Red Riding Hood (GreenxBlue)

Once upon a time, Red Riding Hood never doubted the wolf's words and was never eaten right then and there.

"Now remember, be careful."

"Yes Mother, you've told me that at least a hundred times already!"

The older woman sighed before nodding at her daughter. Silently, she handed the latter her favourite red cloak.

"Put this on. It's a little cold out there."

Blue took the cloak and draped it across her bare shoulders gratefully, before picking up the woven basket.

Finally, she was free. Free from the clutches of home, and free from the grasp of overprotective parents.

She walked along the trail leading from her home to the forest. Strangely though, the forest was eerily silent, instead of brimming with life. She hummed a tune to replace the silence.

"Young miss, where are you going?"

A voice broke her train of thought, and her eyes fell onto an old man clad in black. Judging by his pale eyes and eerie aura, she knew that he was not a person to be taken lightly. She flinched when his gaze locked with hers, and she took a hesitant step back.

"I'm going to visit Grandmother."

The man nodded, and from under his cloak, he drew out a glass bottle filled with dark blue liquid. Raising it to his lips, he drank a few gulps. Blue couldn't help but notice the sparks forming against the mouth of the bottle as the liquid made contact with his lips.

She snapped out of her sudden daydream as he replaced the cork. He shuddered and chuckled manically to himself, and Blue took another step back, gripping the handle of the basket tightly.

He turned his attention back to her, a mirthless grin spreading across his pale countenance.

"Beware of the wolf, then."

She felt a cold shiver down her spine, and backed away, wanting to leave his suffocating presence.

Silently thanking the strange man, she continued along the path, her terrified heart beating in time with the man's faltering laughter.

After covering a considerable distance, she slowed down, panting. Finding herself deep in a flower glade, she picked some flowers, hoping to surprise her grandmother, and to distract herself from any lingering thoughts about her previous strange encounter.

She was reaching out for a particularly pretty looking daisy when she heard footsteps approaching. Freezing, she withdrew her hand and turned to face the intruder.

Her ocean orbs made contact with emerald ones.

He was a tall and strong young man with auburn hair, holding a fine silver axe in his calloused hands. But what attracted her to him were his bright green eyes – which were currently flickering with amusement as he watched her trying to stuff the bouquet of forest flowers into her basket.

"Excuse me, Miss. Why are you in the forest?"

His voice was sincere and brimming with concern, a far cry from the strange man she had met minutes ago.

"I'm going to visit my grandmother. She lives in the heart of this forest."

Her voice was high and lilting, disguising the panic and fear engulfing her heart as she forced herself to stay calm.

He frowned at her reply, looking as if he was trying to see through her well concealed expression. Shaking his head slightly, he swung his axe over his shoulder. Her inquisitive eyes noticed the name carved neatly onto the fine wood.


"Miss, would you like me to come with you? The forest is a dangerous place, and wild animals may attack a vulnerable lady like you."

She tossed her hair back, a careless and laidback reply nearly spilling from her mouth. However, as his eyes looked deep into hers, her proud demeanor slipped. Her heart palpitated. She had never felt this way before.

"No worries, I'll be fine on my own." Her offhanded remark pierced the silent calm around them.

His eyes flickered with disappointment (or was it hesitation?). Before she could question him further, he reached out and took her hands.

His grip was gentle and soft, and her fingers were rendered helpless against his touch.

"Be careful then. The forest is disturbed."

She smiled defiantly, casually brushing his comment aside with a wave of her hand, breaking their physical contact in the process.

"I'll be fine."

His grip slackened, and locked his eyes with hers once more.

"Beware of the wolf."

She gulped. It was already the second time that someone had mentioned that eerie remark, and it send a shiver down her spine.

Turning away from him, she picked up the fallen basket before walking away, wanting to get to her grandmother's house as soon as possible without any distractions.

"My name's Green," she heard him call over his shoulder as she hurried away.

She flashed a smile at him, just before his silhouette left her line of sight. Her courage had not extinguished, but his words gave her a warm feeling in her heart. Just knowing that there was someone behind ready to protect her was comforting.

Deciding not to delay any longer, she hurried along the forest trail, wanting to get to her grandmother's house immediately.

But her thoughts kept returning to him. She remembered those green eyes staring deep into hers – so kind, so caring...

But there was desperation in them too.

A scream interrupted her thoughts. Her blood froze, and her heart was caught in her mouth.

She hurried along the coarse path, urging herself to go faster. Unfortunately, she was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she failed to notice the wind growing cold around her.


She peered around the slightly ajar front door. Leaving her basket on the table, she climbed the stairs gingerly, her namesake eyes picking up signs as she went. She was sure the scream had come from her grandmother, and her heart thumped frantically as she pushed the bone-chilling thought away.

She gulped when she entered the room. The evidence was as clear as day.

A claw mark on the banisters; a scratch on the carpeted floor; a broken china cup lying on a stair…

They led to her grandmother's room.

Opening the door gingerly, she was unprepared for what she saw.

Raising a hand to her mouth, she managed to stifle a scream, but she couldn't stop the tears cascading down her pale cheeks.

The blankets were stained with crimson and slashed apart and blood covered every surface of the floor. Shreds of the nightie her grandmother often wore littered the carpet.

Her grandmother's pair of glasses, which she had often played with as a child, lay broken on the floor, both lenses splashed with blood.

As her eyes took in the disaster zone, a thought flashed through her furrowed mind. Her grandmother had not been alone before the attack. The scratches on the floor depicted a quick brawl, and the small nicks against the concrete wall signified a struggle against the enemy.

Her heart missed a beat as her eyes followed the trail of blood, which soon rested on a lone silver axe lying in the red sea of blood. She didn't need to look at the handle to identify whom it belonged to.

The axe was propped up on the wall, and she could make out the small, scrawled scarlet words imprinted on the pastel wall.

"Beware of the wolf".


Actually, its up to you to decide who became the wolf in the end. As for me, I have no idea too Its fine both ways.

OMG. I can't believe I actually managed to finish this. Bleuurggh! I'm disappointed. When I wrote it, there was no feeling or emotion as I typed it out. Sorry guys, this isn't one of my best works D: But I really wanted to post a creepy romance story kind of thing D: (which epicly failed). Okay, I know this story isn't my best D: Sorry readers! :(

Anyway, this is, once again, yet another multi-chaptered bunch of one shots. I aim to take fairytales and turn them into well, stories without a happy ending. Sadly this was a failure DD: I hope the others will be better. I know I sucked at the gore part boohoo~

Oh yes, like every ying, there's a yang (No link, I know...). So, Happily Never After will be tragic fairytales, and there will be another story filled with similar plots, but end with happy endings. Weird? Yeah... D:

Once again, I'm sorry if this disappointed you I just wasn't in the mood and I was trying to finish this soon D:

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