Title: Vanilla

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Spanking and lots of explicit sex. And that's all I'm telling you.

Spoilers: Nope

Summary: They live together in NYC, have been together a few years: it's all so comfortable. But Kurt wants to try something a bit kinky and Blaine's eager to please so they try it...

A/N: So this has been in the works, I think, for almost two months. Thanks to see-clarity and hepburngirlhiltonworld for looking over it at various stages and making me rewrite quite a bit and letting me whine about fic in general. The title was provided by hepburngirlhiltonworld because I am really crap at coming up with titles. She also named "Nineteen Minutes" and I just never gave her credit.

This is part one of two. The second part will be posted in exactly 12 hours. I'm just attention whoring it up and trying to scrape together the motivation needed to do a last few edits of part two and write the last little post-sex scene.

I suspect this fic is not what you are all expecting it to be…

They first thing they look up is 'Top Ten Kinks'. Blaine's sitting at the kitchen table, his laptop in front of him and Kurt's leaning in close over his shoulder. It's weird but both of them are holding their breath a little and through the haze of feeling something awkward and uncomfortable—something they haven't felt for months—they're both just a little bit turned on.

Sadly, all Google wants to give them is list after list of user and magazine recommended songs by 'The Kinks'. So Kurt huffs and leans over and waves Blaine's hand off the trackpad. He revises the search term to 'Top Ten Sex Kinks' but is only rewarded with some not-so-interesting celebrity gossip, something to do with science fiction and a page about 'weird kinks' which isn't what they want at all.

They just want something to try. They're at that stage; they decided not so many minutes ago over coffee. It's a long weekend and New York is cooling down. The housemates are away. They've decided not to try to get back to Lima for the few days. And so it just kind of came up in conversation.

Ten minutes before.

"Do you think our sex-life is boring?"

Blaine spares a moment to be offended and worried and then brushes that off to the side and responds with honesty. "No, not really. Why?" and then sips his coffee and glances back down at his course notes.

"Just something Neil said the other night to me. About how he could never be with anyone more than three months if the sex was vanilla." Kurt sips his own coffee across the table but his eyes aren't trained on his magazine, he is watching Blaine with sharp eyes.

"Our sex-life isn't vanilla," Blaine says, feeling indignant again.

Kurt just shrugs and offers nothing more for a few moments. Then, "Do you even think about trying something a bit kinky though? I mean, just to spice things up?"

Blaine's eyes narrow and he closes the textbook on his hand-scrawled notes. "Do you think our sex-life is boring, Kurt?"

Kurt grins and it's almost half-shy, his eyes dipping for a moment. "No, I'm very, very happy." And, oh gosh darn, he is and Blaine knows that and it makes him grin back and his heart beat a little harder. No one thought they'd make it through Kurt's senior year. No one thought they'd make it through Blaine's. No one thought they'd make it through their first year in New York. At college and living with Blaine's cousin because his dad had turned his nose up at living in student accommodation.

Okay, so actually lots of people did think they'd make it—Jeff and Rachel and Carole, Blaine's Aunt Jen and maybe even Burt—but it was still nice to be doing it. And doing it well.

Kurt continues, "And you know I think we're amazing in bed. I just wonder sometimes if we're missing out?" He's blushing, just a little, and squirming in his seat and Blaine kind of likes that look on him but hasn't seen it in a while.

Carefully, because there's a small chance this is Kurt asking for something crazy, Blaine asks, "What exactly did you have in mind?"

And Kurt shrugs. "I didn't, I mean, I don't want anything way out there, nothing…unusual. And nothing that makes you or me uncomfortable. Just something we haven't tried, something not so…vanilla."

"We are not vanilla." Blaine tries to inject a manly growl into his voice but it comes out just the wrong side of whiny and Kurt laughs at him and waves him off and keeps drinking his coffee.

Now, Blaine flicks Kurt's wrist and manages to get the trackpad back under his fingers.

