Sasuke finally wakes up and looks around in a daze. He noticed that he was in a room and for some reason chained to one of the beds in the room. He wasn't sure how he had gotten there, or even where he was to begin with, all he remembered was being in the middle of training when he was knocked out from behind. After a moment of thought he came to the conclusion that it must have been that pervert Orochimaru and began to get slightly panicked at the thought that the pervert had actually managed to catch him when Sasuke was being extra careful to avoid this exact predicament.

Sasuke began frantically looking around for any means of escape while testing the strength of his bonds. The chains wouldn't break and there was no way to get to the door while he was stuck on the bed, he was in serious trouble here. Sasuke laid there for a while trying to think of a way to get out of this mess with his virginity in tact, and coming up with nothing. For a moment he thought of throwing all pride aside and simply begging for freedom the moment the door was opened but decided against it since it would only amuse the perverted snake and get him absolutely nothing in return except more humiliation.

As Sasuke was testing the strength of his bonds again the door began to open. Feeling slightly panicked now Sasuke began to frantically pull at the chains willing them to break so he'd have a chance of defending himself. He watched as the door slowly opened and was surprised to see not Orochimaru but Itachi standing in the doorway with a shocked look on his face. By the look Itachi was giving him nobody had told him that his younger brother was tied to a bed in his room. Sasuke glared daggers at Itachi completely forgetting about his situation for the moment as he looked at his hated older brother.

Itachi stood in the doorway a while recovering from the shock of finding sasuke tied to his bed. He quickly entered the room shutting the door behind him, hoping that nobody had seen his brother in here like this and wondering who had put him there in the first place. While contemplating this he saw a piece of paper pinned to Sasukes shirt and went to rip it off. Sasuke flailed around when he got closer but he ignored this and just tore the paper from his shirt and read what was written on it. "Happy birthday Itachi, hope you like your present, Kisame". That damn nosy shark must have seen his diary, or perhaps he was more obvious in the way he had watched Sasuke on their last encounter.

Sasuke was still laying there glaring up at Itachi with an intense hatred. Normally Itachi would be upset by this but right now he just thought how cute his brother looked when he scowled like that. Itachi looked down at Sasuke and smirked at his younger brother.

"You know it's rude to glare at someone like that in their own bedroom Sasuke" Itachi said with a taunting smirk.

"Well I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't decided to chain me up here jackass"

"I am not the one who chained you up here little brother" he replied in a calm voice.

"THEN WHO THE HELL DID?" demanded Sasuke quickly losing his temper.

"Judging from the note I'd say it was my partner Kisame, but why does that even matter"

"I'd like to know who I should kill for this when I get loose"

"And how are you going to get loose, nobody here will help you"

"I'll find a way to get out of this hell hole at some point"

Itachi frowned, "I rather like this 'hell hole' as you so kindly put it"

"Well sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings there tachi" Sasuke replied sarcastically. Sasuke was somewhat satisfied that he had gotten a reaction from his usually calm brother.

Itachi slowly advanced on his little brother inwardly thankful that everyone else was on a mission so nobody could interrupt him. Sasuke started to get nervous as Itachi got closer, thinking that he had said the wrong thing. Sasuke quietly braced himself for the untold torture and beatings to come from his brother, readying himself for anything that Itachi might have in store, almost. Itachi got close to the bed and smirked down at Sasuke who was currently giving him a defiant glare.

Sasukes heart started pounding as Itachi stood over him with a strange look in his eyes that Sasuke couldn't place. Although Sasuke had no idea what his brother was thinking he knew that whatever it was it was nothing good. He kept glaring at Itachi who only seemed to get more amused and realized that no matter what was going through Itachi's head right now, it wasn't going to end well for him.

Sasuke flinched visibly as Itachi reached a hand towards him but instead of the beating that Sasuke expected from him Itachi simple cradled Sasukes cheek gently in his hand while staring down at Sasuke.

"I am very happy to finally get to see you after all this time without having to fight you"

"Yeah well if I wasn't chained up I would have killed you by now"

Itachi ignored this comment and started stroking Sasukes face gently. Sasuke started to squirm under the foreign touch getting a churning feeling in his gut. Itachi leaned down towards Sasuke who defiantly turned away uninterested to hear what his brother had to say. But instead of saying something Itachi grabbed Sasukes chin and jerked it towards him and before Sasuke had a chance to yell at him for this Itachi had pressed their lips together.

Sasuke froze in shock at the unexpected action but quickly recovered and began to fight to turn his head away from the unwanted kiss. Finally Itachi released him and Sasuke immediately turned his head away and rubbed his lips against his arm.


"It was obviously a kiss little brother, are you really so innocent that you don't know what a kiss is" Itachi smirked at his brother inwardly laughing at the blush that now covered Sasukes face.


