Title: Vanilla (Deleted Ending)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Spanking and lots of explicit sex. And that's all I'm telling you.

Words: 11000 in total. (Plus this 4000 word deleted slice)

Spoilers: Nope

Summary: They live together in NYC, have been together a few years: it's all so comfortable. But Kurt wants to try something a bit kinky and Blaine's eager to please so they try it…

The full final fic can be found here.

The cut of the final fic that leads up to where this alternate ending happens can be found here.

So basically, this is 4000 words that got cut out because it just felt like it had gone on too long. And the whole point of Vanilla was that it was terribly awkward and stop-starty while they were trying to force the spanking and then it was meant to just be fast and hard and perfect when they slipped into the rimming. This was just a bit too stop starty so it got cut. There are a few lines that are common to both, but that's about it. And I really, really, like where Blaine and Kurt end up in this one. If you get my meaning...

And then, remarkably, Kurt's scrambling away, wriggling from Blaine's grasp and falling forward flat on the bed and tensing as much of his back and legs and ass as he can to keep him there. "Oh god, Blaine," he breathes out, twisting onto his back, hand immediately around his cock, holding steady. "I'm gonna come," he admits, chest heaving. "Please, let me, fuck, Blaine, you don't get it."

Blaine just kneels there at the end of the bed, fingers itching at his thighs for something to touch and his mind racing to think Kurt's that close. And more: Kurt wants to do this back to him, it's so fucking new. But he thinks he does get it. "You don't get it," he whispers at Kurt, grinning stupidly. Feeling, just a little bit, stupid.

"What?" Kurt asks, breath still fast, fist squeezed tight around his cock, his body still stretched, still tempting.

Blaine swallows and lets his gaze shift down Kurt's body and then up, feels a desperate need to roll him back over, spread him wide and tongue at him some more. "I want more," he mutters, feeling like it's a dark admission. "I want to keep doing it, I don't even care if you don't do it back to me."

Kurt swallows and strokes himself a little harder. "What do you want to do, Blaine?" he asks breathless.

Blaine grins darkly and moves to cover him, hands beside his shoulders, knees either side of his hips, the head of his cock nudging against Kurt's as Kurt stops stroking and runs both his hands down Blaine's back, grabs at his ass. They kiss and it's long and hard and their tongues press, Kurt searching out the newness of the taste and reveling in it, feeling wicked and grown up and the best kind of dirty. Blaine pulls back, "I want to lick you ass, Kurt?" it's a question, because Kurt's provoked him, wants him to say something dirty. This game they've played before.

Kurt whimpers and arches up, cocks pressing in nothing more than a tease but a delicious one. "Tongue fuck your ass, Kurt?" Blaine tries, biting at Kurt's jaw. "Or do you like my fingers and my tongue at once?"

Kurt arches up again and mewls before he flops back to the bed and slides his hands around to press up against Blaine's abdomen and hold him at bay, his eyes flicker open and suddenly he turns serious. Blaine has no idea where he pulls the composure from. "Have you ever really thought about it?"

Blaine huffs and shifts. "We're talking?"

Kurt's cheeks tinge red but he wants them to. "A little."

Blaine kisses him again, a half-assed attempt to distract. And then he sits up, straddling Kurt's thighs but not pressing their cocks together like he wants to. He thinks about it properly and then responds: "Not really. I mean, I know this…rimming, they call it. I know about it." And he watches Kurt, tries to read his expression. "But it's not something I've really fantasized about."

There's a few moment's silence.

"You know I still fantasize about you when I jerk off?" Blaine asks.

"Me too," Kurt half-laughs back.

"Is that weird? Should I be thinking of Ryan Gosling or something?" One of Blaine's hands has automatically tangled with Kurt's. They're ridiculous.

"I don't know. I don't."

Another pause and then Kurt asks, "But you don't imagine rimming?"

"Not until now," Blaine says and tries to give Kurt a look that says this is on his list of fantasies now. Except it's real and amazing. "Do you?"

Kurt answers quickly, "Yeah… A bit."


Kurt swallows, "Yeah."

