February 2nd 2010

The President of the United States, (or what was left of it) suddenly woke up and heard strange howls and screams coming from afar, he quickly took out his M1911 Handgun and a couple of magazines he had kept with him since the Pandemic began, he quickly dressed up and walked towards the Command Center of the colony, as he entered he saw dozens of National Guard soldiers arming themselves with Rifles and Machine Guns.

"What is going on?" he demanded as he entered the command room.

"The infected are attacking the colony" a young Lieutenant responded.

"I want you to get me a rifle and eight mags" Barnett responded without hesitation.

"But sir…" the young officer protested.

"No buts, now give me a god dammed rifle!" Barnett ordered.

"Turn on the UV Lights!" Barnett heard someone shout as he climbed the wall, when he arrived there he saw hundreds of infected charging against the wall, as soon as the UV Lights were turned on, the infected began to scream of pain as their skin was burned off by the UV lights, however, some continued to charge, Barnett loaded a thirty-round magazine into his M4A1 Assault Rifle and began shooting the infected.

One…Two…Three… Barnett counted as infected after infected fell to the ground dead.

Fuck, he thought as he ran out of ammo, he had forgotten to carry his magazines as he wasn't on a combat uniform, when he was eighteen, he had served for six years in the army, he reached the rank of Corporal when he was selected for Officer Candidate School and became a Lieutenant, he reached the rank of Captain and he then left the army.

He quickly took out his M1911 sidearm and began shooting the infected, they fell like flies as Barnett shot them in the head with deadly accuracy, and he quickly changed his magazine after he ran out of bullets.

"Need Ammo!" he shouted to no one in peculiar, moments later, a Guardsmen that was nearby handed him another clip which he quickly inserted in his M4.

February 3rd 2010

Most of the surviving infected had left as soon as the first rays of sunlight illuminated the landscape, after this 'encounter', Barnett and Colonel Anderson had agreed to increase the number of Armed Guardsmen in the wall in fear of another attack, yesterday, a Blackhawk had found survivors of the pandemic, there were in an isolated area near Washington, there were almost a hundred of them, so four trips were needed to bring them to the colony, it was rumored that the deaths caused by the pandemic now reached three billion, the American continent was practically a lonely wasteland and Europe and Asia were destined to suffer the same fate as well.

One of the Convoys had brought almost a month's worth of supplies, they had also raided an Army Ammunition depot and found four Hunvees and a couple of M113 APC's which could be used to guard the colony's entrances.

Today they had lost communication with the colony on Great Britain, they were overrun by thousands of infected and were all probably dead by now.

February 24th 2010

"What do we do now?" Barnett asked to the colonel as he read the so-called 'death count'.

"Frankly, I don't know, Mr. President".

The list said, Two thousand twenty billion dead, one hundred and eighty eight thousand, infected.

It was the last radio transmission they had received from the official government broadcast, so far, the only places that were infection-free were a couple of insolated islands in the French Polynesia and the southern part of South America, Little less than ten million were alive in the entire north American continent, in the USA, the only confirmed survivors were the fifty thousand people in the Vermont Colony, an isolated research station near Anchorage, Alaska and Cheyenne Mountain Complex, in Colorado, little over a week earlier, Houston, which was the place where the team of scientists were working to find a cure, was attacked by the infected and lost to the plague.