"Common sex kinks." He keys it in, hits enter and mumbles, "Now we're getting somewhere," when there's a Wikipedia link second on the list and they're wondering why they didn't just start there. He clicks through to the Wikipedia page for 'Kink(sexual)' and they read in silence.

It's getting more uncomfortable because Kurt wasn't thinking things like 'perversion' and 'objectifying' and 'paraphilia'—he's not even sure what it means but it doesn't sound good. Then he sees a beacon and leans forward and clicks through to the safest bet.

"Vanilla sex."

Blaine huffs and then they both giggle a little at the drawing of the 'missionary position' presented to them. They feel young and silly again. It's strange.

It takes Kurt a moment to skim through the paragraphs and then he barks out a laugh and turns to look at Blaine pointedly, waiting for him to catch up. When Blaine does, he huffs again and rolls his eyes and reads it out loud.

"'Sex that does not extend beyond affection, mutual masturbation, and oral and anal sex.' Kurt, just because the internet says we are, that doesn't make us vanilla—"

Kurt cuts him off, "British Medical Journal and it does Blaine, and I don't mind, I just thought we could see if there was anything to try."

Blaine softens. He's not even sure why he's letting himself get slightly worked up by this. Sex between them has been explosive and tender and perfect ever since they first fooled around during high school. Maybe this is just the next natural step. He clicks back and stares at the words on the screen.

Most of them scare him a little and with a jolt, he remembers they've both only just turned twenty and really, should they be getting in to this? He leans forward and rests his chin on his hand and breathes hard out his nose.

His eyes do seem to keep coming back to the same word, seem to be lingering. So he tenses, thinks Kurt probably felt it happen, and clicks through to the page for 'Spanking'.

"Really?" Kurt breathes out and Blaine can't tell if that was a good "really" or a bad "really" but isn't about to look at him and find out. So he stares at the screen and starts skimming and scrolling and not being quite as uncomfortable as he was before.

He hums something undecided and they read in silence, Kurt leaning forward occasionally to move the page along or scroll back up.

Eventually, seemingly decided, Kurt stops leaning on Blaine's shoulder and says, "You do like my ass."

Blaine breathes out and turns in his chair to look at him and counter, "You like my ass."

Kurt just grins because it's all so true but it leaves the obvious question: "So who does the spanking?"

"We're really going to do this?"

Kurt crosses his arms and juts out his chin. "Yes."

Blaine grins back. "But not in a punishment kind of way, okay?" he asks trying to imagine how this would turn him on, trying on fantasies in his mind to see what fits. "Not really, not like a proper roleplay submitting thing, I don't think… I mean, if that's…" Oh he's rambling. This is going to make him ramble so much. But at least Kurt's leaning against the wall and looking mostly thoughtful and still smiling.

This might work.

"Do you think the point is for it to hurt?" Blaine asks.

Kurt's grin turns just a little wolfish and Blaine feels it low in his stomach. "Pain can be good," Kurt tells him.

Blaine just twists even further in his chair and raises an enquiring eyebrow. He thinks about getting up and moving closer.

Kurt laughs lightly and pushes off the wall, moves to lean his ass back against the table and stand close enough that his knees knock Blaine's as he swings back around to face Kurt again. Kurt's reaching out and touching, running his fingers along the line of Blaine's jaw and down his neck and back as he says, "I just mean that pain isn't always bad. I like, I mean, I really like the stretch of you inside me when we haven't quite got enough time."

Eyes go wide, Blaine's grin spreads because he really likes hearing that said mid-morning over coffee while Kurt just eyes him appraisingly. He tilts his head just so and Kurt leans down to press his lips chastely against his.

"And biting," Kurt says as he pulls back.

"And the times you left fingerprints on my hips?" Blaine mumbles as Kurt presses another kiss, slightly longer, slightly harder, still too chaste.

"You liked that?" Kurt asks back, because he'd only done it once, only done it by accident and seen Blaine's wince the day after when he did up his belt. They were proper bruises and Kurt hadn't done it again.