And Blaine sighs and shakes his head just a little, "You're so much smarter than me."

Kurt laughs at that and reaches up to start drawing patterns across Blaine's chest with the tip of a finger.

"How?" Blaine asks, realizes that doesn't make much sense and tries to clarify. "I mean…like…how?"

Kurt's eyes keep tracing the lines of the body above his. "I…you told me to watch porn and you gave me those sites and I did and it was better…you know this. We've talked about this. But there's so much rimming in everything and it just, I had to think about it." Simple as that.

Blaine thinks, then can't and leans back down, hand still clasping Kurt's beside his head as he kisses him and then pulls back. "When you imagine it…" Blaine' voice trails off. "Fuck…you still imagine me to get off. When do you get off without me?" and he drops a hand to give Kurt's cock a rough stroke, just to keep him on edge.

Kurt groans. "I don't know. Not often. Just…sometimes. Some mornings in the shower when you've already bolted off to class. Some nights when you're out. That's not the point…"

"It's hot though, that you think of me," Blaine grins.


"Yeah." Blaine kisses him again. "I like watching you jerking off."

Kurt flushes and he thinks they haven't done that in a while and really probably should. But he shakes the thought loose. "The point is. Yeah…I've considered this before."

"How does it compare with the fantasy?" And actually, Blaine's had enough and is shifting back further and gripping at Kurt's hips and flipping him, pulling him back up onto his knees, a hand down his back, keeping it straight, Kurt's head on it's side against the bed. He waits until he hears Kurt open his mouth to answer and leans in and licks a particularly harsh line over his hole, making him moan loudly over incoherent words.

Kurt swallows and leans back, trying to get used to the lapping of Blaine's hot tongue and stretches back with both hands to spread himself wide so Blaine's hands can curve under his body and find his cock. But his mind is sluggish and incoherent and he's so thankful that they do have so much amazing sex because not long ago feeling this turned on would have left him a boneless pile of nothing and he would have come and collapsed and fallen asleep a long time ago.

He has to answer because he wants to turn the tables. "It's…" he garbles out a moan as Blaine's tongue presses inside him and twists and he can fucking feel it. "Fuck, you have no idea."

"Really?" Blaine asks, the words muttered so close to him that Kurt can feel the play of breath and the vibrations in the air.

Kurt presses back and Blaine licks again but Kurt leans forward, muttering, "Slow down. I want…" and letting it hang, stumbling over his own thoughts.

But Blaine does slow down. Just fingers drawing patterns over the flesh of Kurt's ass, his tongue moving too slow, too lightly over his hole.

"How is it?" Kurt asks, all stuttering awkward and trying not to moan through it.

Blaine has to stop himself from being too honest, too fast. Because he hadn't really thought about this, had seen it in porn but not really understood it because why a tongue when a finger or a cock would stretch more and deeper and bigger. Better. He hadn't considered it from here. The appeal and the draw. The heat and the smell and the taste.

And he is hard and desperate but not really wanting to fuck Kurt, not right now, he's just…licking up and over and around, sliding two fingers in and spreading him and making him mewl and buck back and huff because he wants an answer.

Blaine reels himself in a little, enough to keep his fingers working but drawing back to say, voice hoarse, face a mess and hair tousled, Kurt staring back and Blaine making sure to move so he can watch him. "It's good, Kurt. I like it," and he tries to keep his voice steady.

Something gives him away and Kurt gets it, pulls away and around, Blaine's fingers slipping from him rough enough to make him growl and lean hard into him, going to kiss him but missing and biting down on his shoulder instead. And then he pushes, manhandles Blaine around and pushes him to hands and knees, ignoring his sounds of protest, and bites hard at a cheek, sucking until his breathing is right and Blaine's settled on elbows and Kurt's holding him there with rough forceful hands.

"I want to try?" he gasps out the obvious question, hot breath pushing over the mark he's sucked into Blaine's ass. But he stops doing anything except breathing, waiting for permission.

