I have to say, that though I adore The Amazing JKR, I'm more than a little annoyed with the way she ended the series….just like every other fan out there! However, she created the sexiest, darkest, most enticing character in Severus Tobias Snape, so I will always be grateful to her.

As the story goes, I own nothing that you, Gentle Reader, may recognize. I am simply borrowing JKR's creations for my own prurient amusement and I will return them when I'm done….maybe! ~ Love, your humble servant, Master Snape's Pet.

"Spread your legs, little whore." His voice slid over her flushed skin like raw silk, slick and just a little bit rough. Hermione could feel his warm breath on the side of her neck as he bent his head down to whisper against her ear. Even stretched out as she was, her arms suspended from the ceiling, Snape still towered over her, his heat enveloping her.

"Now, little girl, you know what will happen if you refuse to obey." She shivered. She did know. Her lips curved up in remembered pleasure. But even though she knew she'd enjoy his punishment later, she sill flinched when his hands reached for her. She relaxed slightly when he laced his fingers through her own restrained ones. Snape's smile at her moment of fear was at once cold and any Death Eater's and as hot as Gilderoy Lockhart in a locked room full of Witch Weekly cover models. To Hermione, it was an expression that was crafted for her alone.

Still smiling, Snape brushed his lips over her softer ones, being careful to keep the touch of his hands as gentle as that quick caress of lips. "You've been a bad little slut, Pet. You know you shouldn't try to make me jealous…." As he spoke, his voice never changed from its quiet tones, but Hermione could feel her body growing slicker at the calm threat she could feel.

Another quick kiss and Snape was gone, across the room, swiftly searching through the drawers on the heavy English oak dresser. When he turned back, Hermione could see he held a black cravat, leftover from a costume she'd nagged him into wearing to a party the Potters has thrown a few weeks before. The wicked promise in Snape's eyes made her instinctively try to step back. Because her feet barely touched the floor, her movement just caused her stretched body to twist around.

"Severus…" Her voice held wariness and warning in it, and he smiled a real smile, though she missed the Hailey's Comet of Snape expressions as she continued her attempt to straighten herself out.

"Pet." Short, dark, powerfully eloquent and dangerous.

Hermione swore she had a tiny orgasm right then, but growled like a cornered animal as Snape approached her bare back. She could feel him behind her, heating her body but avoiding contact anywhere other than his hands on the back of her head, securing the cravat blindfold style over her eyes. Once it was in place, Snape turned her so she faced him again.

"I will forgive your rebelliousness…eventually." He allowed his voice to pour out over the last word like melted dark chocolate. when she shivered again, he honest-to-gods grinned. Unable to resist another taste of her, he kisses her parted lips before once again retreating to the dresser. He hadn't gotten these toys before because he hadn't wanted to let Hermione know what he had in store for her tonight.

With a snap of his fingers, Snape conjured a wide silver tray and began to load his selection of personal favorite toys. He considered, then rejected casting a silencing charm on the tray. He knew his little pet would grow more wary with every sharp clink of metal, every quiet hiss of leather, and he wanted her as nervous as he could get her. Once he'd made his entire selection, including the several new toys she didn't know he'd purchased, he turned back to Hermione.

His woman, his pet, his love, his wife. Everything about this woman appealed to him, from the way she sang along with the Muggle when she cooked, to the way she hurled things at him when he'd done something to really annoy her. Thinking of that little habit of hers had him rubbing his forehead where she'd gotten in a lucky throw with her favorite Vibrating Witch's Wand the day before, when they'd argued over his wearing a tuxedo to the insufferable Ministry Ball they'd been to tonight. But before he could punish his feisty little hellcat for her recent transgressions, he had something he needed to do.

Moving on silent feet, he set the tray on the big bed and stepped to the bound girl. As he did before every play session, every night before bed, every morning he woke up in the arms of this beautiful young woman, Snape pulled her tightly to him and kissed her, lovingly and warmly. When he broke the kiss, he whispered, "I love you, my little know-it-all." When she murmured sweetly back to him, he stepped back. They both knew that little ritual was a way for her to, borrow a Muggle phrase, tap out. But now he could truly begin his fun, no need for a heavy conscience.

