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It had been hours. Hours and hours of waiting, of watching Blaine's slow torture. But finally, they'd managed to get in to see Kurt just before the hospital shut the doors to visitors. And New York was expensive, especially the hotels. They couldn't stay too long, regardless of how long they wanted to.

Burt pushed the door open slowly, Carole was just behind him, apprehensive of what his son was going to look like. So this was what it had been like for him when the situations were reversed in his junior year. Kurt just looked so vulnerable, lying there, machines beeping around him non-stop. It would be so easy for someone to sabotage it – to pull the plug on Kurt.

But they wouldn't do that, even though Burt knew that it was hardly rare. Because Kurt was a fighter, and he'd come back to them long before the hospital would offer that option to Blaine.

That was what scared Burt the most. His baby was now an adult, and so Burt had no claim anymore. Especially since he was married, it would be Blaine who'd sign off on that paper for them to take Kurt off of life support. Of course, Burt would have strong words to say against it, but he didn't have the last say. Blaine did – fair enough. He was the kid's husband, after all.

Burt slowly sat down in the chair by Kurt's bed, taking his cold hand and holding it securely as Carole walked to the other side and sat down in the second chair, gently brushing Kurt's hair out of his eyes – hair that hadn't got any less mad since high school.

"Hey, kiddo," Burt started, clearing his voice as he felt the tears pressing against his eyes. "Long time no see."


It took all of Quinn and two nurses' best efforts, but finally they managed to force Blaine out of the hospital and out into the carpark. Quinn wrapped her arms around Blaine's waist, squeezing tightly, and feeling slightly better when she felt him hug her back.

"It's going to be okay, Blaine," she whispered into his ear. "Kurt's not going to go out like this. The sheer lack of drama will bring him back. Go home. Get some rest. Go to work. You'll feel better, I promise." She pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek before pulling out of the embrace and walking off slowly towards her car.

Blaine exhaled heavily, watching her go. She didn't understand, but how could he explain it to her? The utter despondency at seeing Kurt lying there, his skin becoming more and more pallid as he spent hour upon hour in that coma. It was horrendous. Blaine didn't know if he could stand it any more.


It seemed like everyone who came in here wanted to make him cry. Now his dad and Carole were talking to him, and it was better for his emotions than Blaine, but only marginally.

"You were the sweetest baby, kiddo," his dad was saying. "And I know you hate hearing this, but you're never going to let me tell you otherwise, so I might as well say it now."

"Burt…" Carole admonished.

"If he can hear us – and the doctors said it was likely – then everyone else is going to be depressing him. Might as well make the boy laugh… So, kiddo, as I was saying, you were the sweetest little thing. Had a pair of lungs on you, still do of course, but you'd just sit there and stare at your mom quietly. You wouldn't say a word and if she was there, you'd be so nice and quiet. It was so odd – you could be bawling your heart out, but the minute she came in, you'd just… shut up. It really was the strangest thing."

Kurt knew he protested these stories, but that was mainly because Blaine was always around and Blaine didn't want to listen to stories about Kurt as a kid. It wasn't why he was there. But secretly, he did love the stories. His dad told them so well, and it was nice listening to them. His mom always starred, and anything to be closer to her was welcome.

Carole had taken over. "Hi, darling," she whispered. "You could wake up at anything, they say, so I think Blaine talked to all your old friends to try and get them up here. You'll be alright. You're strong, darling, you're going to pull through, okay?"

Kurt didn't listen to anything else. It was all the same, and he'd heard it non-stop from Blaine. Not that he didn't care or appreciate it, not in the slightest, it was just that he was tired.

And so, trapped in his comatose state, Kurt slipped into as much of a sleep as someone bound like he was could.


Sighing, Amelia Clarkson picked up the phone again, dialing the familiar number for what must have been the twentieth time. "Hi Kurt and Blaine. Sorry to bother you so much, but I really do need to hear from you. As you know, at Katterfield Adoptions we do have to keep the child's best interests in mind, and so if we don't hear from you soon, we will have to – as harsh as it sounds – move onto the next family, as it is of the utmost importance that we give Jessica a home as soon as possible. Please, please give me a call back."


As Blaine finally stumbled into their flat at 11 p.m., being forced to pull over to the hard shoulder several times on his journey home to just sob, the phone flashing wildly with unheard messages.

Blaine, with some trepidation, pressed the button to start it playing. "Hi, Kurt and Blaine," the phone started, making the woman's voice sound more tinny than it probably was. "This is Amelia Clarkson from Katterfield Adoptions – "

Blaine shoved the handset off the table when he heard that, not caring as it skidded across the floor, collided with the door leading to the living room and shattered, beyond repair or any hope of hearing any of the other saved messages.

Blaine stumbled to the couches, grabbing Kurt's light blue cashmere blanket on the way and huddling under it to go to sleep. He knew he wouldn't be able to bear going into their room – it would remind him too much of Kurt's state.

Blaine knew that he was acting like Kurt was already dead, and that wasn't going to happen. Kurt was going to pull through, and he was going to come back to him. There was no other option.

Curling the blanket towards him, Blaine inhaled Kurt's scent, letting it lull him to a subdued sleep.

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