Ok, so, I'm thinking of doing a mini series starting from when they leave the hospital to who knows when but you'll have to be patient with me, I'm going to try and get it written up as soon as possible but it'll still take some time. I'm going to try and do a story of Sasuke and Itachis trials while raising Mika, I'm open to any suggestions from you guys, you already know my story and I know that some of you must have some things that you think would go well in this spin off so let me know and I'll try to use it. It'll probably be longer update times as I am working on other stories now, they won't be posted for a while because I'm being an uber perfectionist with the storylines and I'm sorry for any punctuation errors, I'm not that good with punctuation and I do try but word doesn't catch everything. Any way, let the reviews flow, tell me what you want to see in this spin off, don't be shy, no idea is a stupid one with a story like this, even with the other characters, tell me what you want to see with them.