Then, Blaine breathes, "Yeah," like it's a thought only just occurring to him, a good thought. And Kurt doesn't hesitate for even a moment. His fingers digging hard into Blaine's ass, spreading him as his lips start an open-mouthed kiss at the top of the crease and then quickly trace down.

Relaxing into it, Blaine smiles to himself, smirks to think how amazing this feels, the hot wet heat of his boyfriends mouth touching him like that and then Kurt's tongue, tracing circles around his hole and Blaine rocks back and moans and tries to take mental notes about just how dirty and right this feels but realizes he can't, it just feels. Kurt's fingers, thumbs pressing close as his tongue flicks, wetter and rougher and sliding around in a tease.

Then in and Blaine has a hand around his cock, squeezing tight to try to relieve pressure, to hold back, because this has been a ridiculous morning and he is so turned on and breathing hard and Kurt's tongue is in his ass, pressing over and over, in a perfect lick, and not anywhere near as experimental as Blaine was and it's undoing him ridiculously fast.

He gasps and moans Kurt's name and feels his knees threaten to give out, slides them wider instead but Kurt doesn't stop, refuses to until Blaine makes an embarrassing high pitched yelp, because he doesn't want to come just yet, that's not fair, and falls forward, away, wriggling and breathing hard and rolling onto his back in time to see Kurt staring after him with lust and spit-slick chin and from somewhere Blaine finds the energy, finds lots of it and scrambles up, sheets tangling as he throws himself at Kurt who laughs and catches him and kisses him hard as they fall back against the pillows.

"So fucking hot," is all Blaine can murmur, hips working against Kurt's, the ache, the desperate need to come subsiding just a little but he's still right on edge—fuck, he hopes Kurt is too.

And then Kurt's hand finds his ass, pulls his hips in closer as his fingertips dip into the crease, sliding in the wetness there and he moans into Blaine's mouth. "God, and I thought I liked the taste of my come in your mouth," he growls out, grinning at the buck of Blaine's hips.


Kurt grins again, sucks hard on Blaine's tongue and then moves to press a kiss to his neck and then tug on an earlobe with his teeth. "Yeah," he whispers and then kisses him again.

Blaine's hands slides up Kurt's chest, his neck, splaying over his cheeks and pressing him back into the sheets, holding him still so he can look at him a moment, cast his eyes over the blush in his cheeks and the sweat on his neck, the light stubble across his jaw. "You remember the first time you made me come?"

Kurt grins—oh what a night that was. "Yeah."

"I fell asleep that night with the biggest grin on my face because it felt amazing and grown up and…I don't know, so filthy and adult," Blaine tells him and it's weird to think they've never discussed this before.

Kurt raises his head and presses a kiss to his boyfriend's mouth, knowing what he means. "This is like that again."

"And it feels amazing."

Kurt keeps pressing his mouth to Blaine's, his hands moving up and down his back and then his fingers sliding back across his ass, teasing. "Could you come from it?"

Blaine makes a broken moan and nuzzles at Kurt's neck. "Yes," he says. And god he wants to. "And I'm close."

Kurt just pushes Blaine off to the side, onto his back, sits up and stares at him, a hand moving down to stroke at Blaine's cock until Blaine moans and bats it away. Roughly, Kurt pulls the pillows out from under his boyfriend's head, ignores the growl and then is pushing Blaine's legs up, bending at the knees and then the waist and Blaine gets the hint, groans, closes his eyes and rocks back, wriggling while Kurt wedges the pillows under his ass.

Hands looped under his own thighs, pulling himself up and open, bent in half, spread and wet and waiting, Blaine opens his eyes just as Kurt slides off the bed, onto his knees at the side of their bed, eyes only barely visible beyond where Blaine's cock is resting against his stomach and Kurt looks desperate. Pupils blown wide with lust and hair messed up and cheeks pink and a thought occurs to Blaine.

"Is this why you wanted to try something new?" he asks as Kurt traces a finger from balls up over his hole and back.

