Jacob: Every breath that I took felt like the very first one. Can a person be born again every second? Her skin below my hand felt like a cold cloth on a blistering headache. I didn't even know that I had one, but that was how she felt to me: soothing, surprising, comforting.

"I don't understand." she whispered. Her voice was the soft sound of a thousand flowers parting in a field.

I smoothed my thumb along her cheek. I let my fingers tangle themselves in her hair, pulling her close and I breathed her in.

"I don't understand it either Bella." I sighed. Even saying her name felt right.

"How can you imprint on me as a vampire, but not as a human?" she let her own hands wonder a bit until we heard a cough behind us.

We turned and saw Billy glaring at the two of us. As relaxed as he was for a father, I knew that even he had his limits. No father wanted to see his son grope his girlfriend.

But she was so much more than my girlfriend. She was my destiny, my future, my reason for breathing. I was every cliché in the world as I looked back at her face. Her wide red eyes were still every bit as beautiful to me as her brown ones, though I did miss them. I motioned towards my room and we sped inside.

Our hands barely left each other as soon as the door was closed. I rested my hand on her hip, grinding into her and feeling her cold breath on my shoulder. I bent down and took her lips onto mine. I tugged and pulled as her lips parted for my tongue.

I felt her shudder as I moved my lips down her neck, pressing and sucking on each spot individually. Her hair fanned my face, the sweet smell rolling over me. I hoped I'd smell like her when she was gone.

I lifted her up and her legs wrapped around me. The wall hit her hard back as I threw her up against it. I could feel my cock pressing into her and I stifled a groan. Her fingers pushed and pulled on my hair and shivers went down my back. I needed her, more than I needed the air around me.

My hand went up her shirt, feeling her firm breasts beneath my fingers. And then there was a tiny sharp pain in my neck.

"Shit!" I heard her say.

I looked at her face, her red eyes upon me. Her hand went to my neck and came back with blood dripping from the tips of her fingers.

She was shaking as she looked at the blood…and then she stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked. The look on her face was immensely gratifying. I almost came right then as she reached back for more. The wound had already healed, however, and she looked back at my face.

I was calm. Don't ask me why, considering that a vampire was drinking my blood-and wanted more. Instead of throwing her out the window, I moved quickly and dropped her on my bed. I moved on top of her, feeling her body shift underneath my own.

I offered my wrist to her and she looked at it as if observing a meal. When her eyes moved back to mine there was so much lust in them that I could only press it to her lips. It didn't hurt like the first nip did. I expected it, the pain, but what I hadn't expected was the pleasure. Her lips and tongue sucked on my skin, pulling out blood. I found myself getting even harder, if that was fucking possible.

She released my arm and sighed. Her lips were red, violent red. I kissed them, tasting myself, and lost it.

I ripped off her shirt, shreds softly falling to the ground. My mouth sucked down on her breast, biting the nipple and tugging out.

She started to scream but I slammed my hand over her mouth. I felt the bite almost immediately, and then a sucking. My heart sped up almost uncontrollably. This wasn't sex, it was violence.

Her legs wrapped around my waist. She pulled me down and our bodies slid across each other like glass. My shirt came off next, her hands moving quickly and nimbly, managing to save the shirt somehow.

She bit my neck, sucking and drawing blood. Her mouth moved down as she repeated the process throughout my torso. I don't know how I didn't come in my pants. My desire for her was that strong.

She took my pants off with her teeth and then came back up. Heats flooded down to my cock as I felt the air in the room surround me. She had stripped me completely naked. From underneath me, she took me in her mouth. For a moment I feared that she'd bite, but instead there was only her tongue. She sucked, her tongue ice cold against my heat. I barely lasted a minute.

She slid back up to face me, the need evident in her eyes. I tore off her pants carelessly, ripping them almost as badly as her shirt. She smiled and kissed me, gentle for a moment.

I slid inside her. I wasn't fast enough and her loud moan filled the room. I prayed Billy wasn't near as I thrust in again.

The first time that we had sex it was gentle, and her body was soft and compromising to my own. This time she was hard on me. She was unyielding, and our muscles seemed to clash together. It was amazing, not having to be careful with her. It was amazing that I was inside her in more than one way. My blood, my spit, myself.

We came together, our moans harsh against the silence of the room. I collapsed down next to her.


When I opened my eyes, she was looking at me. It wasn't creepy, but it made me jump a bit. And then I remembered.

