Night of the Vulpine Moon

*Naruto doesn't belong to me or Naruto and Hinata would have been married by now*

(The journey is over, now let's see how the demon nation clan is doing-warning, lots and lots of flashbacks)

Chapter 14-"A Dream Worth Fighting For"

*Epilogue-5 years later*

"Come on mommy-"

"Come on daddy-"

"Come on uncle Neji-"

"Let's go" three little voices said from around Naruto, Hinata, and Neji's feet as they smiled and looked down at three adorable faces as they got ready for the festival that was to be held in whirling tides this year. Taiyō, Tsuki, and Sutā swished their tail in impatience as they waited for the three adults to get ready and go to the torii that marked the entrance into the hidden whirlpool village.

"Alright, alright, we're coming" they said with a laugh as the triplets ran off to fine anybody else who wasn't ready while Naruto got up from his comfy Uzukage chair and put on his kage robes. The trio jumped out of the window and watched as Naruto and Hinata's three children was carried in Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko's arms as they giggled while Hizashi followed behind them with Tenten and Neji's daughter, Akarui.

Taiyō took after his father with long blonde hair, ears, tail, and light blue eyes that shined like sapphires when he watched his father trained. His personality was more of his mother as he tended to be more quiet and shy but showed his strength when provoked. Tsuki was the exact opposite with her long ink blue hair, ears, tail and the lavender eyes with hints of blue of the byakugan but she was known to being the center of attention and hot-blooded like her father. When angered her eyes turned silver and was known to freeze people with just a look but she rarely got angry so few saw this side of her. Sutā was a mixture of the two as she could change her hair from ink blue with yellow streaks to yellow with blue streaks depending on her mood and her sky blue eyes that also weld the byakugan. She was quick to act but just as quick to think in situations that caused a change in tactics. She was level-headed around others but tended to have a short temper around her siblings, especially Taiyō but all three was as thick as thieves. Proof when they swiped their father's 9 bowls of ramen from right out of his nose when they drew his attention away through a series of events too complicated for a normal 5 year old. Naruto, Hinata, and Neji smiled as they thought about all the events that had lead up to their life and family being the way it was.


"Um, otousan, where are you going?" Neji asked as he watched his father break away from the group and head in another direction.

"Oh, I'm just going to go have a talk with Hiashi about the way he treats his daughters and a certain wish he promised to his late wife" Hizashi said as he walked faster to the Hyuuga Manor with the clan right behind him. They watched as he turned into the Manor and knocked for it to be opened by Hanabi who eyes grew wide when she saw who it was before they returned to normal.

"He's in his study, all the weapons have been put up and the servants given the day off" Hanabi simply said as she walked out the house while Hizashi thanked her and walking in, closing the door behind him. They watched as the younger Hyuuga walked over to Hinata and Neji before giving them a hug, asking how there trip was. They explanation was cut short as they heard Hiashi scream in horror and the sound of things being broken while Hinata said they should continue their talk over ramen. The rest of the clan sweat dropped as they heard the battle going on inside the Manor and asked if they should stay.

"...nah, they'll be fine" the three Hyuuga said grinning as they walked away, the clan right behind them as they flinched at the sounds before they were too far away to here them anymore. 6 hours later, they returned to the Manor to find it quiet which concerned them until they used their byakugan and found that Hizashi had finally cornered Hiashi and was talking with him. Seeing as they weren't dead they continued back through town who was in an uproar at Naruto being back...until they showed their power than they tended to give them some room.

After another 3 hours, they found Hiashi and Hizashi making their way toward them, the former a look of shock, surprise, fear, and understanding on his face, the former with a smirk and wink at them as he went over to Neji. After many apologizes and forgiveness, Hiashi sat down with them and asked about their adventures over bowls of ramen. H gave his blessing to Naruto and Hinata and wished them good luck while Hanabi, who was now going to be heir, said she would make some serious changes in the clan, the first being the removal of the curse seal. After that news, Neji up and confessed his love for Tenten in which she said she knew and was soon proposed to by Neji in which Tenten said yes before tackling him to the ground in a kiss, making them laugh.

