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Chapter 15

Kamui didn't feel much loneliness even when he learned from Tooru that Subaru still wasn't back from school. He immediately went back to his room after dinner and Tooru was somehow surprised that Kamui looked so lively. He also bought so many things, but Tooru didn't need to ask why as she saw a cute-looking gift wrapper in the plastic bag. Kamui put some of the cake's ingredients in the refrigerator and some in the cabinets. He would make the cake tomorrow.

"Have you two made up?" She asked, but Kamui simply shook his head hesitantly before he kissed his mother goodnight.

When he went inside his room, he immediately wrapped the clothes in a presentable way and put a ribbon on it. He would wait for his brother and say sorry to Subaru. He dedicated himself to doing that but when he opened his eyes next, it was already 2am and surely Subaru was already asleep. Kamui was still sitting on his study table and he realized he did not lock the door. He sat up straight and realized that a blanket was draped over him. It was Subaru's blanket. He immediately hugged the blanket tight as his tears started falling down his cheeks again. "Onii-chan…" Subaru's scent was on the blanket and Kamui hugged it as he slept on his bed. He woke up the next day still hugging the blanket, which was now draped over him again. He immediately looked at the clock and saw that he was already late for the Graduation Ceremony.

"Mother, why didn't you wake me up?" He called loudly as he descended the stairs, only to find that his mother wasn't there. A letter was on the table and Kamui read it silently. It seemed her mother had an emergency meeting at the company and was needed there very badly. She was sorry she couldn't make it but she asked Kamui to watch the graduation for her.

He rushed to their school and was just in time for Subaru's graduation speech. He looked really cool in his graduation outfit. And Kamui felt that it's been so long a time since he last saw Subaru, a week maybe, or even longer. Watching his older brother right now somehow felt really heart-thumping. Kamui was very nervous for his brother's speech but he was slightly blushing as he watched Subaru. He smiled and also clapped his hands when the excellent speech was finished. When the graduation was finished, Kamui really wanted to approach his brother and talk to him, except for the fact that that girl Rika was also with Subaru. He's sure he wouldn't be able to maintain his cool if he approached his brother now. He would just ruin his brother's obviously happy graduation. Subaru was smiling to everyone that greeted him, unlike the Subaru that Kamui knew and grew up with. His brother had really changed… and it seemed he was the last to notice it.

He looked down, gritted his teeth and willed himself to just go there and greet him like everybody else was doing. But he was afraid Subaru would reject him. Ever since their elementary years, Subaru's smile would vanish every time Kamui approached him. And even though Kamui already knew Subaru only did that because of his unwanted feelings for him, the trauma and the pain were still too real to actually forget. He didn't want his brother to reject him. He loved Subaru so much…

"Kamui-chan, why don't you go nearer Subaru?" Fuuma teased. "That girl Rika will eventually steal him from you if you keep acting like that, you know."

"I…" He looked up and immediately thought he shouldn't have. He was just in time to see how Rika kissed Subaru on the cheeks. And worst part was the fact that his older brother didn't seem to mind. He gritted his teeth hard to prevent himself from shattering. He immediately ran away from the place.

Fuuma's voice called out to him but he didn't care. He didn't want to be in that place anymore. Subaru, who was very happy because his brother made it just in time for his speech, also looked surprised to see Kamui running away even before Subaru could talk to him. "He didn't even congratulate me…" But he immediately shoved the pain inside him as he tried to ask Fuuma what happened.

"It seemed he was hurt when he saw Rika kiss you on the cheeks… and you didn't mind it." Fuuma simply said. Subaru was frozen in his position. It wasn't like that at all… He had to explain everything to Kamui…

Kamui ran like his life depended on it. And before he realized it, he was already in front of their house. His face was so red from running and from crying. He immediately went inside the house. He was afraid his mother would be there to see him but she wasn't. He then remembered she had a meeting. It was already late in the afternoon and he still hadn't done anything. He wasn't even able to mash the dough for his present. He immediately wiped his eyes and cheeks and started working on his personally made cake while repeating the same line over and over again. "I will say sorry and congratulate him."

He had just finished doing the icing and the cake was already in the oven when the door opened. It was already dark outside and the rain was pouring down. He felt really nervous and worried for his brother. Subaru most likely didn't have any umbrella with him. He was about to go to the living room but a sound of a female's voice stopped him.

"I didn't think your house is this big, Subaru." She said, and even before he could see her, Kamui immediately knew the girl was Rika.

"I will say sorry and congratulate him." He told repeatedly in his mind. He didn't want that girl to spoil everything that he did. He was about to go out of the kitchen when he heard Subaru's voice.

"I'll just change my clothes." Subaru said as he started walking towards the stair.

