December 13th 2009

The president of the United States, Leo Barnett walked into the Situation Room of the White House, merely hours ago, Doctor Krippin's miraculous cure for cancer had mutated into a lethal, unforgiving plague with had taken thousands of lives in mere hours.

He was saluted by the army officers present in the room and took a seat in order to listen to the briefing provided by Dr. Neville, the army's chief virologist.

"Mister President, as you know, Doctor Krippin's cure has mutated in what we are designating KV" a young virologist stood up and said.

"How many people have this thing injected in their bodies?" Barnett asked to the man.

"So far, ten thousand and nine people" the person responded.

Great, Barnett thought.

"All of this people are in New York City, some of them have begun to show strange symptoms" the man continued.

"What kind of symptoms? Barnett asked worriedly.

The man pressed a button and the pale face of a man appeared, he didn't have hair and had bloodshot red eyes.

"What the hell?" one of the generals whispered in disbelief.

"Ten percent of the people that are infected with KV, turn into animals, degenerative monsters angry for blood, the other ninety percent dies, only one percent of the population is naturally immune to the virus according to what we know so far"

"What are our options about this?" Barnett asked.

"So far there is nothing we can do about it, Mr. President, the army is working to find a cure to this thing, but the chances aren't good" a three-star general responded.

"How many people are showing symptoms of KV?" Barnett asked.

"So far we have only about a couple of dozen people that have turned into those things, on the other side, almost half the people that had been injected with the cure are dead" the man responded with a sad face.

"Okay, we will issue a quarantine on Manhattan Island and we will shut down all air traffic until this thing is under control" if we cure it, Barnett said.

December 15th 2009

Meredith Barnett, first lady of the United States lay in her bed watching the news about KV.

So far an estimate of eighty thousand people have died, the president has ordered the complete quarantine of Manhattan Island, we also know of small outbreaks of the Krippin Virus reported in Paris, London and Seoul, we have also unconfirmed reports of outbreaks in Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles, New York has a heavy military presence, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Chile, Peru and Brazil have all closed their borders in order to stop the virus from entering into their territory.

She turned off the TV, how ironical, she thought, humanity had cured cancer only to face an even worst disease.

January 2nd 2010


"Good evening fellow Americans, as you all know, a terrible disease has shook our nation and the entire world, we hoped this virus could have been cured, but the chances are slim, I have grave news, our brightest minds have discovered that the virus has mutated again, the CDC believes the virus can now be transmitted through the air, we recommend all of you to stay inside your homes and to avoid exiting your homes after sunset, the infected are extremely dangerous, if a case of the Krippin virus is reported in your current city or town, you are to contact the CDC immediately in order to try to contain the infection, that would be all, good evening and stay safe"