Blaine pulls back from a third kiss. "I think so. I liked it the next day."

Kurt hums something undecided and leans back in for a proper kiss, finally, sliding his lips in a caress and then opening, licking into Blaine's mouth for a few seconds' languid pleasure before looping his arms around Blaine's neck, burying his hands in his hair and sucking Blaine's tongue into his mouth without warning.

Blaine can't help but moan and let him, his hands rushing to splay over Kurt's stomach, right there in the kitchen, and then dip his fingers behind the waistband of his cotton pyjama pants, pulling him off the table, a little bit closer, a little bit taller.

Kurt pulls back. "You're a bit turned on now, aren't you?" he laughs.

"You're not?"

Kurt slides his hands from Blaine's hair, running his palms around his neck as he draws back. "So, spanking?"

"Just… with a hand," Blaine tells him, a little bit wary.

"I think so." Kurt pauses, a tell-tale tilt of his head giving away how much thought he's putting into this. "Maybe we just…try it."


They go silent for a moment, but the question remains and Kurt voices it: "Still… who is getting spanked? "

"Do you want to?" Blaine asks.

"I have no idea. "

"Think about it. "

"What about you?"

Blaine glances at the ceiling and keeps trying on the fantasies in his head, letting them run rampant and letting the best ones curl hot in his stomach. Still: "I don't know."

"Maybe you can hit me—" Kurt stutters to a stop with a lopsided smile and a small amount of shock in his eyes. "God that sounds so wrong…in a bad way." Blaine raises an eyebrow at him. "And not in a good bad way like usual." He takes a breath. "Maybe you can spank me for a while and we'll see how it goes. And then I can spank you? If you want"

Blaine nods.

Kurt's thinking again. "Do you think we need a safe word?"

Blaine huffs out a laugh and the awkwardness is palpable in it because both of them have heard their more risqué friends talk about safe words and then laughed about how bizarre they are. "God, Kurt, I didn't think we were playing those kinds of games."

Kurt shrugs and tries not to blush. "Maybe. Just in case. I mean…Just in case."

"Okay, any ideas?

All too quickly, Kurt's saying, "Blazer," and Blaine's laughing at him as he blushes and punches him lightly in the shoulder. Then Blaine's up and out of his seat and leaning into him, pressing him back against the table and kissing him.

"I've decided this is kind of cool," he says when he pulls back.

"Yeah?" Kurt's sliding his hands low and Blaine's pleased they went back to bed in fresh pyjamas after their Saturday morning run and shower because Kurt can easily slide a hand around his half-hard cock and begin a slow stroke. Barely even enough to distract.

"It's…weird and awkward and it might end badly." He bucks into Kurt's hand and leans in to press a kiss to the side of his neck and blush. Which feels so strange. "But it kind of feels like we're teenagers again."

Kurt laughs and squeezes tight for a second, drawing a moan. "Because that was so long ago?"

"You know what I mean. Fumbling and working things out."

Kurt nods, stops stroking, pleased with how hard Blaine is getting, and starts walking him back, out of the kitchen, towards their bedroom. "Yeah. I kind of miss working things out with you. I think we should try new things. Just sometimes. Just in case we're missing out."

"And I agree with you. "

Blaine kisses him again with both hands covering a cheek, fingertips playing with his hairline.

Kurt's manages to get them to their room, Blaine's knees backed up against the bed and when Blaine reaches down and slips a hand under the waistband to curl his fingers around Kurt's cock, he finds that they're both really quite turned on at this point.

Kurt asks, "Do you just wanna…now?"

Blaine shrugs as Kurt drops his mouth to Blaine's jaw and runs his teeth over the day-old stubble. "Did we have better plans for the morning?"

Kurt grins and manages to slide his teeth up and around an earlobe. "I suppose not. " Then he pushes Blaine back to sit on the edge of the bed and moves to stand between his legs. "Just…don't make this weird."

