Alright.. Don't read further if you haven't read Mark of Athena.. Yes that's right I have completed reading the book and well it's awesome..

And yeah I can post the second chapter of the book if you guys want it.. I have it typed down and ready to upload. Review and let me know if you want it.

The end, well again a cliff hanger, but it's not as bad as the Son of Neptune one.. But seriously I loved the book way too much to be annoyed at the way it ended. Actually, it was a good way to end the book. And wow, the POV were awesome.. I liked Leo's viewpoint's the best. He really is a funny guy.. Percy's POVs were also nice and funny like it always has been. And Piper having a viewpoint over others, that came as a surprise to me. But they were great and interesting. And yeah the book four will be called the House of Hades.

Alright so you need the entire prophecy of the MoA, then here it is. Well it won't give up any hints about the book even if you read it.

Wisdom's daughter walks alone,

The Mark of Athena burns through Rome,

Twins snuff out the angel's breath,

Who holds the key to endless death.

Giants' bane stands gold and pale,

Won through pain from a woven jail.

Spoiler Alert:

Now the following are actual spoilers, you have been warned.

1) Annabeth's invisibility cap has become useless.. Whoa.. and Athena disowned her !

2) Percy and Annabeth have fallen down into the depths of Tartarus for 'A one-way trip. A very hard fall.'

3) Percy and Jason do fight each other, but it's not as impressive or devastating as I thought.

4) The best part, Hercules got his ass kicked ! And it was Piper who do it, not Jason or Percy as I had imagined.

5) Percy and Annabeth don't have the grey streaks of Hair anymore.

6) And yeah Percabeth lovers, there is a lot of Percabeth moments.

7) Mr. D i.e. Bacchus helps them kill the giants – Otis and Ephialtes.

8) Percy has developed a fear of water and starts hating Water..! This came as a shocking news to me..

9) Finally Percy meets someone who can easily defeat him in a sword fight.. His name is Chrysaor, the brother of Pegasus, the son of Poseidon and Medusa ! He is known as "the Gold Sword".

10) And the most amazing thing, well Athena and all the other Gods have gone mad. But Athena has gone completely insane. She has become Minerva, and she is totally crazy. Moreover her Roman form has no children as she is a Virgin Goddess.

11) The Romans and Greeks are at war, as Leo destroyed the New Rome by blasting it with spears of greek fire..

12) The Romans are assembled at at New York, ready to attack Camp Half Blood, as Annabeth had been stupid enough to disclose it's location to Reyna..!

13) Well, last but not the least, Nico has been rescued and he knows the location of the Doors of Death. And one part of it in the underworld's darkest part, Tartarus! The other is in Greece. But it has to be controlled from both sides to close them.