"Mommy, daddy, uncle Neji?" The three heard Taiyō, Tsuki, and Sutā call them, drawing them out of their thoughts and smiling at the curious faces of the triplets. Taking them from Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko, the trio made their way toward the gate as they was soon joined by Itachi, his and Konan's son Yakan, Anko, Gaara, and Matsuri. Once there they greeted Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Hiashi, Hanabi, Konohamaru, Temari, Kankuro, who were visiting Konoha, Bee, Yugito, who were visiting Kumo, their apprentices, the Leaf 13,their dates, and their sensei. The triplets was instantly taken by Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Hiashi who was head over heels in love with them, before Hiashi went to Akarui too and said hello to his brother while Sasuke did the same to Itachi and Yakan, who had his father's looks, black ears with blue tips and a matching weasel tail but slit eyes that dilated very much like a cat and his mother's love for origami. They was usually seen at their origami shop, folding away with paper, as Sasori and Deidara worked their two, their own area for puppets and clay sculptures, non deadly of course.

"Hey everybody, how was your trip?" Naruto asked as he caught up on what happened from Obito reaching the Rikudou Sharingan to Shikamaru finally proposing to Temari and them getting married in 3 months. This made Gaara and Kankuro happy as they teased Shikamaru about not being able to be so lazy, earning a troublesome from him, while Matsuri was busy talking with Temari, her growing stomach showing slightly. Watching them made Naruto and Hinata think about their own wedding in the whirlpool village and how happy there were.


"AHH, WHERE'S THE RINGS?" Naruto cried hysterically as he nearly tore the room apart looking for his and Hinata's rings that he wanted to put on her finger again from the cave. Neji and Sasuke were standing at the door, calm face, lips barely twitching as they watched their friend nearly lose his head at thinking he lost the rings.

" gave them to Konohamaru as the ring bearer remember?" Sasuke said with a smirk as Naruto stopped in mid-stride and said 'oh yea' before he sat down, mentally exhausted.

"Calm down Naruto, everything will go fine" Neji said as he fixed Naruto's clothes due to his run around. There was a knock on the door and entered Iruka, Itachi, Gaara, Bee, Yahiko, and Nagato who was smiling at him and asking if he was ready. The rest of the Leaf 13, Kankuro, and others who couldn't fit in the room said that he needed to hurry up which made Naruto chuckle. He nodded that he was ready, and watched as his best men left until only Neji and Sasuke was left who followed him out so that Naruto could take his place at the front of the altar, tails moving slightly in nervousness.

"Aw, you look so beautiful Hinata" Sakura and Ino cried while Hanabi muttered an obviously before she picked up her basket of flowers. Anko was smiling at Hinata who was blushing a bit, looking at her reflection in the mirror while Kurenai placed the veil over her face, fighting back tears. Temari complimented her on her light lavender wedding dress while Konan and Tenten was discussing about their weddings that they would be planning soon.

"There you're ready" Kurenai said as Yugito handed her a bouquet of black roses that contrasted beautifully with her lavender dress.

"Now be careful in your dress Hinata, we don't need your tails coming up and giving the people a show now" Anko said mischievously, making Hinata squeak and look at her back, only to remember that they rigged the dress to have her tails out. Hinata told her that it wasn't funny when the snake kunoichi started laughing as Kurenai calmed Hinata down. There was a knock on the door in which they heard Hiashi's voice ask if Hinata was decent in which they said he could enter and he did, Hizashi right behind him.

"You're just as beautiful as your mother was on our wedding night" Hiashi said as Hizashi nodded from the door while tears threatened to spill from Hinata's face.

"Aw, don't cry Hinata" Sakura said sniffing as Ino quickly wiped away the tears that was falling down her face. Hinata nodded and looked at the crying kunoichi, saying that they would soon find somebody too.

"Yea, I mean now that Sasuke is dating that Kurai girl we been looking elsewhere. Temari already claimed Shikamaru but Chouji is cute" Ino said with a blush as Sakura giggled.

"Yea, Lee is so sweet now, however I'm curious as to how Sasuke and Kurai even met up."

"I think she was a friend of Tayuya. Did you hear that Tayuya and Kimimaro are getting together along with Suigetsu and Karin. Sai is even going out with this girl name Kura who seems to be Kurai's opposite twin."