Blaine chuckles low in this throat and shakes his head as he pulls his T-shirt off and throws it to the side and then reaches out to run his hands under Kurt's, to splay and press and drag his shirt off too. Kurt leans into him, kissing him slow and dirty and pulling at the waistband of his pants. He tugs, teasing for a second and then yanks them down roughly, letting Blaine's cock catch against the material and make him groan and screw his eyes shut when he lets the waistband rest back against his balls.

Kurt sinks to his knees in an instant and Blaine has just enough time to flop backwards on the bed, wind one hand into Kurt's hair and the other into the sheets, before Kurt's sinking his mouth down on him. Kurt takes most of him on the first go, hollowing his cheeks as he swallows and holds there and Blaine knows this is one of his newer tricks and teases him endless about how Kurt must have practiced on vegetables.

Except the teasing stops when Kurt practices in front of him. And Kurt just gives him a smug smile other times because he knows how good he's getting at it and really doesn't care how he learns.

Practicing on Blaine is fun too, but today isn't the time and Blaine, actually, is really turned on because he's rocking up as Kurt sucks back to the tip and breathes deep as he licks at the drop of precome before sliding his mouth back down. All but the last two inches, he thinks, and then Blaine bucks and it's more like all but the last one inch and Kurt growls at him, pressing him down with a hand on his stomach.

The growl around his cock only makes Blaine more desperate and he can feel the tight heat twisting in him, begging to be allowed to wrap his fingers through Kurt's hair properly and fuck his mouth. And Kurt would let him on a day where they didn't have plans. So for now, Blaine just bows his back and tries to twist some of the tension out of his spine and guide with the hand in Kurt's hair, tries to moan loud enough to make Kurt do more.

Not that Kurt's not doing enough, taking Blaine deep in his mouth and licking up that one ridiculously sensitive vein and then pressing kisses, wet, open mouthed sucks, across the head. But—

Kurt lets his mouth pull away with a wet smack of his lips and yanks at Blaine's pants until he takes the hint and lifts his ass so Kurt can slide them all the way off. Then Kurt's hands are coaxing his legs up, tugging at knees, then ankles until Blaine's feet are balanced on the edge of the bed, drawn up against him and giving Kurt the access he needs to suck hard at the underside of Blaine's cock and then lick rough across his balls, nuzzling close enough to breath him in and then draw one of Blaine's balls into his mouth, resting it on his tongue and moaning around it.

Blaine's already too turned on, he knows that, thinks it consciously as Kurt's nose catches and he lets his tongue flick back to Blaine's perineum, little licks and then a pressed kiss and a suck and Blaine can't take that at all. He twists away, back onto the bed and Kurt grins and rocks up on to his feet to stand there, at the end of the bed with his hands on his hips and Blaine splayed and breathing hard in front of him.

"Kurt," Blaine whines out. "We're meant to be doing other things." Because if Kurt had kept going, another minute, maybe two, that would have been it.

"We are." Kurt crawls up him to mouth at a nipple and make Blaine arch. He slides his own pants effortlessly off as he does it.

Blaine huffs when Kurt pulls back, naked and grinning at him. "You want me to go first?" He thinks Kurt's put him so close to the edge so that he kind of has to. Kurt nods and grins harder, like he's won something. Blaine, of course, knowing this was the plan, is at the point where Kurt's hands on him at all will be entirely worth begging for so he just leans up and kisses messy and with his tongue sliding to lap across Kurt's lips. "Where do you want me?"

Kurt smiles at him, rolls away, and brings him up to kneel in front of him, Kurt's head tilted to the side, considering. "You know I love your ass," he says, punctuating it with a really wicked, in-control-and-loving-it look. "And I do love having it under my hands and…touching. So maybe…" And then he sounds a little unsure again. Because the reality of it has kind of crashed back in.

"What?" Blaine asks with a grin that's meant to reassure, "Just business as usual?"

Kurt rolls his eyes as Blaine turns his back and starts leaning forward, making Kurt stare—and oh yes, he loves that ass—Kurt gives it a quiet slap and then inwardly cringes because that do the sassy ass slap all the time. In the bedroom and out of it, in front of their friends. But they're about to try something much, much more. "See, this is why people look at us and think 'vanilla'."