"Let me go to your room too!" Rika said excitedly as she clung on Subaru's arm.

"Later. I'm about to change clothes." He simply answered. And that really pissed the hell off Kamui. Not even he was able to go near his brother's room for a long time and Subaru would just let other people in!?

Just as Subaru turned towards the stair again, Kamui seized that chance to leave the kitchen and escape from behind him. He didn't want to see Subaru right now because he was sure he would say some nasty things, and he didn't like that. He would go out of the house for a while to cool his head off and come back once the girl was already home. But the thing he wasn't expecting was that at the doorway was Fuuma. He was surprised at Kamui's sudden appearance from the kitchen that he immediately blurted out his name. "Kamui-chan?"

Subaru immediately turned around and saw Kamui ran outside the house. It was raining hard and Subaru immediately ran after him. He felt that Kamui was running away from him every time he saw Subaru with Rika. He really needed to explain everything. Kamui ran even faster when he saw that his brother ran after him. The rain was making Kamui really hard to breathe and he felt really cold.

"Kamui!" Kamui, please stop!" Subaru knew that Kamui's weak body wouldn't be able to take any more running under the rain. His brother would get hurt again. "Kamui!"

"Leave me alone!" He shouted back as he ran as fast as he could. He was thankful there's no one in the park to see them like this. He didn't want to humiliate his brother in front of other people. But he just needed some space right now.

"Kamui, listen to me! Please let me explain!" Subaru was generally a faster runner and he was able to catch up after some more distance.

Kamui tried to struggle when Subaru grabbed his arm. "I don't want to listen! Idiot!" And when he turned around to struggle even more, his hand slipped and Subaru was slapped with the back of his fingers. That made both of them stopped. Kamui stared nervously at his brother. Out of all things, he was most afraid to hurt Subaru. But he knew his heart would shatter if Subaru told him everything… if Subaru told him he wanted Kamui to be merely a younger brother and not a lover anymore… if he told Kamui he liked someone else now and he didn't love Kamui in the same way he did… it would definitely shatter him to pieces…

But far from Kamui's assumptions, Subaru simply hugged him tightly, ignoring the cold rain that threatened to drown them both. "I don't mind you calling me idiot all the time… Just… don't run away from me… I won't be able to take it… if you leave me…" Kamui couldn't move at all. Aside from the fact that Subaru's body was preventing him to literally move, those words were just too powerful and immediately made him immobile. Subaru was hurting a lot too. Kamui could feel it from the hot droplets of water coming down from his brother's cheeks, a direct opposite from the cold pouring rain that poured down on them.

Kamui decided he wanted to listen after all, even if Subaru would tell him about the world's end. He let himself feel his brother's warmth. If Subaru wanted him to be just a mere brother, then so be it. He would still love his brother all the same anyway.

"I'll explain everything… please… please listen…" Subaru voiced again, this time in between broken sobs. Kamui felt hot tears falling down on his cheeks too, and he knew it wasn't from his brother's eyes. "I love you… I love you so much…"

"Please don't say that if you don't mean it…" Kamui felt like breaking in his brother's embrace as he hid his face from his brother. "I won't mind it if you say the truth… that you like someone else now. Of course, that's only natural… I feel inferior to her in so many ways… Mother said she calls you often. She knows your number and I don't. She makes you laugh and I wasn't able to do that until recently. You welcome her into your room when I couldn't even go there even though I live with you. She's very beautiful. And she's a girl. And she's not your younger sister… Other students think you hit the jackpot… They really envied you for having her… I really won't mind it anymore… It's just that lately, you spend more time with her than with me. I know I'm being selfish and ignorant of your situation and feelings, but I can't help it. It hurts so much… because I'm… jealous…"

Subaru felt so miserable as he listened to his younger brother. "Why do you think that? You know how much I love you…"

"But you didn't know her until recently… And then you began to get cold…" Kamui answered between sobs.

"Kamui, listen. That girl…" Subaru knew he had to say everything because Kamui told him everything too. "She's my classmate and also one of the leaders in the committee which I am in. And about over a week ago, she saw it. She saw my mobile phone filled with your photos and also the photos of the two of us… She took my memory card and said that she will give it back if I would help her get her boyfriend back. I don't want you to get in any trouble so I agreed. So I pretended to be close to her just so her boyfriend would be jealous. Of course, all the rumors circulated because of that. I'm one of the committee members and she said she'll show the pictures to everyone if I'm late. So I had to come to school early. And I also had to take her home as part of the deal. When I noticed that the rumors were circulating, you're already not talking to me."

"Because I keep on believing that they're merely rumors… only to be hurt every time." Kamui said. "Was she able to make up with him?"