Hinata smiled as Sakura and Ino's gossiping while Shizune came in, holding Tonton and said that it was time in which the kunoichi left the room all except for Hinata and Hanabi for their places as the bridesmaids. Hizashi gave Hinata a encouraging smile as he opened the door for Hanabi to go out and Hiashi to walk his daughter down the aisle.


"I Do"


"I Do"

"You may now kiss the bride" Tsunade said on a sniff as Naruto lifted up the veil and kissed Hinata just as the rain started to fall surprising a lot of the people.

"Yo pops, what is happening?" Gamakichi asked his father who had been summoned along with other animals to watch their wedding.

"When rain falls from a clear day it means a kitsune wedding has just taken place" a silver fox said as he and the rest of the foxes let out yips of happiness as Naruto and Hinata continued to kiss, only thinking about each other.

"Thinking about your wedding night?" Kakashi asked as Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and nodded.

"How did you know?" he asked in which Kakashi chuckled and said that he called his name about 10 times and said the word 'ramen' 7 times without a twitch from him. Rubbing the back of his head, Naruto said sorry which made everybody laugh at his usual behavior he never really grew out of. As they continued their talk as they walked through the village, they were greeted all around by the people who had joined them Suna, the biju, and the others they met on their travels.

"There hasn't been anymore trouble from outside attacks has there?" Tsunade asked them in which they shook their heads, saying that earth and lightning stopped trying and that Kakuzu and Hidan was taken care of. Tsunade nodded, happy to know that Naruto and his clan was safe and their main threat disposed of. "That threat came at the worse of times too but at least all went well" Tsunade muttered as she looked Hinata, who was stronger that she looked.


"Naruto...I'm pregnant" Hinata said one night at the park in which Naruto jumped up and started to swing Hinata around saying he was happy. This was two weeks after their wedding and the teams was scheduled to leave tomorrow.

"We're going to go see baachan tomorrow morning ASAP" Naruto yelled before he ran off, waking everybody up with his cry of "WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY" which had Hinata giggling at her husband's excitement. Sitting back down at the bench she looked up at the sky, sighing at the beauty of the moon.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" a voice said from behind her in which Hinata said yea before her senses kicked in and she tried to run only to hit with a tranquilizer.

"NARUTO-kun" Hinata tried to scream but soon fell unconscious as somebody picked up her body and walked away, seeking revenge for happened to him. The next day was the most stressful for Naruto as when he returned and didn't find Hinata he had every available person on the case as Neji, Kiba, Akamaru, Kakashi, and his nin-dogs went back to the scene. When Naruto learned that Hinata had been hit with a tranquilizer he went into a roaring fit as he changed into his true fox form, bent on destruction before he was calmed down by the rest saying that he needed to be clear-headed to find Hinata.

"Come on, let's hurry and follow the scent" Neji said as they nodded and followed soon having to split because the scent had split into 5 different directions which had them confused.

"How is that possible?" Kiba growled as they continued to follow the scents to the edge of the shore which had Naruto going berserk again.

"HINATA" Naruto roared to the wind, tears streaming down his face, as he pounded the ground, thinking he failed her. He couldn't even summon himself to her because somebody repressed the seal on her arm which only made him madder. Although nobody blamed him, Naruto felt like total shit and didn't get no sleep that night as he searched the whole island for Hinata. The next morning, he had Karin go back to the area and follow the trail out to sea where it disappeared but they learned something which cleared up a few answers. Whoever took Hinata had all 5 elements.

"I'll murder Kakuzu myself" Naruto snarled as left for the village to get his top teams to go look for Hinata. 3 teams was made, one going to water country, one to wave country and one to hot spring country. Naruto took on his team Suigetsu, Sasuke, Itachi, and Neji to the hot springs country thanks to a hint from Sanbi who said he saw a boat heading in that direction in his half-sleep state. Thanking the three tails, that is where they headed and after a day of searching came across a clue that was sent to them from the whirlpool. Kakuzu had demanded a ransom for Hinata in which was his downfall in the end as they had placed a tracker on the hawk that was sent to deliver the message. A few hours later and many people interrogated they found Kakuzu and Hidan hiding in Hidan's old home.