Taking out his wand (the one he uses to cast spells, you gutter dwellers!), Snape cast a charm he had looked up, one that would make his hands feel initially icy on skin, but would heat up to leave fiery trails. Taking a wide leather padded paddle from the tray, he went back to the naked witch, pacing around her to keep her off balance.

With absolutely no inflection in his voice, a terribly difficult feat considering how tempting she looked, all stretched for his viewing pleasure, Snape asked, "Pet, did you try to make me jealous tonight?"

"No, Severus, I did not!" A split second later, Snape brought the paddle down on her unprotected ass with a sharp thwack.

When her voice rose in a sweet concerto of surprised pain, he smiled. Then with a wicked chuckle, he reached out and stroked a long-fingered, pale, charmed hand over the light pink mark he'd left on her skin. A surprised murmur met his cold touch, turning into a yelping moan when the charm caused her skin to heat.

Over and over again, Snape asked his pet if she'd tried to make him jealous tonight by flirting with Cormac McLaggen. After nearly fifteen solid smacks with the wide leather paddle, Snape paused. Just as he'd hoped, known, this was not anywhere near painful enough to break his stubborn little pet. When he ordered her admission in his most commanding voice, she turned her blindfolded face to him and spat, "Make me!"

Gods how he loved this woman! Dominating her, taming her would not give any pleasure if she had no backbone to overpower. Some evenings, he wanted his wife, a lover to share blazing passion. Some evenings, he wanted his pet, a pretty little pussy to stroke and be stroked by. Other evenings, honestly most evenings, he wanted a spunky little witch to challenge him, defy, one he could hurt and fuck without tenderness….. a witch who would be his lover and pet again in the morning. His Hermione was every woman he'd ever had, every woman he'd never had.

With a shake of his head, Snape threw off the gentle feelings produced by that train of thought. Now was not the time for gentleness and self words; his little whore had been trying to make him crazy tonight and now she dared to lie to him! Ohhh, before he was done with her tonight, she'd be telling him she was sorry for flirting, sorry for lying, sorry for the size of his damn nose, anything to please and pacify him…. He couldn't wait.

Switching the paddle for a new object from the tray, he spoke, his voice calm, completely belying his anticipation, "One more time, slut. Were you deliberately flirting with that boy?" On the word 'boy,' his voice dripped with distain. At her vehement "No!" Snape brought the strands of braided leather down on Hermione's firm breasts. Her cry of pain echoed in the room while Snape stared at the place he'd struck, desperately wanting to see the marks he knew would form there.

In a flash of inspiration, driven by kinky voyeurism, he conjured a wizarding camera. Setting the self-activation mechanism, Snape reached one long hand out and stroked gently across the light raised welts. Hermione's gasp and moan reaction was much sharper, his hands creating a much stronger contrast on this sensitive portion of her body. Unable to stop himself, Snape rubbed his cloth-covered erection against her soft, naked belly for a teeth-grinding moment.

With the camera still capturing his captive, Snape raised the short multi-strapped flogger and brought it down in quick succession half a dozen times on Hermione's tender flesh. When she threw back her head and screamed, he knew he'd found the picture he would carry in his wallet…if wizards carried such things. Why would anyone want to carry silly paper money and odd think chunks of colored, coagulated potion that somehow stood for the paper money in a folded flap of dried cow skin….. Ahhh but he was ignoring the sweet bit of sow's ear in front of him. Definitely this would be his favorite Pensieve, one he knew he'd come back to every time she was out of his reach.

Before her scream died, Snape grabbed her head and dragged her up to her toes and swallowed the last of that delicious sound. He broke the kiss with a pleased murmur; few things tasted better than Hermione willingly in pain.

Leaning in and biting her lip roughly, he growled, "The truth, bitch, I want no more of your lies."

With her voice breaking from the unexpectedly harsh reaction, Hermione got out, "Alright…fine. Yes, I was doing it on purpose."

