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Chapter 13: The Aftermath

Well, here's what happened after that day:

Fabian tried to get Nina back and break up Logina. He didn't succeed.

Logan & Nina: They got married at age 25 and had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl: Matthew the oldest, Mackira the middle child tomboy, and Tyler the baby boy. They live in a beautiful house in San Francisco.

Joy and Fabian: Joy had her baby boy, which she named William. Fabian and Joy ended up getting married. They currently live in Chile. (The child was for Fabian. They got a paternity test)

Amber and Alfie: Amber forgave Alfie and when they got married. They had twin identical baby girls: Meagan and Mira. They are Nina and Logan's neighbors.

Patricia and Jerome: They got married and had no children. Patricia turned straight and forgave Jerome. They currently live in France.

Mara and Mick: They both forgot each other. Mara became straight and moved on. She married a man named Bob. They had a healthy baby boy named Riley. She currently lives in England. Mick got over Joy and married a beautiful women named Maria. They had two children: Chloe and Jasmine. They currently live in Canada.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I sure enjoyed writing it. Next up: I have to work on No Idea. Maybe some Fabina one shots are soon to come.