"You dare come onto my country, take my wife, and then demand payment for her return, I will kill you for your actions" Naruto snarled as he and the rest attacked Kakuzu but in the end it was Neji who took the final blow as Naruto had to go off and stop Hidan from using Hinata as a sacrifice. In the end, Kakuzu was killed, his 5 hearts destroyed, and Hidan was tortured by Suigetsu who enjoyed it too much before his body cut up, sealed, and left in the safes of river, stone, hot spring, and wave. Naruto had found Hinata trapped in a chakra blocking room, doped up on tranquilizers, thanks to Hidan, which only made Naruto madder when he found out. What topped the cake was that Kakuzu and Hidan hadn't been working alone.

"I heard there was a lot of ninja from river, wind, rain, stone, hot spring, water, and wave country but how many earth and lightning nin showed up for the chunnin exams this year, un?" Deidara asked as he and Sasori closed up shop early and joined them for dinner before the festival started. Naruto chuckled as he and a lot of them realized that all of those mentioned had made an alliance with whirlpool, no matter how far away they were while the group greeted the duo and Shikamaru spoke up talking about a drag but smiling a bit.

"Surprising, quite a few. After the Raikage and Tsuchikage pulled their little stunts years ago and then declared war on whirlpool, many of their people started sneaking off to participate in the chunnin exams just to get stronger and finally leave the nations" Shikamaru said as he and Temari had been put in charge of the exams. Naruto let out an involuntary growl as he and a lot of the group thought back to what they had learned after they had saved Hinata.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN EARTH AND LIGHTNING COUNTRY WERE ALSO PART OF IT?" Naruto said pacing back and forth in his office, robe laying against the back of his chair. It had been two months since Hinata had been kidnapped in which he sent her straight to Konoha to be examined and stay with her family while Naruto got to the bottom of how Kakuzu and Hidan had sneaked onto the island anyway.

"I'm sorry Naruto but the facts remain the same, earth and lightning country was in on this game" Bee rapped while Yugito snarled and apologized greatly, hoping Naruto wouldn't kicked them out in, which he must have guessed her thought because he stopped and looked at her.

"I'm not mad at you two for having been part of lightning country, I'm not close-minded like the Tsuchikage who still blames Konoha for what my dad did nor like the Raikage who still thinks I tricked you two into joining me.

"Oh good, because for a second I thought we were going to have to go pack our things" a voice said from Naruto's door and he looked up to see Roshi and Han, relieved looks on their faces. Naruto said he wasn't going to banish anybody because they used to live somewhere else, but he was going to have a talk with the two Kage later though.

"I can't believe the Raikage and Tsuchikage would pull that kind of stunt though" Naruto muttered as he sat back down in his chair, Suigetsu and Kimimaro patting his shoulder in encouragement as another voice spoke up.

"What kind of stunt?" Mei the Mizukage, who was there for an alliance meeting with whirlpool, asked as she walked in to show Kisame and her bodyguard there. Looking up, he asked the others to kindly leave before he filled in the Mizukage on what happened which had her seeing red. "They actually did that?" the Mizukage said, jumping up, while Naruto nodded as the Mizukage sat back down. "How's Hinata doing?" she asked concerned in which Naruto explained about her being pregnant and that tranquilizer almost making her lose the baby which just had her jumping up, growling about them needing a lesson.

"Oh, I already have one set up. First I'm going to have Nagato my cousin, who is now the daimyo of whirlpool have a little talk with the earth and lightning daimyo about their villages and my alliance with a lot of their nearby nations. My second is the talk with them about the almost death of my unborn child and my third..."

Naruto just started smiling as he whispered to the Mizukage about his third plan which had her laughing and clapping her hands in joy. After he confirmed that the others was on his side, they continued with their original meeting of an alliance with each other seeing as they could benefit from what the other has and doesn't have.

"Daddy, can we have ice cream?" Tsuki asked, pulling on her father's sleeve in which he looked down at Tsuki, Taiyō, Sutā, Akarui and Yukan who was staring at their parents, the same question on their faces.

