"Jessica! In here." Niaomi shouted, as Jessica passed her compartment.

            "Oh hey guys." Jessica walked in and took a seat next to Niaomi.

            "You seem distracted." Max said, noticing the not too jubilant tone.

            "Kinda." Jessica looked at her hands, hoping not to be pressed any more.

            "Auror business?" Alannah asked, snickering. Jessica looked up at her quickly.

            "How did you know?"

            "They're all like that, being secretive and stuff. You should see and hear some of the stuff my mom does trying to get information out of Remus." She said laughing.

            "Yeah, the same is with my dad. Ask him how his day was and all you get is, fine or busy. Then if something happened that day, he'll look at you with sharp eyes and asks what I heard," Max said.

            "I can't see how any of our mothers can stand it, long hours, rough days, secrets. But I guess love can get you through everything. And if not love, and a long vacation will do." Hermione and Ron went on a two week vacation, away from the wizarding world, leaving Niaomi and Torey with Harry and Ginny.

            "And Skylar wants to become one. My mom says she's got too much of her father in her, but has more brains than him." Alannah told them.

            "Is your mom teaching this year?" Jessica asked her.

            "Yeah, someone has to keep Snape in line." The compartment burst in laughter. After they all composed themselves, and stopped looking at each other and laughing again, the compartment door opened.

            "Hey Jessica," Heather Rehoboth, a 2nd year Hufflepuff, entered the compartment with a piece of paper in her hand, "I was hoping I'd catch up with you on the train. I saw this in the newspaper."  She handed Jessica the article.

Missing Orphan Escapes Foster Family's Home

Jessica Ely, a chestnut haired orphan has one again escaped from the authority's clutches.  Last year around this time, Jessica ran away from the local orphanage.  She was missing until this June when she suddenly showed up on the doorstep of the orphanage.  A family took her in as a foster family in July.  After living with them for 3 weeks, she disappeared.  The family has no recognition of what happened.  They were on their way to fill out the adoption papers.  The family is offering an award to anyone who can give the authorities information about the whereabouts of Jessica Ely.

            "I can't believe this!" Jessica shouted. She crumbled up the article and threw it at Max's head. "Everyone is going to be after me now." Max un-crumbled the paper and looked at the article and the picture that went with it.

            "You know what the most obvious thing in this picture is?"

            "My ears?" She said hotly.

            "Yeah, since you usually have it pulled up." Jessica's eyes brightened up as an idea formed in her head.

            "Max! You're a genius!" Jessica jumped out of her seat.  Her kitten, which was sitting on her lap, fell to the ground in a heap.  She pulled her bag out of the overhead compartment.  "Ever since I remember, the orphanage refused to give the kids hair cut.  When I ran away after receiving my Hogwart's letter, I went to a hair salon.  I didn't have enough money to cut my hair.  This year, I got enough to get a pair of wizard scissors."  Jessica rummaged through her bag and pulled them out.  She grabbed a chunk of her hair and cut it very short.  Long clumps of hair fell to the ground of the compartment.  When she was done, her hair completely covered her ears.

            "Now let's see them figure out who you are." Niaomi said, shocked. Jessica grinned.  Her hair was messily cut, pieces were longer than others, but it still looked good, and did the job. The compartment door opened.

            "Have any of you seen Skylar?" Tim asked. Meg looked at Jessica and her jaw dropped.

            "What is with all of you changing your hair! First Skylar, now you."

            "She had to do it to conceal her ears." Max handed her the crumpled article.

            "Now isn't that horrible. Why would someone want to go after you?"

            "Because I almost blew someone up."

            "Maybe you can stay with the Black's. They seem to love you."

            "You can always stay with me, Jessica." Max offered.

            "No, I can't do that. I'll just have to live on my own again."

            "Over our dead bodies you will."

            "If that's what it will take." Everyone looked at her shocked, until she started turning red from holding back a laugh.  The compartment rattled with chuckles, giggles, and snorts of amusement.


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