I saw The three musketeers yesterday (and loved it!), and the second I saw the Duke of Buckingham (more importantly Orlando s-x kitten Bloom as the Duke of Buckingham) and to a not too lesser amount Luke Evans as Aramis (drools, that moustache and goatee) I just HAD to write this. It's more periodically accurate, or as periodically accurate as I know, than the movie. Based on the 2011 movie (of course). Reviews would be loved, but sadly I don't have the power to make you all review :'(, so the best I can do is ask. No flaming please!
Possible rating change to M in future chapters, mainly rated for sexuality and violence and threats

Full summary - Christine Georgiana Spencer is invited to stay with the Duke of Buckingham, and will eventually become the Duchess of Buckingham, but what happens when she meets the muskateers, and most importantly, the not-so-soon priest?

Disclaimer - I don't own anything from The Three Musketeers (but boy if I owned Buckingham and Aramis *drools*) I do however own Christine, Mary, their mother and father and all other new characters

Ever since I was a young girl I have been doted upon, receiving nothing but the highest of luxuries, in teachings, entertainment, companions, living arrangements, anything a girl could possibly imagine. In the later years of my childhood I had questioned my mother why we were given such a pampered lifestyle, or why I could not treat those with a much simpler lifestyle equally, and I was told that my family had a reputation to uphold, if I was to behave any differently, or be seen joining the poorer families with their foolish horseplay, it would tarnish the grand name I had been born into.

As I grew older I was taught how to read and write, how to ride a horse as a respectable woman and to dance. I was told how to act around people of a similar or higher status, in particular the royals; to always keep a polite and civil manner when speaking, no matter the circumstances, and to never speak of an inappropriate thought unless I was alone with an acceptable lover.

I was raised with the knowledge that I could further myself with my physical beauty and my pleasurable, yet witty and independent, attributes. Much to the chagrin of my sister, Mary Elizabeth Spencer; born in the Spring after my own birth, who mother and father had become more and more disappointed with each of her failures at behaving as a proper young woman. Even as a child, mother and father would say that I could bring myself into an even greater stature, and they saw to it I gained each skill which may help me achieve.

By 18, I was everything a mother and father could dream of their daughter. I had received a number of marriage proposals, though none of which father, who agreed with mother and claimed on countless occasions that I could do much better than a merchant, approved.

Now 20, I have been eagerly awaiting a man who could accomplish each of my desires. It would be on the eve of Summer that the opportunity would reveal itself, which mother and father so happily accepted, and it would be during those hours that I would leave my home, and would eventually become Christine Georgiana Villiers, Duchess of Buckingham.