"Sure sweetie" Naruto said as he reached for his wallet but watched as Tsuki held it up, said thanks, and ran away with the rest toward the ice cream parlor across the street with Konohamaru, Hanabi, and Matsuri in tow laughing. "Gama-chan...those little rascals are better than I was at their age" Naruto said smiling as the others laughed at how fast they swiped Naruto's old but favorite frog pouch before they watched the children order ice cream as they finished their ramen and joined them. All around there was calls of 'good afternoon Uzukage' which had Naruto smiling as he responded back and thought about that moment at the Kage summit and the events after it.


"Are you sure you want us to come because they might try and use us to make it seem like your bad for the title" Yugito asked while Naruto nodded saying that they was allowed to come just like anybody else in his clan. Naruto decided to take two people from each of the 5 nations to the summit with him. He was taking Gaara because of his knowledge as former Kazekage, Sasori to more or less keep Deidara in place, Deidara because his was the closest to the Tsuchikage, Roshi for his reasons on traveling, Yugito for her view on how she was treated, Bee who was the closest to the Raikage, Kisame as reference for the Mizukage, Suigetsu who wanted to go along with Kisame, and Juugo and Kimimaro as bodyguards.

"I'm more curious as to how you going to accomplish all this, you need all 5 Kages to agree in order to become Uzukage" Gaara said but noticed the fox grin on Naruto's face that screamed he had a plan.

"Oh I know, but every great prankster has a joker of their sleeve" Naruto said as he and his group teleported straight to the summit, having left his rite, with Mifune's permission of course, for easy access to the area, seeing as Kumo hated him and his clan.

"I have to admit, it's a really good plan, simple yet effective the only thing is if they fall for the bait, un" Deidara said as he explained the plan to Gaara who started laughing at the thought.

"You can manage to pull it off, if you was able to make 9/10s of Suna distracted with just one jutsu and make 2 Kages dance without them knowing it then you can do this" Gaara said with a smile as knocked on the door and entered, waiting for the chance to put his plan into action. As the rest of the Kages arrived, 2 with large smirks on their faces, Deidara and Bee went to do their parts while Naruto mingled with Tsunade, Baki, and Mei (Mizukage). When the meeting started, Naruto was pleased to see his plan was working as the Raikage and Tsuchikage was eyeing each other behind the other's back.

"We will take a short break than the final decision will be made" Mifune said as the Kage walked out the room, the earth and lightning trying to kill each other with their eyes while Baki, Tsunade, and Mei watched. As soon as they left, they turned to the blonde.

"What did you do Naruto?" Tsunade said with a knowing look as Naruto quickly looked around as he discussed his plan with the other three who was calling him a genius and went to have some fun.

By the end of the break, the Tsuchikage and Raikage was nearly growling at each other while the other three Kage and Naruto watched with calm faces. Mifune, raised a brow and asked if they came to a conclusion in which the Raikage and Tsuchikage both spoke at the same time.

"I, the Raikage/Tsuchikage vote for Naruto Uzumaki to become the 6th Kage."

This is of course caused the duo to start arguing while Tsunade, Baki, and Mei quickly put in their votes before the other two caught on to the plan.

"Seeing as you all agree, I now appoint Naruto Uzumaki of the hidden whirlpool village in the land of whirling tides the Uzukage."

This seemed to have snapped the two Kage out of their battle as they turned to see a grinning Naruto, Baki, Tsunade, and Mei and realized they had been tricked. They growled out how in which Naruto pretended like he didn't know what they were talking about and quickly said later to the group before he made his grand exit out of the room, the mountain, and warped back to Uzu to tell them the good news.

"How you doing Uzukage Naruto? I bet you thinking about the time you tricked the Raikage and Tsuchikage into making you Uzukage huh?" a voice said and they turned to see the Mizukage in a festive kimono with her new team of swordsmen.

"Yea, I was"

"Hey, you never told us how you did trick them dobe" Sasuke said as Kurai chuckled from beside him while Naruto stuck his tongue out making the trio at his feet giggle.

"Well teme, I thought it was obvious but I'll tell you-"


"Hahaha, I can't believe you got Deidara and Bee to plant suspicion on the two Kages thus making them vote for you" Anko and Tayuya was saying, laughing along with the rest of the group.