"Fine," Blaine growls out. "Not business as usual." He thinks. "Maybe…um. I can go over your lap?"

Kurt stares at him, blinks. "That…works for me."

Then they just kind of stare, Blaine still half-turned away, still so, so naked and hard, until Kurt gets restless and turns him back with a touch to his hip so he can watch the bob of his cock between his thighs as Blaine moves. It's still wet with evaporating saliva. Kurt breathes deep and Blaine does, too.

"Come here." Kurt says, scooting back, his legs pale and strong and lean against the darks sheets of the bed as he settles with them stretched out in front of him, his back against the wooden headboard.

Awkward—oh god, is it meant to be this awkward?—Blaine crawls after him and raises on all fours, hands on one side of Kurt's thighs, his knees, on the other.

Kurt mumbles, "Lie flat for me."

And Blaine's surprised by how quickly he does, letting his hands and knees stretch into the sheets until his cock's pressed somewhere between Kurt's thighs and he's just lying there.

Actually, Kurt is enjoying this. As awkward as it could be, it's a whole new angle, almost profile, almost birds-eye perspective, of Blaine's ass. And it's an amazing ass. More amazing than two years before when they started because now they run and are leaner and the muscles tighter and Blaine's ass just perfectly round, and a little paler than the rest of him, and Kurt kind of mostly wants to lean forward and bite at the swell of flesh. But he doesn't. He tears his eyes away and traces the curve of Blaine's back, follows his gaze with his fingertips, walking them from ass to the small of Blaine's back, over each vertebrae of his spine until he feels a shiver and then soothes back down. He wants to ask Blaine to spread his legs a little, aching to see him like that from this angle.

But instead he says, "Ready?"

"You're just gonna…smack me?" Blaine mumbles from where he's resting his chin against his arms folded in front of him.

"How do you want me to do it?" Kurt asks back.

Blaine shifts a bit, wriggles a little closer and the movement catches Kurt's dick between his side and Kurt's stomach and his own is caught somewhere against Kurt's thighs. Both of them gasp and hold the friction there for a moment longer.

And then Kurt raises his hand, because that's what he's meant to do, right? And he hesitates, grits his teeth and then lets it fall, lets the power of the muscles in his arm go into it and stares at the curve of Blaine's ass where it will surely land. And then he pulls out at the last moment and the hit is soft and half-hearted and entirely silly. And he cringes some more.

Blaine laughs, the sound loud and then muffled into his hand and then he cuts himself off altogether because he thinks Kurt just tensed and boy it just got more awkward. "Sorry, that was just more of a pat than a smack," he admits.

Kurt nods to himself, hand still over Blaine's ass, stroking and quite happy there and for a second he wishes they were just having sex but he led them here, there was a point, wasn't there? He rakes his nails lightly down Blaine's leg, lifts his hand, grits his teeth—and again the smack barely sounds in the air, barely feels more than a caress.

"This is weird," Kurt says though he's thinking, over and over: I can't.

"It is," Blaine replies and his dick is actually softening against Kurt's thigh which is just not cool at all because every other time they're desperate for each other. "Just, seriously, try to hit me properly?"

Kurt can't. He just…he nudges Blaine in the side, one hand there, the other back across his ass and pushing him away and onto the side of the bed. Blaine just sits there on his knees, staring dumbly with a tinge of red across his cheeks to watch Kurt stroking his own cock and staring down at Blaine's looking just a little bit forlorn about the state of things.

"I think…I think I could smack you while I fucked you?" Kurt eventually asks, though he doesn't sound so sure.

Blaine doesn't seem hugely taken by the idea either and it's far too obvious on his face. "Yeah, you could."

"Or maybe, at least, if you had your ass in the air," Kurt tries again, and, there it is, that frisson of excitement racing up his spine. Except he thinks that's mostly at the idea of Blaine's ass in the air.