"Sorry… Kamui… I didn't realize how much I have hurt you…" Subaru kissed his younger brother's hair and hugged him tighter. He missed Kamui so much that just hugging him like this was enough of a gift for him. "The guy made up with her, and she gave my memory card back. And as a sign of 'thank you', he kissed me on the cheek earlier. Sorry…"

"I apologize for not trusting you… Onii-chan." Kamui said as he looked up and saw Subaru's pained expression. "And… congratulations on graduating." Subaru looked surprised for a second but his face immediately turned lighter as he smiled at Kamui. He wasn't able to control himself anymore and immediately pulled Kamui's face closer and kissed him full on the lips. He opened his eyes again when he thought Kamui was trembling, and then he felt that Kamui's body was going limp.

"Kamui?" He called uncertainly. "Oy, Kamui!"

"Onii-chan… I feel awful…" He said when he felt his knees give out. He was thankful Subaru was there and he didn't fall on the rain-soaked ground. Subaru immediately carried him and he let his head rest on his brother's chest. Subaru half-carried and half-hugged Kamui as he sprinted in the rain. The two of them came back to the house and saw huge smoke coming from kitchen. Fuuma came out and told them that a cake was left in the oven and was totally forgotten. Rika brought out her mobile phone and took a picture of Subaru carrying Kamui in his arms. Subaru creased his eyebrows immediately and Rika raised her hand to stop him from making any assumptions.

"Just so my boyfriend will not get jealous of you anymore." She chuckled as he watched the two of them. "Is your brother alright?"

"I'll go and get a blanket." Fuuma said as he started walking upstairs.

"My blanket is probably in his room." Subaru said and immediately added. "I'll get it. I'll be taking him to his room as well."

"Onii-chan…" Kamui mumbled, and Subaru's focus on Fuuma was immediately lost. The latter used this opportunity to escape upstairs. "The cake… sorry… it was a present…" Subaru was surprised that Kamui still prepared a gift for him despite what happened during the past few days. He felt so touched that he hugged his brother tighter before he kissed Kamui's forehead.

"It's too bad that I can't eat it anymore, but I can still eat–"

"You perverted older brother!" Rika shouted at him. "How can you say such vulgar words in front of other people!?" She was wearing a serious face but Subaru knew she was teasing him because her eyes were smiling. He simply glared at her and continued comforting Kamui. Fuuma came back with two set of clothes, both of which were Subaru's. He also brought some towel with him.

"You wouldn't want me going inside Kamui-chan's room so I just went in your room and took these." Fuuma said.

"Kamui-kun," Rika called and Kamui looked up. It's the first time he was directly addressed by the girl. "I'm really sorry. I didn't realize you two have a deeper relationship than mere siblings." Fuuma had already told her the situation between Kamui and Subaru and she was deeply apologetic. She didn't realize the Shirou siblings' relationship was more than mere brother complex. "I shouldn't have used his photos of you just like that. I should've used Fuuma instead."

"Hey! I can hear you!" Fuuma reacted but she still continued talking to Kamui.

"I hope I can still be your friend." She smiled uncertainly. She had known Subaru ever since first year in high school, and if Kamui's character was the same as his older brother, then forget about the talk of friendship, the apology itself would only be wasted. She was partially expecting Kamui to glare at her or worse, simply ignore her. But Kamui smiled and nodded. He was so unlike his brother that it almost moved her to tears. She was so touched that she was about to go near and touch his hair when Subaru stepped back.

"Don't touch him." He voiced. His tone wasn't cold but it's also not the type that one could go against. Rika knew Subaru was serious and she didn't approach any further.

"You really are a very possessive lover." Fuuma sighed. Subaru didn't say anything and simply entered the bathroom, still carrying Kamui in his arms. "Don't play with him too much." Fuuma said and he laughed when Subaru glared at him before he closed the door. Fuuma and Rika chuckled. "He really loves Kamui…"

"I have a photo of the two of them! Yay, I'll display it in my room!" She said excitedly. "I have something in common with them after all."

"Yes, because you're lover is your half-brother, right?" Fuuma said. "That's why you had to ask Subaru to always walk you home."

"He also graduated with us." Rika chuckled. "Well, I might just have to tease them some other time. My brother will get angry at me if I don't go back home now."

"Subaru, I'll walk Rika home." He said as he gave the closed door a single knock. Subaru gave a distracted sound that looked like an agreement and Fuuma left together with Rika.

"You're not coming back there tonight, right?" Rika asked as the two of them walked passed the gate.

"Of course, because of your actions, Subaru missed Kamui-chan so much…" Fuuma said. "He will definitely do it with Kamui-chan tonight… I'm so envious… But Subaru wouldn't even let me watch them…"

"You're as perverted as Subaru." Rika sighed. "Poor Kamui… to be liked by two perverted persons… He sure had it rough… in so many ways…" And Fuuma laughed at her choice of word.