And Kurt chuckles darkly, hot breath playing over Blaine skin. "It really, really wasn't. I couldn't figure out how to bring this up," he glances up from between Blaine's thighs. "I always wanted to, but I figured you would eventually, with you obsession with my ass." He swipes his tongue hard in the same line his finger just traced and Blaine's back bows on the bed. "That this happened because you spanked me too hard..." Another lap of his tongue, again and again. "It was just…god, whatever it was."

Blaine breathes out, "Fucking amazing," and doesn't stretch a hand down to his cock. He doesn't need to.

Kurt pulls back. "We should have misguided kinky sex all the time," he says.

But Blaine's aching for it and the last of his resolve not to beg too much disintegrates and he growls out, "God come on, stop with the teasing," and wishes he could stop holding his thighs tight, reach down and pull Kurt to him.

"Really?" Kurt laughs and he sounds a bit desperate, too, but hides it better than Blaine.

Blaine whines. "Yeah, I just wanna come."

Kurt laughs again, but his breath caught, because that's not an easy admission to draw from Blaine usually. Usually they're so competitive and energetic and it's always a race to make the other come, to admit to needing to.

"Kurt," he pleads when Kurt just licks a too-light spiral around his hole, "Just, please." Another spiral and the tips to two fingers pressed close but not in. "Please, you let me come and then I promise I'll..." He whines high because Kurt's licked once, hard, then again and is resting his mouth two inches two high and sliding—agonisingly slowly—two fingers in. "You want this," Blaine mumbles, drawing his legs tighter to his chest. "It's what you want," and his voice breaks to feel Kurt's tongue flicking where his fingers are now buried. "I'll make it so good for you…just god," Kurt's tongues slides closer still, pressing in near his fingers as he strokes inside him. "God, just there, Kurt."

Kurt pulls back. "I could fuck you," he says, too much playfulness in his voice for Blaine to think he's doing anything but being a bitch.

"I really don't want that," Blaine growls out. "Just, god. Come on," he demands, shoving back and trying to spread himself even wider. He's praying nothing cramps up.

But then Kurt mutters, "Okay, okay," and strokes the fingers pressed inside properly, all rough tight friction and rubbing over Blaine's prostate perfectly. His mouth moves back in, so wet and kissing open-mouthed, tongue flicking, at his moving fingers, Blaine's hole and Blaine rocks and wills himself to hold on, just a few more seconds. Keens Kurt's name and Kurt strokes herder, faster, fingers inside relentless but his tongue so starkly wet and hot and moving and Blaine can feel it, tries to shift his hips into it and fuck but it feels marvelous. Feels so fucking dirty and he can't wait to kiss Kurt after this and then push him back and return the favour but right now...

"Kurt," he yelps again and somehow Kurt guesses, fingers sliding out, hand smoothed up and pressing rough at Blaine's balls and the sudden contact of that makes it impossible for Blaine to hold on, rough fingers on his balls as everything tightens and then Kurt's tongue, deep in his stretched open ass, licking and lapping; marvelous, filthy, everything and with Kurt's hand pressed to balls and the base of his cock, tongue fucking his ass, Blaine arches, writhes and swears at the ceiling as he shoots come in long streaks across his stomach, the angle of him meaning he ends up with it across his chest.

And his cock twitches, still barely touched, the last dribble slick between the head and his abdomen and Kurt's tongue slowing, lazy strokes that feel like too much but amazing and then just long soft sweeps up the cleft of his ass, soothing until Blaine can't hold himself up anymore and he's mumbling a warning and falling flat and messy onto the bed.

He opens his eyes when he feels the bed dip between his legs. Opens them properly when he sees Kurt's kneeling between his splayed legs, stroking his cock and looking down his body, at where he's bent over the pillows looking entirely debauched.

His voice gives away how suddenly entirely desperate he is when he rasps out, "Blaine," hoping to god Blaine is still coherent enough to make him come because fuck that was intense and he wasn't even the one who came. But he needs to. Now.

But Blaine closes his eyes and wriggles and looks sated and stretching and Kurt begs silently for him to move, to do something, but he doesn't so Kurt falls forward on his hands, licks a circle around his bellybutton, then dips in, come on his tongue and he almost comes from that alone. And then kisses Blaine, swallowing the whimper he makes and the taste of it all and, Fuck.