Blaine thinks a moment, with slowly blinking eyes, and then scrambles forward onto all fours and pushes his ass up for Kurt to stare at, he feels bold, if nothing else, because this couldn't really be going any worse? Could it? And he saw flashes of heat in Kurt's eyes a second ago and knows exactly why.

The sight is exactly perfect and Kurt wants nothing more than to press Blaine down at the shoulders, lose his arms out from under him and then spread him wide. And he swallows as that plan plays out in his mind because it's too possessive and rough for them quite yet. One day soon, though. Moving up on his knees, Kurt strokes himself one last time and he's properly hard again and shuffling, then leaning forward, to let his dick nudge across Blaine's ass and make him shiver just a little and look back over his shoulder to where's Kurt's kneeling behind him.

Then Kurt lets his hands caress over Blaine's ass and Blaine smiles at him one more time, because this is kind of good, and he turns back to stare at their open bedroom door.

"Okay?" Kurt asks.

"Yeah," Blaine pauses and bites his lip. "But…make it hard."

Shutting his mind off, not thinking through any of it at all, Kurt's hand comes down. Hard, the sound of it cracking through the air as his eyes stay tightly screwed shut and Blaine has to bite his lip properly now because that fucking hurt and he can feel it reverberating through him, the force making his cock bounce where it hangs between his legs.

Kurt's frozen up behind him. "Again?" he asks in a small voice.

"Okay." The pain has ebbed out and is a barely-there dull throb, little electric tingles reminding Blaine it happened.

So Kurt does it again, just as hard, across the same spot and Blaine can't bite down on his lip fast enough and lets out a groan.

"Is it okay?" Kurt wonders out loud, because he's pretty sure that wasn't a good groan.

Blaine grits his teeth and looks back to where Kurt's staring at the splash of pink across his ass, and trailing his fingers over it. "It mostly just hurts." Kurt stops and pulls his hand away, meeting Blaine's eyes and Blaine has to point out, scrambling to not freak Kurt out. "Not in a bad way."

Kurt sighs, "But not in a good way?"

"No," he trails off. "Sorry."

"Don't be…" Kurt sounds embarrassed and dejected and fidgety, he sits back on his knees and Blaine feels another wave of awkwardness washing over him. "I'm not really…Shall we swap?"

But then, Blaine's not entirely convinced he wants to smack Kurt's ass because…he isn't getting it. Kurt isn't getting it either. This was the worst possible plan. Wikipedia, evidently, isn't the place to discover how to have good kinky sex. Maybe they really are just vanilla. There's nothing wrong with that, right? But turnabout is part of the deal so Blaine shifts to face Kurt and ponder.

"Same geometry?" Kurt asks.

And Blaine just kind of stares at him for a very long moment because that ideais making him hard again. Just that simple idea, a visual in his head, and maybe he's been thinking, just lately, okay, just for a couple of years, that his lust for Kurt's ass is borderline obsessive. Because Blaine really likes fucking Kurt and they don't do it enough, as far as he's concerned because he falls apart under Kurt's mouth and hands too quickly and begs for release and Kurt loves that. And Kurt loves fucking him. And they both love the feel and the slide and the friction of that.

But fucking Kurt, it's not about the mechanics or the physics, for Blaine and he knows that and thinks about it late at night. He just loves to look, to stare and touch, however he pleases and lay claim.

So maybe he hasn't had even nearly enough vanilla sex yet. They're so young and he still aches to just run his hands over his boyfriend, to get him on all fours and make him come with just fingers and words. Just because he himself can come hard and satisfyingly simply off that idea.

He wonders is that's unusual and he wonders if Kurt's not the same. Not about the ass thing, he knows no one can love a guy's ass as much as he loves Kurt's. But about the boring, repetitive sex thing. He mentally shakes himself to escape that thought and remembers Kurt saying that that wasn't the case at all. They're trying something new just in case it's better.

Just in case.