"Kamui…" Subaru called and Kamui opened his eyes. He was in the bathtub and he looked so pale Subaru couldn't help but call him every other second. He was naked and Subaru was washing the dirt off him.

"Onii-chan, I have another gift for you…" Kamui smiled to reassure his brother that he was alright, though he still felt really weak. The warm water was making him relax. "It's in my room…"

"Let's open it later." Subaru smiled. "And don't go locking the door again. I'll be sleeping in your room tonight." Kamui smiled weakly and nodded. Subaru kissed his hair before the latter stood up and went to the shower.

He also took off his own clothes and showered. Kamui watched him silently, hearing nothing but the splash of water from the shower onto Subaru's naked skin. The silence was kind of awkward but it wasn't uncomfortable. The two of them had not seen each other and had not talked comfortably for over a week now. Of course, they both missed each other very much. And it was hard not to get distracted by each other's body. Subaru would glance once in a while at Kamui while the latter was lying on his back in the tub. The water was clear and Kamui's creamy naked body was so deliciously visible. His face was still a little pale but there was now a hint of flush on his cheeks. His legs were slightly parted and Subaru could see Kamui's length in between, though the older male was trying his hardest not to focus his attention there. Kamui was still weak and Subaru didn't want to force his brother to do anything he didn't like anymore. He was satisfied, for now, on simply glancing at his younger brother while trying his hardest to keep his sanity under control. He didn't want to embarrass himself by getting so hard just at the mere sight of his brother's nakedness. And yet, he was finding it a very difficult, if not entirely impossible, task. Kamui, for him, just looked too innocent and cute that the mere sight of his flushed cheeks was enough to turn Subaru on.

On the other hand, Kamui was lying on the tub and looking at his brother's naked body. Subaru was showering and the droplets of water on his skin were making him more seductive. He could see that Subaru was glancing at him and he knew his brother was thinking of something perverted with those lustful eyes. He blushed deeply when their eyes met. They both knew what each other were thinking and it was somehow awkward, but in a positive sense. They felt like they just started dating. Subaru was facing sideways when he looked at Kamui directly with his heated gaze.

"Do you want me to face you?" Subaru smiled maliciously and Kamui's relatively flushed face reddened even more. "So you can have a better view…"

"Onii-chan, you idiot!" Kamui exclaimed embarrassedly. "I'm not looking at… at that!"

Subaru laughed and the awkwardness in the atmosphere immediately disappeared. Kamui felt the by now familiar tone of his brother's laugh and that made him comfortable. "You're too defensive, little bro." He closed the shower's tap and walked towards the tub. "Can I join you?"

Kamui's eyes widened at the open seduction. Subaru smirked at the effect his words had. "Y-You're…. Are you drunk or something..?" Kamui asked in half astonished and half amused voice. His cool brother was actually playing hot and seductive, and it was somehow making him gape, but just a little.

Subaru knelt in between Kamui's legs and reached Kamui's face with his right hand while his left gripped on the tub for support. He leaned closer, and slowly and gently, licked Kamui's lower lip. The pleasure made Kamui part his lips and moan quietly. Subaru smiled and sucked his brother's lower lip to hear more of those lovely sounds from Kamui. Kamui unconsciously circled his arms on Subaru's neck and pulled his brother even more. It felt like it was such a long time ago since they last kissed and both of them savored the taste of each other's lips and the delightful sensation of kissing. Their kiss was gentle and slow, both enjoying each other's warm mouth and both basking in incredible but silent pleasure. It was kind of sweet, and Kamui felt that it wasn't erotic at all, just a pure sugary and pleasant feeling.

After that, they immediately finished showering because Subaru feared that Kamui would catch a cold if he stayed in the water for far too long and they went to the kitchen again.

"The cake was so burnt…" Kamui voiced quietly as he looked at the black heap of something on the table.

"And I thought I'm the only one with the talent of burning things in the kitchen." Subaru said lightly. Instead of being offended, Kamui found the words very reassuring.

"At least I'm still better than you even at my worst." He answered and Subaru felt relieved that his brother finally smiled wholeheartedly. He looked at the burnt thing again and his attention was caught by the white sugary and fluffy looking icing in the bowl.

Kamui noticed the same thing. "Onii-chan, what are we supposed to do with the icing?"

"Icings are supposed to be cake's decorations… and added flavor." Subaru voiced. "But since our cake was burnt…" He looked at the cake again and then the icing. An idea was forming inside his head but he didn't know if Kamui would be very happy to hear about it.

"Onii-chan?" Kamui called and Subaru looked at him.