"Yep, I had Bee talk with his brother about how earth would try and upstage lighting by being the one to stop me from be Uzukage. Deidara did the same with the Tsuchikage and thus got them both suspicious of each other. They then said that they should vote for me, thus making the other nation look bad. The other three Kage helped out by talking about the Raikage trying to prove his nation was better than earth around the Tsuchikage and vice versa, by then they were so busy trying to outdo each other they both voted me in and with the others quickly placing their votes, I was in."

Everybody toasted to Naruto's victory while Hinata who was 3 months pregnant, Konan who was a month behind, and Tenten who was 2 weeks along all drank juice along with their husbands, knowing them getting drunk would not be good in this situation. They victory was short-lived for 2 months later, lightning declared war on Uzu and a month after that earth declared war. Hinata being 6 months pregnant made Naruto scared that earth and lightning would pull another stunt so he had her, Konan, and Tenten stay in fire country. However, that was what they were planning because both earth and lightning was trying to get their hands on her for revenge, lightning still wanting the byakugan and earth wanting her child in exchange for what Minato had done. If Ayane and her grandmother hadn't been living in fire country then they might have succeeded. Ayane, Akuma, Oni, and Akki caught sight of earth nin and quickly warned Konoha where they moved the pregnant kunoichi to a safe house in tea country. The daimyo of hot springs told Konoha of lightning activities and told Naruto. To say Naruto was pissed was an understatement as he literally waited for both nations to approach Konoha before he, the new, and old biju mopped the forest with them, as they went all-out biju on them to the point that both nations had been greatly weaken. The day after that, Naruto personally made a trip to the two Kages and that was not a pretty sight.

"If you ever try and pull another stunt like this that involves my wife or my clan, I will personally come here and deal with you to the point that they will have to find a new Kage" Naruto snarled to the two Kage before he had left their offices. To make matters worse for the Kage, Nagato had gotten in touch with their ally's daimyos and had the earth and lightning daimyo set them straight on boundaries and when not to overstep them. That had set the two nations straight until it was time for Hinata to give birth to triplets which Naruto had found out about after becoming Uzukage. As you can guess, Hinata's labor was very difficult but she made it through, Naruto there all the way through it, broken hand and all. A month after Taiyō, Tsuki, and Sutā was born a ninja for hire from waterfall was to have kidnapped the kids but was caught by Fuu who was not happy one bit about her home nation working with earth. After she sent his body back, alive but encased in a cocoon-like wrapping and a message saying the next one will be in a body bag, they laid off until a second attempt 2 months later, this time caught by Neji who decided to make a personal message with Kakuzu's body being returned to them. This succeeded in all attempts from earth in capturing the babies as a sudden increase in wild animal attacks like badgers, foxes, snakes, and so far had them thinking twice.

"1 nation down, 1 nation to go" some of the clan had muttered when they read the agreement to stop trying to take the children sent to them by hawk from earth. Lighting on the other hand, waited several years until the children was 2 and wouldn't be as protected as if they were younger to strike. The first strike had been when Naruto took his family on a vacation to the hot springs as to take a break from all the hard work on running a village. Lightning nin had planned to sneak into hot springs and capture the trio but Bee and Yugito sensed that the Raikage would have taken that chance and was a step ahead. They had several of the clan members stay in Shimo and report any Kumo nin movements. When they learned, they personally took care of it and Naruto would have been none the wiser if word hadn't gotten around to Neji who told Naruto. Naruto thanked them but said he still wanted to know in case he got too comfortable in which they apologized and enjoyed their trip. The second time the kids were four and Naruto had traveled to tea country for the Todoroki Shrine race in which he was honored to start and discuss an alliance with tea country. Hinata had taken the children to fire country after the festival and Kumo tried the same trick they had with Hinata, try and get into their good graces to let a lightning nin in to grab the children.