So the geometry. He swallows. "Yeah, same," he says, aiming for indecision but Kurt knows, Blaine thinks. Blaine licks his lips. "Maybe go down on your elbows if you like. I think it should be more comfortable."

That's not why at all.

Kurt gives him an arched eyebrow and a coy smile and yes, Kurt obviously has some idea of the subtext and Blaine has told him too many times how much he likes this, how deep his obsession runs. Because that's something you tell your boyfriend, right? So Kurt knows and is crawling closer to the foot of the bed, all fours, giving Blaine a view. Then he's dropping down to his elbows and arching his back, spreading his legs and his ass and pushing back to let Blaine stare.

Heat flares in Kurt's cheeks at his own shamelessness, he's still not used to this, still wonders exactly why Blaine gets so lust-ridden over him like this because he just feels naked and weird some of the time. But Blaine is staring and has a hand wrapped around his cock and Kurt can watch Blaine drinking him in with a steady gaze and it makes the weirdness dissolve a little.

Blaine shuffles forward, fingertips pressing from the small of Kurt's back over the curve of his ass and down the backs of his thighs, to tickle behind his knees. Blaine does it again and something needy escapes his mouth, making Kurt's stomach knot up and his body press back.

One more long, hot touch of Blaine's hands melded to the skin of Kurt's ankles, pressing up over calves and thighs and pulling him open just a little and staring and Kurt can hear Blaine's breath a little harsh, a little fast and then caught somewhere in his throat.

"Right." Blaine says, suddenly, hands leaving Kurt's flesh reluctantly.

Kurt remembers what the point of this is and feels a pang of disappointment that Blaine isn't just going to keep touching him. "Not too hard," Kurt cautions.

Blaine rolls his eyes and wonders what's too hard and what's hilariously too soft. He soothes the skin of one cheek, raises his hand and smacks down. It makes the sharp cracking noise in the air he remembers from minutes ago and he wonders if that was too much; Kurt rocks a little forward but doesn't laugh, doesn't make a sound.

They wait, stuck in a strange stalemate, not touching, no eye contact and Blaine has to ask, "How was it?"

Kurt breathes out and Blaine realizes he was holding his breath. "Just…I mean, it felt like you hit my ass."

"Yeah, that's what I got," Blaine agrees.

"Maybe harder?"

A deep breath and Blaine hits him. Harder. And he watches it happen, watches the skin under his palm shift and tense and then he feels it grow hot and he slides his hand across, just enough to let his fingers dip into the crack and pull and stare again.

Kurt huffs out beneath him and rocks back into the touch and Blaine would try to look at his face and gauge but he's distracted by the pink stain appearing under his hand. But Kurt does—god help him—sound just a little turned on. "Harder than that. And maybe a few times in quick succession?"


There's hesitation, but then, "Yeah."

So Blaine grits his teeth and stares and fists his cock roughly.

Hard. And in a row.

A deep breath and Blaine slaps down, feels the sting of contact in his hand and knows that was harder. Hand back up, not so far, but down just as hard and, fuck, the skin beneath his palm is hot. Again. Then again. And he's a little bit mortified but also a little bit turned on to see the red of his handprints across the pale flesh and entirely turned on by the pull of muscles and the tremble there.

And then Kurt's wriggling away and Blaine's hand comes down in a glancing blow that almost throws him off balance and Kurt's turned, balanced on the end of the bed and collapsing precariously onto his side there. He's staring at Blaine with wide eyes and teeth closed around his bottom lip and a hand curved back to cover his ass. The silence breaks when a moaning, breathless laugh escapes but it's so not a good one and Blaine flushes red to think what just happened.


But Kurt's eyes soften and he mutters, "Sorry," sounding sheepish. "But…ouch."

So...it gets better, I promise. Maybe not the writing. But I promise they eventually work out how to have really good, awesome, dirty sex. But...yeah...sorry for anyone (everyone?) who thought this was going to be awesome spanking fic. So far it's mostly fail-sex. Don't throw food at me! Not until you've read the rest! Which I will post exactly 12 hours from now!