"Let's eat dinner for now." He answered. The two of them fried some eggs, because neither had the energy to cook any more decent food, and they enjoyed their quiet dinner.

"Onii-chan, can I ask some questions about what happened?" Kamui asked. Subaru looked up from his food and silently nodded. He could see that Kamui still had some uncertainties and lingering ache over what happened, and he wanted Kamui to forget about everything, though that was impossible. He knew it would only bother his brother even more if he didn't answer. And besides, it was mainly his fault that this happened between them, so he would make sure to answer as straightly as he possibly could.

"Why do you want to protect my photos from Rika-san?" Kamui asked after a while, just to fill in the silence. And that's the root of all problems. "They're just photos, right? Even if there are photos of the two of us, that doesn't mean people will know of our true relationship…"

Subaru looked elsewhere before he sighed. "Don't get angry. We just made up so don't blame me for this." Kamui creased his eyebrows, and Subaru had to sigh again and tell everything. "Fine. It's because… many of those photos are stolen shots of you… naked."

Kamui looked lost for a while, and then his eyes and gape widened. "Wha-What do you mean naked? I've never… And when were those taken?"

Subaru had to cover half of his face subtly to hide his embarrassment. He was kind of blushing and he didn't want Kamui to see that, but in vain. Kamui could clearly see his brother's ears flushed red and it somehow made him a little less frantic and more amused. "I said don't get angry… I took those photos while you were asleep… There are some when you're taking a bath with me… and some other occasions…"

Now it's Kamui's time to blush in surprise and deep embarrassment. "You're taking pictures of me like that?"

"I can't help it." Subaru merely answered to finish the topic and simply finished his last mouthful of food. But his answer was really what he felt. He couldn't help but admire Kamui every second and he would sometimes stare at those photos until late at night just to see his brother. Most of those photos were taken during the time when they still treated each other coldly. Subaru had no chance to stare at his brother so he used those photos to release his feelings, emotionally and physically.

"And why does she want to go to your room? You even allowed her." Kamui said as he too finished his meal.

"That devil woman only wanted to go to my room because she wanted to see if I have more photos of you displayed in my room." Subaru kept on answering with a straight voice even though the embarrassment was just too much to handle. He felt comfortable with Kamui, but both of them were not the type to say everything out loud and it somehow made him feel a little awkward. "I wanted to show her that I hide nothing so I said I allowed her…" But of course, there were many photos of Kamui in his room. Even Kamui didn't know that and he still sometimes stared at those photos, like these past few days. Subaru looked at Kamui and the feeling of loss and ache suddenly returned to him. He wanted to keep Kamui in his embrace. He felt that he missed his brother so much that this whole night wouldn't be able to make up for it. He missed Kamui more and more and he wanted nothing in this world but the warmth of his brother beside him. He stood up and was about to approach Kamui when the latter called his attention.

"Onii-chan?" Kamui called, surprised when Subaru suddenly stood up. "Is there something wrong?"

"N-No," Subaru answered, a little surprised and embarrassed at himself for actually losing it. "Let's wash the dishes." The two of them washed the dishes silently. Their elbows or their shoulders would brush against each other but neither said anything. Kamui felt too peaceful to be with his brother and Subaru felt too relieved that they were okay again. After they finished, Subaru glanced at the clock on the wall, which said it was almost ten, and then at Kamui before he spoke again. "You have another gift for me, right? Can I see it now?"

Kamui visibly reddened before he looked away. "Ah… s-sure."

Subaru noticed that and looked at him meaningfully. He didn't know what the gift was but he would love it regardless of what it was. Anything that would come from Kamui would be loved greatly by him. "Because I love you…"

"Eh? Did you say something, Onii-chan?" Kamui asked innocently. They were about to ascend the stairs when he heard Subaru mumbled something. Subaru who was on his right side merely shrugged.

"I said I love you." He answered casually before he stopped on his tracks. Kamui blushed deeply. He wasn't used that Subaru was so vocal about his feelings. Of course, there were times when Subaru really liked making him blush by saying things like that, but not with a really serious expression like now.

"Onii-chan?" Kamui called again when he saw the serious expression on Subaru's face. "Is there something wrong?"

"Ah, no." Subaru smiled before he began descending the stairs. "Go ahead to your room. I'll be right back."

"Ah, okay…" Kamui said. He didn't know what Subaru was thinking, but he wouldn't let his brother think about it for long. He reddened when he thought of how daring he would be this night, just this night. He entered the room and took the gift from his drawer. He then rummaged his drawer and took a red ribbon. "I hope I don't pass out from the heat…"

Subaru hurriedly went back to the kitchen and took the bowl of icing. He looked at it for a while and he bit his lip to stop himself from grinning. "It will be a wonderful night…"

He knocked before he entered Kamui's room. He was even a little afraid that the door would be locked, just like the past few days. But it wasn't, much to his relief. "Kamui?" He called when he saw no one.