"You can't sleep." I whispered in her ear. "How sad."

She shrugged under the covers. I could see her naked breasts, and I gently ran my palm over her side. She sighed and came back into me.

"Was that weird Jacob?" She bit her lip and looked up at me through her lashes. "Be honest."

"Was…what weird? Having sex?"

"Me…drinking your blood."

Heat filled my stomach as I remembered. God, it was so hot. The best sex I've ever had.

"No." I cupped her cheek and concentrated on the texture of her skin. It was like…marble, or stone; she was a beautiful statue.

"Mmm." She groaned into my skin.

"It was…kind of a turn on."

She laughed and rolled onto her back. I trailed my fingers down her stomach.

"What?" I asked.

"You like nasty vamp sex?" she giggled a bit and covered her face with her hands. "God, we're such freaks."

I bent over and kissed her stomach, biting a little.

"We were made for each other." I said simply.

She kissed my forehead and I rested my head on her stomach. There used to be light fuzz covering her skin, which made her tickle when I breathed on it. Now it was glossy and smooth, completely devoid of fuzz. She hummed in happiness.

"I love you, Jacob Black." She told me. Her honesty made me so fucking happy.

"I love you more, Isabella Swan."


Bella: When Jacob had fallen asleep again, I got out of bed. My clothes were ruined, but I managed to find a soft flannel shirt in Jacob's closet. It was huge on me, almost like a dress. I buttoned it up and slipped out the door.

Alice was waiting for me. I had texted her nearly an hour ago, imploring her to bring me clothes and keep me company. She stood; still as a statue, and I wondered how long she had been here. If I had the ability to blush, I would have.

In her hands was a neatly folded stack of clothes. Gratefully I took them from her and took off Jacob's shirt. I pulled on the jeans she had brought me, and then the filmy blue shirt. It felt nice, new even. I raised an eyebrow in her direction and she smiled.

"I did a little shopping for you today. Don't be mad."

"Alice!" I hissed. "How much did all of this cost."

She waved her hand in my direction and grinned.

"If you're that concerned, you can pay me back. We do have forever, you know."

My heart sped up as I remembered what I was. While Jacob had been a welcome distraction, I still had a lot to think about. For instance, what would I tell Charlie? I couldn't go to him in person, he'd know immediately that something was wrong.

And Renee…I frowned. My poor mother couldn't be held off with emails forever. What if she wanted me to visit?

"Alice…" I said sadly. "Please help me."

She nodded and held out her hand.

"Let's go back to the house and talk about things there."

I folded the shirt up and tucked it under my arm. Together we ran.


It was very early in the morning, but when I stepped inside the house there were lights on and piano music played softly in the background.

"Edward, we're back!" she cried out. And then she looked at me. "Oh, dear. Ok. Let's fix you up before he sees you."

She dragged me into the bathroom and started sweeping my hair back into a knot. She moved her fingers across my face, applying a light layer of makeup and mascara. When I looked into the mirror I still couldn't believe it.

Alice frowned.

"Your eyes are getting even less vibrant. I don't understand how you can be evolving so quickly…"

I shrugged and smiled happily. Maybe they'd be almost normal sooner than I thought. Maybe I could see Charlie!

Footsteps came up the stairs and she winced.

"Well, here's to hoping he doesn't smell or see the sex on you."

I crossed my fingers by my feet and silently prayed he'd be oblivious for once. He appeared in the doorway, knocking lightly.

"Hello ladies." He grinned. "Have a nice day? You look lovely, Bella."

"Thanks." I tried to smile genuinely.

"So! Edward." Alice interrupted. "Did you pick up the contacts like I asked?"

He pulled out a small box from behind his back and placed them on the counter. He rested his hand on my back for a moment and then walked out.

"I think he saw what you looked like earlier in my thoughts." She said sadly. "I tried to keep it out…"

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, a bit in doubt.

"Sweetheart…you reek of dog. I mean, God. Did you eat him?"

I giggled a bit despite myself and she flicked me on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Alice. I love him."

She nodded and I felt the conflict inside of her. To be happy for me meant to stop being angry for her brother. I wished, not for the first time, that things could be easier somehow.

"So it would seem." She murmured. "Anyway." She picked up the box and put it in my hands.

"What is it?" I inquired.

"It's contact lenses. They're the closest we could get to your old color. Put them in and you'll have normal eye color for an hour or two. The venom will burn them out fairly quickly though, so use them sparsely."

"Thanks Alice!"

