Well, this is the prologue. Finally. I've spent a lot of time revising this, so I hope you like it. It's in 3rd person (obviously...) but the other chapters in this story (minus the epilogue, if there ever is one) will be in 1st person, alternating between Finnick's and Annie's POVs.

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Finnick lay on the ground in a pool of blood. A lizard mutt pounced on him, prepared to bite him. Finnick was about to give up and allow the mutt to kill him when an idea came to him.

Finnick kicked the mutt feebly. It wasn't much but for a few seconds, it was distracted. But a few seconds was enough for Finnick. He quickly opened the tiny compartment in his suit and took out the poisonous pill given to him back in District Thirteen.

As the mutt opened his mouth to bite him again, Finnick shoved the pill inside the mutt's mouth.

The mutt staggered back and collapsed on the floor beside Finnick.

With all his strength (which wasn't much), Finnick stood up and started to limp away from the mutts. He winced. His legs felt like they were on fire, but Finnick kept going. By the time he was a hundred feet away, the mutts, sensing a disturbance, began to chase him.

Finnick muttered a string of curses. He tried to walk a little more, but he ended up stumbling and crashing against the wall. Finnick did not dare move. The world swirled around him strangely, and his body was full of mutt bites. Anticipating the worst, Finnick found himself mumbling a prayer.

That was when everything exploded into bits of light.

Finnick woke up feeling comfortable. He tried to sit up. As he looked at his surroundings, he saw that he was in a hospital. "I'm alive," Finnick said softly. A nurse walked toward him. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a bun, and her gray eyes stared at him sternly.

"Of course you're alive," she said. "Don't try to talk. Your—"

"How long was I out?" Finnick asked, ignoring the nurse. He looked at her nametag. Her name, according to the nametag, was Bridget.

"You have been in a coma for three and a half weeks," Bridget replied.

"I have… to go home," Finnick said.

"Oh? And where is this 'home' you're talking about?" Bridget asked smugly. She had a proud look on her face. Finnick decided he did not like this nurse. "District Thirteen is a long way from here, Mr. Odair, and we don't have the resources to bring you there. District Four is in chaos. And even if it weren't, under no circumstances are you allowed to exit the hospital."

Finnick scowled. She had a point. "I'm okay. Really." He grimaced. His legs hurt like hell.

"Apparently not," he thought he heard Bridget mutter.

"So… how did I get here?" Finnick asked, trying to sound casual. He was about to ask another question when suddenly, a man who looked like a male version of Bridget came into the room, followed closely by a woman who reminded him of Annie.

"I'll let them explain," Bridget said. "This is my brother Simon, and this is…" She raised her eyebrow at the woman.

Finnick studied the woman's face. She had high cheek bones, piercing blue eyes, and wavy black hair which cascaded down her shoulders. "And this is his girlfriend, Desdemona," Bridget finished.

Simon placed his hand on top of Desdemona's. "Simon says hello," Desdemona said in a strange accent. She was surely from District Five. "Simon cannot speak. He is an Avox," she continued sadly, squeezing Simon's hand.

"How'd you…? Why…?" Finnick started, but thought better of it. "The Avoxes were put into some kind of Capitol prison, weren't they?"

"That's right. When the arena exploded," Desdemona replied, "everything was in chaos. Soon after that, the Capitol captured all of the Avoxes—every single one of them. When the guards tried to capture Simon, he took their guns, shot them, and escaped. Then he hid underground for a while."

Finnick could see Simon's fingers tapping on Desdemona's palm as she told his story. "One day, when he was roaming around underground, he heard an explosion in one of the nearby tunnels. He went to check it out, but he found you instead. Simon carried you to the place where he was living in, and after performing first aid, he brought you here."

A tense silence filled the air for a few minutes. Bridget used that time to leave the room.

Finnick broke the silence. He turned to the Avox and said sincerely, "Thanks for saving my life."