"Y-Your gift… is here…" He heard the voice from behind him and turned around without much thought, until he felt his jaw drop at least in inch. Kamui was handing out his hand, where the gift was. But that's not the jaw-dropping part. It was the fact that Kamui was blushing to the tips of his ears, looking down while handing the gift. And, oh God, he was wearing nothing but a red ribbon on his neck!

"J-Just take the gift!" Kamui exclaimed when Subaru just stared at him with wide eyes. "It's embarrassing as it is…" With that, Subaru recovered a little of himself and tried his best not to simply eat Kamui alive. He took the gift and placed it on the table without opening it first.

"You're not going to open it?" Kamui asked when he saw what Subaru did. He was afraid that Subaru didn't like it, but Subaru's eyes said that he did, and more.

"Later." He answered in his cool voice, which Kamui missed a little. "I need to open another gift right now." Kamui reddened even more when the meaning of those words dawned to him.

"Onii-chan…" He said as Subaru approached him. "I missed you…"

Subaru couldn't help but smile at his brother's straightforwardness. "I brought some icing with me. Shall we put it on the cake?"

"Eh? But there's no…" Kamui said, until he saw the dark glint on Subaru's eyes. They were filled with so much lust and desire. "Onii-chan? Don't tell me..!"

"Don't worry, I'll wipe it later… with my tongue…" He said seductively as he hugged Kamui and kissed his shoulder. The younger Shirou couldn't help but groan in delight at his brother's touch. "Let's make you into the finest and most delicious cake..." He whispered in Kamui's ear as he nibbled on it. His fingers traced the line of Kamui's neck and took the ribbon away.

"O..nii-chan…" Kamui sounded like he was purring, which made him blush even more. Subaru smirked when he heard that. He loved it so much when his cool and aloof brother would make that sound.

"Let's get started." He said as he half carried and half hugged Kamui to the bed. Kamui lay on his back as Subaru knelt in between his legs. The older Shirou took off his shirt and his belt. In his hands were the bowl of icing and a spatula. Kamui, in his embarrassment, covered his face with his palms, but Subaru voiced, "Don't cover your face. I want to see you blush even more." Kamui felt Subaru's lips on his hands and took his hands off his face. Subaru was so close to him, and that was not unusual anymore, but he still had the tendency to blush deeply during these kinds of times. Subaru kissed his cheeks and then his eyes. "You're the best gift for me… Kamui… Just you showing up during my speech in the graduation ceremony earlier cannot even be compared to the applause everyone gave me… I think that us making up is the best gift for me… I love you so much…" He leaned in and kissed Kamui's lips lightly. The younger Shirou was surprised at those words more than with the kiss. He didn't think Subaru loved him that much.

Kamui couldn't help but hug Subaru tightly. "Onii-chan… I too… I love you so much…"

"But don't think that you can escape being my cake just because you uttered those words so straightforwardly." Subaru whispered beside his ears and Kamui couldn't help but chuckle as he nodded. He let go of Subaru and the latter went back to his earlier kneeling position. He dipped the spatula in the bowl and slightly mixed the icing. When the spatula resurfaced again, it was already filled with icing. Subaru looked more handsome when he was thinking of some perverted things and Kamui couldn't really help but blush. Subaru gently and slowly spread the icing on Kamui's chest, which made the latter jolt at the cold and weird sensation of the icing on his skin.

Subaru spread the icing all over Kamui's chest and stomach, and even his lower abdomen, while wearing a serious face, which was making Kamui chuckle once in a while. "Don't move too much, Kamui." Subaru would also scold him once in a while, but most of the time they would enjoy the silence and the work of art, or love, that they were making. When Subaru finished, he breathed deeply. "That's the base."

"You mean you're not finished yet?" Kamui asked. Subaru looked at him darkly and licked his lips, which made Kamui's eyes wide. "Onii-chan? What kind of perverted things are you thinking?!" He asked in embarrassment.

"The cake has no right to talk back to the baker." Subaru simply said before he dipped the spatula in the bowl again and took a small amount of icing. He placed it on Kamui's left nipple, which made the latter blushed. He repeated the same thing and put the icing on his younger brother's right nipple this time. Kamui gulped when he felt his embarrassment rising.

"That's not the part where you should be blushing, little cake." Subaru smirked. "It's this part." He added as he tapped the tip of Kamui's hard length with the spatula. Kamui jolted in surprise and embarrassment, which made his blush even deeper and his length even harder.

"Onii-chan!" He exclaimed and Subaru only chuckled.