"Where did you learn to cuss like that, you sound almost as bad as Hidan, it makes me wonder what Orochimaru has been teaching you"


Itachi raised an eyebrow at Sasuke in curiosity.

"Are you by any chance a virgin Sasuke?"

"WHAT THE FUCK ITACHI? THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS EITHER YOU SICK BASTARD" although Sasuke meant it to sound as though he obviously wasn't the truth showed in how red his face had become and his sudden change in posture. Sasuke had gone from a fighting posture to a defensive one without even realizing it, though Itachi had and the smirk on his face grew a bit wider at that.

"I just assumed that Orochimaru had taken you to bed by now, I know how much he likes beautiful young boys like you"

"Like I can't outrun a horny snake you jackass, anyway why should you care about crap like that?"

"I care quite a bit about it Sasuke"

Sasuke glared up at him and Itachi couldn't take it anymore. Without any warning he swooped down and captured Sasukes lips in another kiss. Sasuke flailed and fought to break the kiss but Itachi wouldn't let him. Slowly Itachi pried Sasukes mouth open slipping his tongue into Sasukes mouth. Sasuke cried out in protest and began to fight harder against his brothers' grip. Finally after what felt like ages to Sasuke he was released from the heated kiss. They were both panting and Sasukes heart had started pounding as the panic set in on him.


Sasuke got no reply and he started to panic even more, his stomach churning as Itachi climbed on top of him and straddled his hips.


Instead of answering him Itachi leaned down and began kissing up and down Sasukes neck. Sasuke immediately tried to get away from him, struggling desperately against his chains.

"Relax Sasuke, just enjoy it"


Itachi smirked and started running his hands up Sasukes shirt, laughing slightly when Sasuke squirmed under his touch. Itachi began playing with one of Sasukes nipples and Sasuke whimpered in reply. A look of fear had replaced the one of defiance on Sasukes face as he realized that Itachi might actually be serious in his advances.

"Itachi wait, what are you doing, get off!"

Sasuke squirmed trying to shake Itachi off but he wouldn't budge. Itachi took out a knife and slowly started cutting through Sasukes shirt, carefully avoiding his skin. He finally got the shirt off and stared down at Sasuke, admiring his little brothers body. Sasuke squirmed in discomfort realizing that the top of his body was now completely exposed and desperately hoping that it would end there. Itachi leaned down and continued to kiss Sasukes neck while running his hands over his now bare chest. After a while Itachi sat up again and climbed off of Sasuke. He grabbed the knife again and cut through Sasukes pants and boxers, cutting them all the way down on both sides and sliding the now ruined pants and boxers off. Sasuke began frantically fighting against his chains, desperate to get away while his brother was taking his own clothes off. Itachi straddled Sasukes hips again, now completely naked, leaving no protection between Sasuke and Itachi.

"Itachi wait, please don't, I'll tell you anything you want to know, just please don't do this" Sasuke pleaded in a trembling voice.

Itachi looked at Sasuke and smiled "don't worry Sasuke I'll be gentle, I'm not going to hurt you, I'll be sure to go slow since it's your first time"

Before Sasuke could say anything else Itachi had captured his lips for another kiss, forcing his tongue into Sasukes mouth. Realizing that there was no way out of this Sasuke just allowed this, it was sure to be more pleasant than what was coming. Itachi moaned into the kiss and ground their hips together making Sasuke whimper and pull against his chains. Itachi broke the kiss and climbed off of Sasuke. Sasuke watched as Itachi pulled something out of one of his desk drawers, wondering what it was. When Itachi turned around Sasuke saw that it was a bottle of lube and all of his reasoning left as he started to thrash around, desperately trying to break the chains and screamed at the top of his lungs hoping that someone would come save him. Itachi was heading back towards Sasuke to calm him down when there was a knock on the door and they both froze.

"Who's there?" Itachi asked calmly as if nothing was happening.

"It's Sasori, is that Deidara in there?"

"No, I think he's still on a mission, if not try the garden that's where he was hiding before you left"

"Okay thanks Tachi, oh and try to keep whoever that is at least a little quieter, I can hear him all the way on the other side of the base"

"Okay I'll try but I'm not gagging him"

"Okay fine I'll just unscrew my ears then"

They heard him walk away as Sasuke quietly wondered what he meant by unscrewing his ears. Itachi saw the look of confusion on Sasukes face and let out a low chuckle. Sasuke now stared wide eyed at the bottle in Itachi's hand, noticing his brothers look Itachi smirked down at him as he squirted some onto his fingers coating all of them thoroughly in the lube. Sasuke pressed himself into the bed as Itachi climbed back onto it. Itachi smirked and pried Sasukes legs apart settling himself between them as Sasuke whimpered and squirmed to try to get as far away as possible. Itachi chuckled at this and pressed a finger against Sasukes entrance, earning a frightened squeak from him as he tried to jerk away from the finger.

