire and he longs for the same thing I long for. I think that is why when I left the Abyss I was immediately drawn to him. I want to protect him and help him out to make sure he doesn't have to go through anything I had to. Being with him makes the pain ache more sharply, but I don't mind as long as my being in pain can protect those important to me.

'Hey Oz, I found out about the people looking for you and me. You're probably not going to like it, but I have found traces of Jack by closed off gates to the Abyss. Since Jack and Lacie are married I'm pretty sure she is involved as well plus I have a strong feeling that she using her daughters to help search. She did after spend much time with me in the deepest part of the Abyss. Not sure what their aim is so I need you to investigate that,' Abyss's voice cut through my thoughts.

'Got it, I'll see what I can do, but I am not putting Gerald into too much danger; he has his own problems to deal with,' I thought back.

'That's fine, but you should try to befriend Alice and Alyss. Don't do anything stupid to make them even aware of your existence Oz. Basically convince Gerald to befriend them somehow without him knowing that is your intent,' Abyss offered.

'Got it,' I thought back.

Gerald's POV

Mr. Gregsworth went on and on about the claims of myths and about small facts that turned out to be proven true and other parts proven false. "The greatest thing about myths is the mystery behind them. Who created the myth? How did the myth come to mind? Myths have inspired literature since the creation of books…," Gregsworth continued.

"Hey Gerald guess what," Renald my best friend whispered to me.

"You finally managed to beat Elliot in sword fighting," I asked halfheartedly.

"Damn don't remind me. Father is still upset about that since he knows I have been ditching lessons," Renald sighed, "I only found out this morning before I went to school that the class guest is apparently my father. For some odd reason he knows much on myths and is well read up on them."

I felt a deep ache that reminded me of the darkness that surrounded the dim round little light. Why is he so sad?

"Is that so? I wonder what kind of myth he is going to talk about," I responded after a slight pause.

"I'm not sure he wouldn't tell me. He said it is going to be a surprise. My dad is always awesome at what he does though, never doing anything halfheartedly. My mother Ada is secretly excited that he has gotten into myths since she likes witchcraft and things like that," Renald smiled.

"So now we will be introducing our guest speaker, Zai Vessurlias," the teacher introduced as he walked in to the classroom.

"Recently I have come across a myth long lost under a ruin lost in a dense forest. It speaks of bad people being dragged into the Abyss a dark place by chains the minions of the Abyss. I and a team of mine are investigating and looking into this myth to see how credible it is. I believe if there is the Abyss then our lives are being controlled unjustly and we must be rid of that damned place," Zai stated.

"Who do you believe wrote the myth," Sharon asked.

"I believe it was people very similar to us," was all Zai gave.

"Okay class your project will be to write a short literature based off the myth Zai has kindly shared with us. I will expect twenty pages no more, no less. Class is dismissed."

"I hope they are serving pasta today for lunch," Renald said eagerly dragging me out of the classroom and to the lunchroom. It just so happened, that it would inconveniently place me in front of Alice in the lunch line.

"Oi! It's you," Alice exclaimed causing her sister Alyss to give a frustrated sigh.

"My name isn't oi, I gave it to you did I not," I picked up some meat and fruit.

"Gretel," she asked with a tilt to her head.

"No idiot it's Gerald," Alyss shouted smacking her sister on the top of her head, "I sincerely apologize for my sister's behavior. We are having a birthday party this Saturday and would love it if you would grant us your presence Gerald. Renald you might as well come to your cousin Jack wants to see you anyway."

"Thanks for letting me be an afterthought," Renald responded sarcastically as he picked up his pasta with a gleam in his eyes.

"No problem," Alyss smiled.

"I'll try to make it thanks for the kind invite," I smile. Renald and I parted ways and sat down at our usual lunch table.

"So you have a connection to those strange girls," I asked curious.

"Sort of, they are Lacie's daughters and my cousin Jack's adopted daughters. Jack could have forced Lacie to throw them out since they aren't his kids, but the man is so infatuated with his wife he kept them as if they were his own. My father wasn't exactly happy about the image that brought onto the Vessurlias name," Renald said in between a bite of his pasta.

"How old are they turning anyway," I asked.

"Sixteen, I only wish they would act their age," Renald muttered.

"I think that is all of us," I smiled.

"Break you would never guess what I got for homework in my literature class," Sharon smiled absentmindedly at a white haired tall sort of fellow.

"Did you somehow manage to get the teacher to let you write those awful love stories you read," Break asked unwrapping candy and plopping it into his mouth.

"Sadly no, but the good news is I get to write literature based on a myth that was told in class. I already have the perfect story! Star crossed lovers bound to the duty to protect normal civilians from the chains sent from the Abyss! Isn't it dreamy," she asked.

"Yes why it is absolutely astonishing. If only there were sweets in the story," Break smiled his calculating smile.

"Hey you two that has nothing to do with the project," Renald chuckled.

"More importantly Sharon how has your attempts been going at breaking off your engagement," I asked worried.

"It was awful my attempts did nothing to stir them or stop them, however, the good news is that it has been canceled since Elliot ran away from home. I saw him in school today though," Sharon answered.

"Congrats now you and Break don't have to break up," I smiled genuinely happy for them.

"Thank you," Sharon smiled. She turned and gave Break a light peck on the lips.

"So how are things going at your home Gerald," Renald asked, "Is your sister still treating you like a servant?"

"A little, but you know I owe her. She didn't have to ask her husband to take me in. I could have been stranded and alone if it wasn't for her…besides if it wasn't for my mother…"

"Your mother is bat-shit-crazy it's not like you could have done anything to make her sane," Break stated.

"Thanks for reminding me," I paled.

"Just don't think of her then if she scares you that much," Sharon said sipping her tea.

"Oh wow, lunch is over guys. I got to go my next class is pretty far off see you later," Renald said before vanishing out of sight and into the crowd.

'Gerald," the voice spoke.

'What,' I thought back.

'Watch out for Zai.'

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