"I'll cover it with icing too, and put a mountain of icing on its tip." He simply said as he dipped the spatula in the bowl and started spreading icing on the entirety of Kamui's length. The action was slow and deliberate, making Kamui gasp and whimper in so much pleasure. "You're getting harder, cake." Subaru voiced in feigned annoyance when his little work of art was destroyed because Kamui's awakening erection tilted the mountain of icing and made it fall down the young male's abdomen. But of course, Subaru was silently enjoying it as Kamui tried his best to stop himself from squirming too much. "Ah, let's put some icing on your legs too. I'll lick it later…"

After some more minutes, Kamui felt really stiff because of the icing on his body. His legs were parted and he couldn't even move because Subaru's work would be destroyed again. Subaru, who was still kneeling in between Kamui's legs, started to unzip his pants. "Onii-chan, lick the icing now… I feel weird…"

"I've never seen any cake so willingly wanted to be eaten." Subaru smiled as he let his pants and boxers fall on the floor beside the bed. He towered over Kamui, using his elbows as support. "This is too much icing… I think I'll have to see a dentist tomorrow."

Kamui initially chuckled but it ended as a groan when Subaru started nibbling his neck and shoulders. "Onii-chan, there's no icing on my neck and shoulders…"

"The cake has no right to voice his opinion." Subaru voiced before he sucked a skin on Kamui's neck which made Kamui groaned a little louder. Subaru liked leaving marks on Kamui's skin, but Kamui was the same on him so they basically had a silent agreement about it. Subaru liked Kamui's intoxicating scent and he always spent their foreplay inhaling and licking his brother's skin or nibbling it. Kamui circled his arms on Subaru's neck and pulled him more. Subaru was just too happy to oblige and give Kamui more breathtaking pleasure.

Subaru started licking the icing on his brother's chest just as Kamui repeatedly kissed his hair. The latter liked Subaru's scent and he too was intoxicated with it. He half groaned half whimpered in pleasure when Subaru sucked his nipples together with the mound of icing on it. The sensation was just too good that he couldn't help but arch his head and hips when Subaru started licking his stomach and abdomen, and even his legs. He licked it and was able to clean everything, though they both felt more sticky than cleaner. "Too much icing…" Subaru couldn't help but complain. Of course, it was his fault for putting too much icing on Kamui even though he wasn't a fan of sweet things. Kamui was the only sweet cake he would ever taste.

Kamui saw that his brother looked sickened by the icing and he couldn't help but feel worried. "Onii-chan, you don't have to–"

"Don't talk back, cake." Subaru said before Kamui could even finish his sentence. "This is the last part, and also the most delicious one." Kamui reddened at those words. Subaru slowly dove in between Kamui's legs and gently licked his younger brother's length. Kamui initially gasped and then groaned loudly at the pleasure. Subaru licked his hard body rather slower than usual, which made the sweet torture on Kamui prolonged. Subaru put the tip of the body in his mouth and sucked the icing before he let his tongue play with the slit of Kamui's manhood. Kamui couldn't help but scream as he felt so lost in deep pleasure. Subaru bobbled his head and Kamui involuntarily arched his hips to seek more of his brother's tongue and mouth. He was already too hard and he knew he wouldn't be able to handle it anymore.

"Onii-chan… ahhh…. Please… stoppp… I-I'm going… to…ahhh…." Kamui couldn't voice his protest straightly because his mind was too muddled and he was too out of it right now to form any coherent words. Subaru enjoyed hearing that and he sucked Kamui's length even harder as his hand worked on the base, where his mouth couldn't reach much. Kamui started to shudder and in a little while, he found himself coming inside his brother's mouth, much to his embarrassment. Subaru swallowed everything and gave Kamui's manhood a little nibble before he let go of it. He licked his upper lip as he looked at Kamui's deeply blushing face. The younger Shirou's breathing was shallow and ragged, and Subaru couldn't help but hug him tight.

"Did that feel good?" He whispered beside Kamui's blushing ear. Kamui hugged him back, although a bit weaker, and nodded. "Shall we go to the main course?" He asked again. He was also hard and he wouldn't be able to stop himself anymore, but he still wanted to know if Kamui was okay with it. It was such a long time since they last did it all the way, and Subaru didn't want to unnecessarily hurt Kamui just because of his lustful body reaction. To his relief, Kamui nodded again. "It's such a long time since we last did it… so I'll be gentle." He kissed Kamui's slightly parted lips before he looked at the bowl of icing again.

"Onii-chan? Why are you looking at that thing again?" Kamui asked suspiciously. The way Subaru looked at the bowl could mean many things Kamui didn't want to think about. It was much too daring for his innocent mind to comprehend.