"This would be easier if you'd stop resisting so much" Itachi stated looking at his brother in amusement.

" Get away from me you sick bastard" Sasuke meant it to sound threatening but his voice weak and trembling from fear of what was coming.

"But this is much more fun" replied Itachi with a wicked grin.

Sasuke forgot about the finger for a moment and glared at his brother 'how the hell could he think this would be fun'. Itachi took this opportunity to push his finger into Sasuke causing Sasuke to yelp in surprise and pain from the intrusion. Sasuke tried to prevent the tears that had welled up in his eyes from spilling out but failed when Itachi began to move his finger inside of him. Sasuke let the tears roll down his face ' it was all over he was about to lose his virginity, and to his own brother too' the thought made Sasuke sick and he fought to keep from throwing up right then deciding the situation was humiliating enough as it was.

Sasuke was squirming to try to get away from Itachi, trying desperately to somehow dislodge itachi's eager finger. Itachi smirked at Sasuke and pushed another finger into him making Sasuke thrash and scream.

"Calm down Sasuke fighting will only make it hurt worse"

"Screw you, it's gonna hurt no matter what"

"I already said I would be gentle, so why are you so worried"

"You're a sick bastard, especially if you think that saying that would make any of this alright"

Itachi smirked at him, pushing another finger in and pumping them in and out while Sasuke squirmed beneath him. Sasuke wasn't even trying to stop the tears from falling anymore, he just tried to escape in his head and somehow block out what was happening to him. Unfortunately it wasn't working, all he could think about was how soon it wouldn't just be fingers. The thought terrified him, if Itachi's fingers hurt this much he didn't want to think about what it would feel like to have itachi's cock in him.

As if on cue Itachi pulled his fingers out of Sasuke and squirted more lube onto his hand, this time covering his now erect cock in it. Sasuke looked down and started to panic once again as he saw just how big his brother was. Sasuke began sobbing and pulling at his chains as he struggled to get away from his brother, who he was now convinced was completely insane. As Itachi got closer Sasukes attempt to escape became even more desperate, he began thrashing around determined to not stay still for too long. Itachi was slightly surprised by this reaction but quickly started trying to calm Sasuke down enough to continue.

"Come on Sasuke it's not that bad" Itachi said in a soothing voice.

"That's easy for you to say your not the one chained up on the bottom"

"No but I promise to be very gentle, I don't want to hurt you Sasuke"

"Then stop and let me go"

"If you'll just relax, I'm sure you'd start to like it" Itachi said softly.

Without waiting for a reply Itachi grabbed Sasukes hips and shoved him down onto the bed, quickly positioning himself at Sasukes entrance. Sasuke began screaming and pleading for Itachi to stop, trying desperately to get away from him. Itachi paused a moment and then pushed himself fully into Sasukes entrance with a moan. Sasuke let out a scream of pain and started crying again, he had completely lost his will to fight now, it was too late to do anything now. Sasuke was sobbing uncontrollably and Itachi leaned down wiping some of the tears away.

"Just relax Sasuke, it'll just keep hurting if you don't relax" Itachi said softly

Sasuke just turned his head away from Itachi, unable to look at him anymore 'his body was in unbearable pain and Itachi wanted him to relax, how am I supposed to relax'. Itachi waited a little while longer then slowly started pulling out of Sasuke causing him to scream in pain again. He paused and then pushed back in this time Sasuke just gritted his teeth and began sobbing again. After a while of doing this with no other reaction from Sasuke but sobbing and grunts of pain Itachi began to go faster while being careful not to thrust too hard. Sasuke whimpered in pain but did nothing to fight him, it wasn't like he could stop Itachi now anyway. Itachi's breathing started to get heavy and he picked up his speed even more and started driving his cock as far into Sasuke as he could. Sasuke began to sob again realizing that Itachi was getting closer with each thrust. Itachi leaned down and kissed Sasuke softly on the lips before grunting and pushing himself as far into Sasuke as he could. Sasuke whimpered as he felt Itachi empty himself inside of him. Itachi collapsed on top of him, not even bothering to pull out, and just laid there panting. After a while Itachi caught his breath and pulled out of Sasuke going to lie beside him and wrapping his arms around Sasukes waist. Sasuke tried to shy away but Itachi just tightened his hold and pulled Sasuke closer, sighing with content. Sasuke felt sick to his stomach now, his body was in agony and all he could think about was how he could feel Itachi's cum leaking out of his ass now, he just wanted to throw up and cry. He was so upset he couldn't even cry anymore, he felt relieved when exhaustion took over and carried him into a deep dreamless sleep.