His voice a dark purr of pleasure at her admission, Snape asked, "Why, little slut? Why did you want your Master jealous? Or is it that you really want that dunderheaded puppy? Think he can give you more pleasure, more pain, more of what you need than I can?"

When her jaw set mutinously, he slapped her loudly but without much force, more to get her attention and anger up than to cause pain. Hermione hissed at him and when his hand came up to grip her chin in a rough hold, she tried to twist to sink her teeth into flesh. Deliberately, he allowed her to catch his knuckle, just so he had his excuse….

Bending down, he gripped the tight tendons of her neck in his teeth, letting the pressure build. Her body tensed in pain and wariness but since she wouldn't break down to beg him to stop, he didn't, not until he tasted that tempting hint of copper. Releasing his teeth, he gently licked at the small wounds he put in her lovely smooth skin.

Snipe's voice was a dark promise when he spoke. "Pet, more pain will come if you don't tell me what I want to know. His pause was meant to let her confess but he knew she wouldn't. His little know-it-all knew exactly when to let him have what he wanted. So when Hermione turned her face to him, opened her mouth as thought to speak, he leaned closer in surprise, speaking gently, "Yes, little one?"

Knowing that what she was doing was more foolish than walking past the Whopping Willow blindfolded, ear-plugged on a windy day, Hermione spit in her snarky Potions Master's face. His vicious his filled her ears.

"Ohh, little slut, that was the height of idiocy. I was going to let you go as soon as I got your confession… Now I think I'll keep you like this all night long." He drew out the last word, his voice slithering over it like his House's namesake.

Hermione's pitiful whimper make him smirk darkly. Stepping back to the tray to find his next toy, Snape thought about the what in the world would have made her think she could get away with so foolish a thing? She knew that his love for her wouldn't curb his anger, his retribution. From his tray of goodies, he pulled a black ball gag, a pair of nipple clamps, and the new, big Witch's Wand he'd recently purchases.

Treading lightly back to Hermione, he pulled her blindfold off without ceremony. Her eyes blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to being exposed to the light, then wheeling frantically to find her dangerously calm husband. Her eyes held trepidation and anticipation, his holding anger and sinister lust. Moving his hands forward to give her a clear of the toys, Snape was coldly pleased to see her eyes widen in fearful surprise.

With a bit of wandless magic, he let the toys hang in midair. He nudged the ball gag without breaking eye contact. "I don't care about your confession now, foolish little Gryffindor, and since you're going to be doing a lot of screaming tonight, I think we're going to be needing this." On the word "screaming," Hermione could feel the thickened air flicker with the raw sexual threat. Raising her lips in a snarl, she bound her clenched teeth. Again Snape slapped her lightly. When she moved to again spit her displeasure, he pried her teeth farther apart and pressed the new Witch's Wand into the dark recess.

Hermione's muffled cry of outrage made Snape chuckle darkly as he gently, but relentlessly moved the Wand in and out. He felt like giggling as he watched his lovely, horny woman. Though she played her part of infuriated captive, her brown eyes smoldered up into his black ones and she sucked the Wand as best she could.

"I wasn't planning on using this on you, not tonight. This pretty little cunt of yours isn't ready for it….certainly not the way we will be employing it. Oh well. For a Gryffindor know-it-all, you really didn't think your actions through, hmmmm?" With a controlled jerk, he removed the Wand from her mouth. He smiled coldly and swiftly replaced it with the ball gag.

At Snape's muttered incantation, strong ropes flew from his wand, twisting between Hermione's ankles and the floor. When each was firmly anchored, it spawned into many soft, thinner cords and climbed, serpent-like, up her legs all the way to her waist. Hermione let out a quiet moan when tiny filaments parted the swollen folds of her womanhood and tickled her tight clit. At a reprimanding snap of Snape's fingers, the strings retreated from the pink flesh but twined tightly into the soft curls covering her and held her open.

"At least a few good things came out of being a so-called-servant to the Dark Lord."