I looked down at the box and wondered quietly if it would be enough to trick Charlie. I missed him so much.

"It won't be enough, Bella. I'm sorry."

I sighed and tried not to feel as defeated as I did. When I looked up into the mirror I saw someone so beautiful that it was almost alien to me. I was such a flawed human being and none of that existed now. He wouldn't believe it was me even if I told him.

"Don't worry." Came a musical voice behind me. It was Edward. "We'll figure this out."


I was eager to get back to Jacob, but I let several hours pass. He still needed sleep and I was loath to take it away from him. Our time apart wasn't completely wasted, however. Alice and I sat and spoke candidly about what she had been up to in the last few years.

Apparently, the Cullen's had only been together for the first year after their departure. Then they had split off into their respective pairs. Edward had stuck around with Alice and Jasper for a couple months and then said his goodbyes and went to South America by himself.

Alice and Jasper lived in a small cabin by themselves in Ohio. The weather was nice, but cloudy, so they were able to wonder around and not be noticed. When the weather was exceptionally nice they stayed in the woods, hiking and running around freely.

Neither one of them held a job, but when asked they said that they had just graduated and were taking some time off before entering "the real world". That made me smile. None of the Cullen's needed a job. The money that they had already accumulated would hold them off for many decades.

"We even made friends!" Alice exclaimed, her teeth dazzling in the dim lights.


"Well, I made friends. Jasper is still…getting used to humans."

I nodded. Jasper had only been on a diet for maybe a decade, if not a little more. He was never very accustomed to it when I knew him, and I remembered my 18th birthday in grim horror.

"What did you tell them when you left?"

"Well…" she bit her lip.

"Alice." I groaned. "What did you do?"

"Jasper is still there…I told people that I was bringing a friend back with me."

"Wait." I rubbed my head. "You knew that this would happen?"

"No…I just…Bella, this has been hard on all of us, you know. I was going to beg you to come and live with us, even offer to change you myself if that's what it took. I've missed you a lot."

I leaned foreword and hugged her.

"You have no idea how much I love you, Alice."

"The sun's up." She said and pulled away. "Better go pick up your dog."

I stood and smiled down at her.

"Go easy on him, ok?"

"Just…can you at least consider coming to live with Jasper and I?"

I gave her another smile and nodded. The only thing on my mind at the moment was seeing Jacob.


I watched Jacob as he ate what used to be my favorite cereal. After a few minutes he put down his spoon and looked at me.

"You look sad." He stated. I shrugged. "What's wrong?"

"Just a nostalgic feeling towards your food."

He grinned and offered me a bite. I shook my head. I wasn't trying that again.

"Anything else on your mind? I could take your mind off of it…"

I smiled at him and took his hand in mine. I loved him so much for caring about me, but I didn't want to worry him. Truthfully, I was more than considering leaving with Alice. It would be so nice to just roam free. I was certain that I could handle being around people if I needed, but a hideaway in the woods was tempting. Part of me wanted to keep this idea from Jacob, but there shouldn't be any secrets between us.

"Alice offered me a place to live." I said.

His eyes widened for a moment, but he seemed to visibly collect himself. He then nodded and ate some more cereal. I heard his spoon scrape against the bowl as he finished.

"Are you going to leave?" he asked.

"I just don't think it's safe for me to stay in Forks right now." I admitted. "Too many people know me, or rather who I used to be, and I don't want them to…"

"To put the pieces together? Bella, people aren't going to know you're a vampire. Maybe they'll think you got plastic surgery, but nothing else."

I grimaced and looked down.

"I figured it out." I said. It was the truth. All it had required was a little research and I had figured out Edward's secret in a little over a night in my room.

"So, you'd like to leave?" he asked me softly.

"Yes, I think so."

He stood up and put his dish away. Then he came back and sat across from me.

"Ok, we'll leave."

I blinked. I stared at him, trying to decipher a hidden meaning, but there didn't seem to be any.

"You'd leave? Just like that?"

"Bella." He took my hands in one of his. "You are my life. You are everything to me. I couldn't just let you leave. But if this is what you want, then ok. Let's do it."

I couldn't contain my happiness. Was it possible to get everything that I wanted in life?

"What about the pack?"

"We'll always be a pack, there are no rules saying that we have to be glued to one another forever."

I nodded and smiled again. I felt like my cheeks might split.

"So you'll really go with me?"

"Of course."

And he leaned across the table to kiss me.

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