Without answering to his brother's question, Subaru dipped his middle and ring finger into the bowl and took some icing. Kamui's eyes widened when he realized what the icing was for. "Onii-chan? D-Don't tell me…"

"It seems you know what I'm about to do so I don't think I need to tell you." Subaru smiled as he leaned over and kissed Kamui's chest. His middle finger played with Kamui's entrance which only added to the delightful sensation that Kamui felt, on top of being nibbled by Subaru. The older Shirou licked Kamui's nipples just as he entered the first finger inside his younger brother. Kamui gasped at the initial pain, but immediately grimaced at the weird sensation of the icing inside him. It wasn't unpleasant, but he still didn't know how to take that sensation so he didn't know how to react. "Just take it as something pleasurable." Subaru murmured against his chest, and he couldn't help but nod. After a while, Subaru entered the next finger, which made Kamui groan in delight. It felt so good that he didn't mind the icing as the lubricant anymore. Subaru thrust his fingers in and out and made some scissoring movements so his brother would be more prepared. Kamui enjoyed it only too much and hugged Subaru tightly as support.

Subaru kissed Kamui again before he withdrew his hands. Kamui slid his arms behind Subaru and hugged him tighter just as Subaru cupped his brother's rear in position. Kamui shifted because his hips were a little uncomfortable just as he looked at Subaru in the eyes. Subaru met his gaze and they both smiled at each other. Kamui wanted nothing than to melt in his brother's arms and Subaru wanted nothing than to be with Kamui, just like this.

Kamui blushed again when he felt his brother's hard length at his entrance. He gasped when Subaru suddenly kissed him full in the mouth before the older male slowly thrust his length inside him. Kamui could only groan in their kiss as he felt his brother inside him. Subaru felt a little weird with the icing but the pleasure was just too overwhelming even for him. After a while, no one knew whose groan was whose as they let themselves melt in each other's embrace. Subaru was now inside Kamui up to the hilt but he wasn't moving yet. They wanted to savor their silent moments and bask in each other's warmth, not heat. After some more minutes, though, they both knew that they needed to move if they didn't want to explode from too much self-restraint. Subaru started rocking against Kamui in slow successive movements. Kamui's lips were on his brother's neck, nibbling it to his heart's content. Subaru groaned once in a while when Kamui would bite his flesh too much, but his attention was on making sure he wasn't moving too fast, and that was proving to be very difficult as his mind was starting to get muddled up and his body basked in too much pleasure.

"You can… move faster…" Kamui voiced against Subaru's skin. Subaru knew his brother was also too out of it because Kamui would never voice something as embarrassing as that if his mind was any clearer. But he too was too out of it to actually argue. He moved gradually faster and faster, until Kamui was screaming because he couldn't handle the pleasure anymore. Subaru liked it that Kamui whimper and groan because of him.

"Kamui, I love you… I love both your body and your heart…" He whispered just before he felt really blinded by pleasure to even think. Kamui shuddered under him just before he came on Subaru's abdomen. That pleasure brought a reaction to Subaru's overly excited length and also brought him to climax inside Kamui. Kamui could only scream and Subaru too could only groan as the two of them reached their climax in each other's arms. What came after was sheer bliss and blankness as both of them tried to cool down.

"Onii-chan… you always climax right after me…" Kamui, still a little too out of it, voiced. Subaru only nodded, not in the right mind to form any words. They hugged each other and kissed lightly, both a little exhausted and satisfied. Subaru was still inside Kamui but he was not in any mood to take his manhood out yet. He cuddled with Kamui and they exchange light kisses on the lips, cheeks and forehead.

"Mother will go back home tomorrow." Subaru said casually when he suddenly remembered. "We need to clean up…"

"Later…" Kamui hugged Subaru tighter when he felt that he was being pulled into a deep slumber. It had been a week since he last slept together with Subaru that he felt so relaxed right now, and also very happy. Subaru kissed Kamui's forehead once more before he too let himself relax.

"Kamui… let's play tennis tomorrow…" Subaru voiced sleepily. "I haven't played tennis with you ever since that last time…" Kamui nodded and Subaru leaned even closer. His head rested on Kamui's neck and Kamui's cheek was resting on his hair.

Soon, nothing could be heard in the room than the sound of two quietly sleeping lovers. The room, and even the kitchen, was still in a mess. But everything, everything could just wait later.




Ren-sama's Note:

That's it. The time for Kamui to settle down had come. I don't want to get them anymore problems so their story has ended and I hope you enjoyed it. I also hoped that the two of them are enjoying their private lives now. I thank everyone who supported me and "Shattering Identities." I love you all and I'll miss your lovely reviews about Kamui and Subaru. ˆoˆ