(3 Months Later)

"I'm not answering it," Jane mumbled into the pillow as the sound from Maura's bedroom door grew louder. "You get it. It's your house. I know she wants us to get up and go to brunch." The knocking continued. Jane grunted, rolled over, and pulled Maura to her. "If we ignore her, maybe she'll give up and go away," she said before burying her face in the soft honey brunette hair she loved to play with.

The smaller, fairer woman snuggled backward against her lover's sleep-heated body. "Keep doing that and I won't be able to answer the door," she cautioned with a warm voice, indicative of the even warmer smile, as she snaked her spine into the shiver she was starting to feel. "Just be glad I thought to put a lock on the door." With extreme reluctance, she took a deep breath and left the confines of the tangled sheets, plucking up her robe to don on the way to open the door to greet the woman more reliable than any alarm clock.

"Good morning," she greeted Angela with a cheerful smile, slightly more energetic than she felt. Instead of letting Angela into her - their - bedroom, Maura stepped outside. "Let's go into the kitchen for some coffee. Jane's still a little bit tired."

"I bet," Angela muttered as she allowed herself to be ushered back into the kitchen. "You two spend more time in the… never mind," despite herself, the older woman blushed slightly as she caught Maura's rather smug expression of satisfaction. "I'm really sorry to wake you two up so early, but we have a problem, and I didn't know what else to do." She pulled out her phone, pushed a few buttons, and held the screen up so Maura could see the text message. "Tommy's stuck in New York."

Leaning over, Maura read the text with the brief explanation and missing vowels and punctuation, followed by an address mercifully spelled out in full. "I see. No, you were right to stir us. Your car certainly wouldn't make that drive safely. Hm. Tommy does say it's not urgent, he just wants to be home before whatever M-N-G-W-K means."

"Morning work," Angela clarified, a newly minted expert on txtspk.

"Why don't we all go and get him?" suggested Maura with a smile. "It'll be a good excuse to get out of town for the day, enjoy some pleasant scenery, and spend time together. We can be back by dinnertime, even if we stop to take a meal or do a little shopping."

"I told you I wasn't voluntarily going shopping," Jane grumbled as she shuffled passed the other two women and to the coffee pot. "What happened this time?"

"Tommy's stuck in New York," Angela said as she shooed her daughter away from the coffee pot and started making a pot herself. "His friend, Jimmy…"

"The slacker?" Jane said through a yawn. "Cold," she muttered as she wrapped her arms around herself and stood aside to watch the coffee being made.

"Be nice," her mother warned. "Anyway, his car broke down last night, and they can't get it going. You know he's got to be on time tomorrow. He just started! We have to go get him."

"Of course we do. Why can't Frankie go get him, or Pop for that matter? I mean, this is my and Maura's first day off in two weeks." the tall brunette rolled her eyes.

"You know how I feel about talking about your father," Angela scolded as she pulled down mugs. "Frankie's working today. He took up a shift with Korsak to get in 'detective practice', whatever that means."

With sigh, Jane looked to her girlfriend, "And you want to go shopping since we just happen to be going past a few of your favorite boutiques, right?"

"You don't have to try on anything unless you see something you like," Maura pleaded, eyes wide. "No more than an hour, and when it's over I'll get you anything you want for lunch. Please? It's just one day, and we have tomorrow and the day after because of all the overtime we've been working, so we can stay in bed all day." As Angela started waving her hands and chanting about how she wasn't listening, Maura added, "And catch up on our sleep. And I'll bring you breakfast in bed tomorrow, just the way you like it, with the strawberries carved into flowers and the little…"

"Okay! Alright!" Jane shushed the babbling doctor with a kiss. "Like I was going to tell you no," she made a 'pfft' sound before turning back to the coffee pot. "As soon as the coffee's ready and I get a cup, we can go. I'm going to hit the shower."

"Whatever you're about to say, Maura, can you wait until you're both back in the bedroom?" Angela cut off the honey brunette, who was clearly about to make sordid comment. "We all know. We all love you, but I honestly don't want to know about my daughter's sex life."

Jane's eyebrows flew up, blush instantly covering her face. "Ma!"

"What? Oh please, Janie, it's not like I don't know what's going on when the door is closed. Dead people know what's going on when the door is closed," Angela countered with slight accusation in her voice.

