WARNING... WARNING... WARNING... (This is blinking lights)


Wait for permission to fap, you dogs whom lick the floor! About the warnings for maybe you dudes and chicks don't read my other storrys becuz this is a NEW FANDOM for me but not really okay maybe I write a little Harry Potter fan fiction writing before with another avatar but punished those chicksh-t readers becauz of bad reviews so no more writing that avatar? Only I'm writing now with my "Harry Apprentice" avatar which gets much better reviews now?

Any way if YOU ARE NEW you must heed to the warnings for this in chapters is very hot and heavy with maybe every fetish for sexual or maybe not if I punish you and (wink wink) the chars. totailly go all the way "in" and has nasty wet horny action with really fast porking and maybe I even throw in a "pork sandwich" in later chapters if my readers are good! This is NOT FOR KIDDIES becuse its ADULTS ONLY and also you must check you brain capacity and make sure you are smart enough to handle all the incest rapetastic homophobic violence blood and guts all wet and gore!


WARNING... WARNING... WARNING... (This is blinking lights again)

This is all the stuff OTHER THAN WARNINGS you need to know and let me tell you I found out how to get rid of bad reviews that wasn't anon. which is delete the entire storry and then every bad review goes away! I got bad reviews on this story fan fiction so I keep getting rid and upload again all clean and fresh no more parasite reviews like big ticks that such on the back of your knee in the summer!

Than I thought that maybe readers were getting confused and needed to be punished! They were so confuse! You know a lot of stupid people don't understand the puns and so they leave bad reviews. So now chapter 1 that used to be is moved to chapter three and the first two chappies are NO PORKING but only talking and stuff to punish, so the more bad reviews the less hot, warm and gooey "fetish" s-x for you to fapp to with your fapping hand or maybe just as much sexual s-x but I move it to other chapters so its harder to find!

BUT MAYBE I ALSO SNEAK SOME HENTAI IN THE NEW FIRST CHAPTER UNLESS I JUST LIED TO YOU so beware if your brain can't take the sexy sexual s-x!

There are other things that I should tell you but I leave these as surprises in other notes at the begin. of other chapters, okay? Yeah! They are very mysterious and maybe you shouldn't peak at other chapters becuase it ruins the surprise!


There were two chicks having a tickle fight in the bed! It was very fapping-worthy for your fapping hand but it wasn't described just to punish you!

One chick was named Luna and the other chick was names Hermione and they were both Witches which meant they had Hogwarts but also the goddess rites, not rights which are for protest marches becuz that's a pun (I explain the puns more so that readers who are stupider than you don't leave bad reviews).

They tickled each others bobbies with very serious motions that was full of karma chi like in that anime with the blue arrow on the head and the buffalo has six legs and flies but the flying that is threw the air not the flies that you kill with a swatter! It's another pun in case you had to know!

Than they drank milk but NOT THAT WAY YOU PERVERT that's for later chapters (ha ha ha, ku ku ku) for sexy badass dudes and chicks who think about the porking hentai all day long! You so perverted and horny you prob. thought the other way, didn't you? Yeah, didn't you? Maybe your just badass that way becuz you fap to everything!

But you can't fapping yet becauze I have not given PERMISSION TO FAP at this time! Accept maybe if your a real badass you're disobedient and your doing it anyway right now!

When the screen came on again Luna and Hermione were centered in the middle of the screen and doing various things. To numberate:

Hermione was studying her textbooks which tell lots of stuff becase Witches are like the Goddess and know part of the real truth of religuos teaching of magic utopia swingers but Witches don't know as much as aliens who have spaceships that go really realy fast!

Luna was eating Pirate Booty! Yes it was pirate booty all right, arrrr and it was so delish and yummy and she was eating it and eating it but you know what? You know what? It's a pun. Yeah.

Pirate booty is a package of these chips that have cornmeal, rice, sunflower, expeller pressed canola or corn oil, aged cheddar cheese, cultured milk, salt, enzymes, whey and buttermilk! There really yummy! But not as good as beer cheese!

I bet you thought "Pirate Booty" was porking but it was just a pun and an EASTER EGG for the contest. Next ones won't tell you the product name so you got to be very smar. to get them) But in England Britain it would prob. be Pirate Bum or Pirate Arse instead becase that is just the way that English dudes and chicks cuss!

But than Hermoine got out her Pensieve and looked into the future with it and saw her and Luna flying on a plane to America "mile high club" (wink wink) if you know what that means and they had a cage like an owl cage but instead of an owl it had two little things that will be described later but those things were a surprise and they ate corn, triticale and wheat!

They also had in that chapter the magic "Avdentures" which is not a mispelling like some stupids who read the red text might think but was a very clever pun! It will be explained later!