The meeting in Never Been Kissed from Blaine's point of view. Enjoy :)

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Blaine dashes down the stairs, anxious to get to the Senior Commons as quickly as possible - he's pretty late as it is, and Wes will kill him if he misses this performance.

A voice calls out behind him and he turns, looking up. A boy is standing a few steps above him, and good God is he beautiful. He's tall (taller than Blaine, at least, but that's not really hard) and slim, and he manages to be unbelievably graceful even though he's standing still. His skin is clear, light and translucent; and his eyes are the unclouded grey of star sapphires, but with shots of green and blue dancing through them.

Blaine takes all of this in in a split second and finds himself almost struck dumb. He recovers his voice just in time and introduces himself, thanking his lucky stars that this boy stopped him out of all the people crowding the hallway and staircase.

The boy pauses for a second, looking shocked, almost as if he isn't used to people taking an interest in him; but then he takes the hand that Blaine holds out to him and says his name is Kurt.

Blaine knows that Kurt asks him a question, and he's aware of answering it, but he's not sure what he tells Kurt - something about the Warblers being rockstars, he thinks (which isn't even strictly speaking true). That reminds him: he ought to get going, or Wes is definitely going to murder him.

He takes Kurt's hand in possibly the most awkward way imaginable and pulls him after him along that corridor which is a brilliant shortcut to the Senior common room but which everyone else seems to ignore.

And it feels nice, running along next to Kurt, it feels right. His hand fits perfectly in Blaine's and it isn't at all uncomfortable, even though their wrists are twisted at odd angles. It feels oddly like time has slowed down and they're running in slow motion, but it doesn't feel clich├ęd or ridiculous. It just feels...normal. Like he does this everyday, when in fact he's never done anything even remotely similar in his life.

Kurt worries about sticking out once they arrive in the common room, and for the first time Blaine drags his gaze away from Kurt's face and registers that he's not in uniform. He smoothes Kurt's collar, his breath catching, and tells him he'd fit in better next time if he remembered his blazer; but he has a sneaking suspicion that Kurt's not new after all, he's from a rival show choir - probably McKinely High - and he's come to spy on them. He doesn't really mind, though.

He excuses himself and goes to join the rest of the Warblers, ignoring Wes' quizzical look. As he prepares to sing, he catches sight of Kurt, looking at him with an expression of utter fascination on his face. Blaine doesn't want to ever take his eyes off of him.

He's halfway through the first verse when he realises exactly how creepy this is going to be.

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