"What do we have here, a cloud mouse who has caught the eye of a hungry snake"

As you can guess, Anko had been the one to find the nin outside the Hyuuga Manor and soon dragged the poor nin who just happened to be C, one of the Raikage's guard, into the house where they decided to do what A did to them and keep him as payment for the attempted capture of the byakugan. When A came for him, they responded that he gave them to him when he tried to take the children which would've caused a small war if Naruto hadn't returned just then and personally showed the Raikage, with Bee and Yugito enjoying every minute of it, just what happens when people try to hurt his children. After A was released from the hospital and back in Kumo, Bee's apprentices and Darui soon left Kumo for whirlpool which made A hate them all even more but never try and do anything else. It had been 1 year without any serious attempts on kidnapping Taiyō, Tsuki, and Sutā.

"The festival is going to start soon" 3 year old Yukan said as Itachi picked up his son while the 5 year old triplets and four year old Akarui ran ahead to the platform at the center of town. The group looked around at the paper lanterns to celebrate a new year in the Chinese calendar which happened to be a rare leap year which many forgot about. The irony of it was that the leap year was to be considered the leap year of the fox thus why many nations suggested that it be held in Uzu with their kitsune leaders. The nine biju of new made their way up to the platform and started talking about a new year and announcements. They all congratulated Uchiha boys whose wives was pregnant, Konan again, which made them smile as Naruto joked about rebuilding their clan.

As people said their congrats to the Uchiha brothers, Naruto smiled and got a faraway look as he glanced around all that he and his clan had accomplished.

"What's the matter Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked softly as Naruto looked at her a gave her a quick kiss, causing the trio to make gagging sounds while Naruto chuckled and said nothing.

"I was just thinking about Shukaku, Nekomata, and Kurama that's all. I'm sure they would have loved to see all we done" Naruto explained as Hinata gave his side a hug, saying they would as they looked around. The crowd grew quiet as a poof sound was heard and at Naruto's feet was the large scroll of jutsus that appeared out of nowhere.

"Did you kids summon this?" Naruto asked as he saw three little heads shake no which made Naruto raise a brow as he unraveled the scroll to see the phases of the vulpine moon.

"What's that?" Taiyō, Tsuki, and Sutā asked looking down at the scroll.

"Did you draw that?" Akarui asked from beside her parents while Neji looked at it in stun surprised.

"Are you going to make the moon like that?" Yukan asked from his father's hands while Itachi and Konan exchanged a look before looking at Naruto.

"What does it mean?" Hinata asked Naruto who had closed his eyes in thought before a smile appeared on his face.

"I think this is someone's way of saying to start the festival" Naruto said as he motioned for his demon nation clan to appear and touch the scroll fueling chakra to it. They then watched as the scrolled glowed red before beams of light shot off and cloaked the moon, giving it the illusion of going through the phases of the vulpine moon. The children watched from their parent's shoulders at the changes of the moon, eyes big in surprise and happiness while the demon nation clan thought about how that one night changed their lives.

"Look a picture is forming" Sutā said pointing and they all watched surprised as a picture did form over the phases, a tanuki in the yellow moon, a fox in the red moon, a cat in the black moon, and the outline of a demon flower with all three colors in between the three animals. Naruto and the rest started crying tears of happiness at the three biju's last gift to them as they let out animal cries into the night.

"This is to Shukaku, Nekomata, and Kurama, let's start the night of the vulpine moon festival" Naruto cried out in which he was rewarded with cheers as the festival of the 4 colored moon started. Naruto then went off with his family to enjoy the festival with his clan until they all tensed and looked around which made Tsunade ask about. "It's nothing just a strange feeling like we're being watched, it's not bad just...interesting" Naruto said as he mentally shrugged it off.

"Come on daddy, I want you my show you my ninja skills" Taiyō, his son, said before he took off toward the nearest booth, his siblings right behind him while Akarui and Yukan walked slower, trying not to look as excited. The group laughed at this and went with their children to the booths for fun, unaware of the three beings they passed smiling at them and their families.

"I knew you would do well Kit" a voice said as his two comrades say they were happy for him in which the first figure nodded before looking at his comrades. "Come on Shu, Neko, let's go enjoy this festival since it is dedicated to us" Kyuubi said as they walked off, their one tails swinging under their kimonos to the beat of the festival as they disappeared into the ongoing crowd, the moon still silver with the picture in the sky shining down on the festival dedicated to the night of the vulpine moon.