"Oh my god," her daughter muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose with forefinger and thumb. "It's too early in the morning for this. I'm taking a shower. Maura, you call Frankie and tell him what's up in case something happens. Ma," Jane shook her head at her mother's expectant look, "I got nothing." Taking in a deep breath, the detective turned and walked back to the master bedroom.

Having made her honest and valiant attempt to restrain her laughter at the effects she'd had without even saying a word, Maura finally gave in just before Jane closed the door to the master bedroom behind herself. "I wasn't going to share details. I wasn't! I'd never do that to Jane." Her voice lowered, once she'd leaned back for a view of the hallway, making sure that the door was closed, before continuing. "Though, just between us, I don't think you're nearly as embarrassed about this as she is. I'll never give detail, but I honestly think that you'd be proud to know that your daughter is… healthy, and happy, in that area of her life. I know I will be. I mean, if I have a dau-"

She stopped. The magic word had been halfway out of her mouth, the word that would turn this upcoming road trip into either a dream or a nightmare.

"I was hoping for a grandson," Angela commented dryly as she poured the coffee. "I think Jane would handle a boy better than a girl to start off. Maybe you two can give me a granddaughter as your second child?" She glanced up from pouring. "I just assumed you'd adopt?"

Another furtive glance towards the bedroom, and Maura quickly swept her doctored coffee cup into both hands to warm them, nodding towards the sofa in invitation as she, too, headed that way. "We haven't actually broached the subject," she admitted, "and I don't know that I should bring it up first. Children are the biggest commitment anyone could make, as you know so well. There are steps. Lots of steps. There's marriage, cohabitation, figuring out both of our goals and visions for the future each of us wants to have. Deciding whether we really do want to share that future. Jane still asks when she wants to bring over something for Joe Friday, in case I'll think it clashes with the décor; she doesn't yet think of this as her home. Adoption, in-vitro fertilization, donors, and all of that… it's… it's a lot, especially when I don't even know if she's going to say yes."

"She'll say yes," Angela assured as she settled on the sofa. "You know, when Jane told me about you two, I asked her if she was sure, and the look she gave me," the older women smiled warmly before taking a sip of her coffee. "Trust me, sweetie, Jane's committed. The last time I saw that look on her face was when I asked her if she was sure she wanted to be a police officer. You see where that got me?" She chuckled. "I know Jane says that I nag at her about getting married and having children, but I really just want her to be happy. When you two figure it out, I'm sure you'll get around to settling and having a family. Just don't wait too long. I want to be young enough to still play with my grandchildren, okay?" She winked at the younger woman.

"In that case," Maura said in a low whisper, leaning in as she heard the sounds of the door opening, "see if you can keep Jane busy while we're shopping in New York. I don't want her to know what store we're walking into until we're actually in it. Tiffany's sells things besides pretty earrings, you know."

Angela's eyes light up. "Maura! I can't believe… oh, this is so exciting…"

"What is?" Jane asked as she glanced at the women on the sofa before heading to the waiting coffee. "What are you two planning, and should I be worried?"

"Maura's going to show me a bunch of new places to shop that I've never been in before. Isn't that exciting?" her mother offered by way of explanation.

"Yeah, it's great," the lanky woman replied, pouring sugar into her mug. "I'm getting pizza for lunch, right?"

Maura slid Angela a secretive wink, then schooled her features as she answered, "Anything you want, baby. I promised. And I also remember promising you wouldn't have to try on anything you don't want to try on. That's a promise I'll be happy to keep. Okay, now, you two talk while I go get dr- no. On second thought, Angela, would you be willing to make a light breakfast, and Jane, could you walk Joe Friday?" She adored Jane's mother, but the woman would not be able to keep silent about her knew slice of information for love, money, world peace, or the hope of a big wedding followed by an army of tiny Rizzolis.

"Yeah, sure." Coffee mug in hand, Jane headed to the door. "Come on, Jo. Let's go annoy Mrs. Whitaker."

Angela gave Maura a hard look. "I'll make something quick," she offered as she stood to head for the kitchen.

"I want sausage," Jane called out from her place by the front door as she tried to leash a squirming Jo. At Maura's look of disapproval, Jane retracted. "No I don't. I want eggs." With that and an eye roll dog and owner were out the door.

"I wonder if she hears herself sometimes?" Angela commented with sly humor as she began to pull breakfast items from the fridge.

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