The ninth drabble in Keiro and Attia series. I really like this one. The first part is from Attia's POV and the second one from Keiro's. Kinda mix'n'match.

Tell me off in a letter, completely ignore me.
Getting high off of saying "why don't you adore me?"
Baby, please, I'm well-versed in how I might be cursed.

His presence is a constant thorn in her heart, making discontent run through her veins. She finds his handsomeness sickening: the golden hair, the blue eyes, the unblemished body - for her it's like a beautiful mask beneath which lurks a monster, a usurper, ready to bite the very hand that was kind to it. He is like a constant threat she has to keep watching, keep her eyes open, be ready.

Her presence is like a bitter taste in his mouth which just doesn't go away however much he washes it. He's aware of her thoughts, knows that in her opinion he's the worst kind of human being there is, but, really, the thing is he's the best amongst all Comitatus in prison. He beat Jormanric, didn't he? So okay, he couldn't have done it without her (he's not going to admit that to her, though). The thing is he knows he's cursed Scum, and is proud of it.