"Please," Kurt begs.

Blaine's hands on his hips, coaxing him up with half-touches, making him straddle his stomach as Blaine just keeps looking blissed out with half-closed eyes. He mumbles, sounding dangerously sleepy already, "You get to tease me and I'm just meant to not do the same to you?"

And Kurt wants to sob, he didn't know feeling Blaine come around his tongue, balls under a hand would make his stomach knot so hard and tight and he can't tell if Blaine's being playful or exhausted but he starts to rut against his stomach, just needing to get off.

Blaine's eyes spring open properly and he smiles, sated, lazy, wicked. "No," he whispers, pushing Kurt's hips away, making him groan. "Come on, Come here."

It takes Kurt a split second to realize what Blaine's asking, what the come hither motion of his hands means, the tug of a pillow out from under him, folding it in half behind his head and settling back.

"Where?" Kurt asks, voice broken as he waits there, up on his knees.

Blaine's hands on his hips, pulling him forward. "Up here."

Kurt scrambles, dick hard, bobbing, Blaine lying under him and that could be hot, this shouldn't be this hot but fuck, it is.

"Turn around," Blaine laughs and he's not sure this isn't a stupid idea but he doesn't want to move and he aches but wants, he still, always, wants.

Kurt scrambles some more, straddling Blaine's chest but looking at his feet, feeling a bit ridiculous but it really can't matter. Blaine's hands are on his ass, spreading him, there's hot breath and... "No, come right up here, let me get my hands under you."

Kurt's whole back shivers and he fists his cock and almost comes. Stands up on the bed, bouncing and worrying his bottom lip and then kneels just above his boyfriend's head, looking at him upside down. "You're sure?" he asks. Because fuck this is a lot.

Blaine just arches his neck and winds a hand up, flicks playfully at a nipple and hears Kurt moan. "Come on."

So Kurt shuffles forward and he's imagined this, just this, he thought Blaine would get off on it but he never thought they'd be doing it tonight. Knees spread wide at Blaine's shoulders, still up, Blaine's arms bent up and back so they're looped around Kurt's thighs, fingers splaying across opposite sides of his ass and pulling. "Down," Blaine orders.

Kurt's ass drops, slow but fuck, his hands go forward, taking his weight beside Blaine's hips but his ass shifts back and Blaine's tongue licks over him, close, warm breath and a moan against him and Blaine's hands pulling him wider.

Teeth around his bottom lip, biting down to stop a whimper and to stop from rocking his hips. Another harsh lick, Blaine's tongue wet, then wetter, more saliva as he nuzzles deep and close and Kurt does rock back, grinding down, his ass pressed hard against Blaine's face, Blaine's tongue licking long lines then circles at his hole.

And this is going to take seconds, Kurt's hips jumping, his cock bouncing against Blaine's chest, come still splattered there and if Kurt just touched himself he'd come. A little longer, hips grinding down into Blaine's tongue as Blaine's fingers knead at his ass, pressing and tight and bruising and then he groans again and Kurt can see his cock hardening against his stomach, trying to because he is fucking getting off on this. Tongue in his ass, feels deep but isn't, pressing, moving inside him and Kurt rocks one more time, feels himself slipping, pleads with his voice, "Blaine," and Blaine just licks harder.

Kurt keens as his body goes taut and stretched and his hips press down. In the haze of it all he hopes to god he's not crushing his boyfriend's face, he hopes he can breathe, but beyond that he just lets his hips rock out his orgasm, fucking down onto the tongue under him, his own hand finding his cock to draw the last drops of come out, the last frissons of electricity up his spine before it all gets too much, Blaine's tongue still working him, hands on his ass and he pulls away and off, groaning out Blaine's name and falling on his side.

There's only heavy breathing and shifting muscles for minutes and Kurt wonders if Blaine's fallen asleep. When he thinks he can move he rolls just inches closer and presses his lips to the nearest body part—Blaine's shin—and mumbles out his name.