Discs.: I don't own anything you recognize from the "Wrong Turn" movie franchise! I do, however, own any OCs appearing throughout the story.
Summary: After what happened Alex is slowly falling to pieces, unable to forget all the horror she's been through. What will happen when she meets Jessie? Will their friendship help them cope with what they went through?
Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Drama, Angst
Spoilers: You should know the first and third movie.
Warnings: Mentions violence. Maybe some other stuff.
A/N: I had the idea for this story after watching "Wrong Turn 3 - Left for Dead" and after some consideration I decided to write it. One important thing - in this story only about a year past between the first and third movie and Jessie and Alex are both 20, because I needed to find a way that they could meet each other... The beginning of the story is set in late September/early October, which isn't necessarily canon to the third movie since I'm not sure when it takes place. Enjoy reading!

In The Breakdown


Stepping out of the building Alex paused, letting out a heavy sigh, and took a look around. There were numerous students, some who were sitting on the grass or on benches, others were walking over the campus to get to their next classes, and some were standing in small groups, talking with one another. For a moment Alex studied the buildings around her, the lawn and the paved ways in between which led from building to building.

She would miss this... But she had to leave, she needed a fresh start. Right now she was haunted by memories wherever she went. Everything reminded her of her friends. Her dead friends. The thought of them inevitably led to the thought of how they had died, causing the memories of what had happened in that forest to invade her conscious mind again.

Alex shuddered involuntarily even though it was quite hot and sunny for late September and she hurried to push those thoughts aside.

Yes, leaving and starting over somewhere new would definitely be best for her. And after all, this wasn't the only college where she could study. Though thinking about it, maybe she should take a semester off and focus instead on getting past what had happened, considering that the sooner she left it behind the sooner her life could go back to how it used to be...

Alex frowned at that thought, somehow doubting things could ever be entirely the same as they used to be. After all, the events of that fateful trip to the forest had left her hanging by a thread. She couldn't sleep and when she did she soon woke up screaming, bathed in sweat. She had lost her appetite. She couldn't be around people. Or loud noises. The simple sight of a forest caused her to panic...

She was a nervous wreck.

How was she supposed to ever be the same after the things she had seen, the things she had gone through? She had to watch as her friends had been killed by those... those monsters. She had been chased by them and had to witness even more bloodshed. And when she had already thought it couldn't get worse Chavez had sacrificed her to that thing to increase his own chances of survival...

Even though her wounds had healed she could still feel the razor wire on her throat, her arms and legs. In her nightmares she lived through horror scenerios of what might have happened to her if Nate hadn't found her.

At that thought she couldn't help but wonder how Nate was doing, but she didn't feel the need to actually find out, wanting to leave all of this behind and never be reminded of it.

Only a moment later she snapped out of her thoughts and started walking again, a big dark travel-bag slung over her shoulder and a big overfilled cardboard-box in her arms. As she had reached her car she let out a low sigh and put the box on the hood so she could unlock and open the car. Once she had done so she paused momentarily, a slight frown on her face as she wondered where to put the bag and box, considering that the car was already quite full with other boxes, two suitcases and several bags. Eventually she opened the door and stuffed the bag in the back, before getting the box and putting it in the foot space in front of the passenger seat.

A moment later she shut the door, walked around the car and got into the driver's seat. Putting her seatbelt on she took a look around in the car, checking if she had everything. A moment later she sighed, coming to the conclusion that she had indeed everything, and knowing that if she forgot something her former roommate would send it to her parents address she started the car and drove away.

As she drove away from the campus the faintest trace of a smile crossed her features. Despite everything else she couldn't help looking forward to getting home and spending some time with her family.

Seattle, two weeks later:

Alex wasn't sure how long she had been sleeping when she bolted awake, gasping for air. Bending over she closed her eyes, waiting for her breathing to even and her heartbeat to slow down. Once she had calmed down a bit she opened her eyes again, taking a look around in her room.

Only a moment later her alarm clock went off and she got up, heading down to the kitchen and getting the coffee-maker ready. After she had started the coffeemaker she left the kitchen and went to take a quick shower. Entering the bathroom and starting to undress she let out a soft yawn, still more than just a little tired.

A moment later she got into the shower and turned the water on. Closing her eyes she tried to relax, just enjoying the warmth.

Before long her thoughts drifted off to her plans for the day. First she wanted to do some shopping and later she had an appointment with the dean of the University of Washington. After some thinking she had come to the conclusion that she didn't really want to take the semester off and considering that it was still early into the term she had contacted the UW to see if there was any way she could still get somehow in for this semester.

As she stepped a few minutes later out of the shower Alex quickly wrapped a towel around herself. After she had fastened it around her body she grabbed another, smaller towel, which she wrapped around her hair before loosening the big towel and starting to rub her skin dry. Once she was dry she wrapped the towel back around her and headed to her room to get dressed.

Heading to her closet she quickly opened it and got some underwear, before starting to get dressed. After putting on a pair of panties and a bra she just studied the contents of her closet for a moment, wondering what she should wear and whether it won't be better if she just threw on something comfortable for now and changed into something more formal when she came back from shopping.

Eventually she settled for changing after shopping and simply put on a pair of jeans and a blue tank top. Once she was dressed she loosened the towel which was still wrapped around the top of her head and started drying her hair a little, before heading out of her room, knowing that by now the coffee would be ready. On her way through the hallway and toward the stairs she stopped at the bathroom and put the used towels away.

Only a minute or two she walked down the stairs and toward the kitchen, smiling slightly as she smelled the aroma of the fresh coffee. Entering the kitchen she went over to the row of cabinets and opened one of the cupboards, getting herself a mug, which she quickly filled with coffee. After putting the coffee-pot back down she just stood where she was for a moment, the cup still in her hand, wondering if she should make herself something for breakfast. However, after a minute or two of consideration she decided to at least eat a little bit, after all, she couldn't afford any fainting spells today. So she put her cup down and went over to the fridge. Opening it she took a look inside and studied the contents, trying to figure out what to eat since she wasn't really hungry. Eventually she closed the fridge again, got her cup and went to sit at the kitchen island. After putting the cup down she picked up an apple from a big fruit bowl standing in the middle of the island and sitting down she took a bite.

As she was done with eating and had finished her coffee she got up and headed over to the sink, throwing the apple core into the trashcan beneath the sink, before rinsing her cup and placing it upside down on a dishtowel on the kitchen-counter.

Leaving the kitchen she headed once more upstairs and to the bathroom to blow-dry her hair. When it was dry she brushed it through, before putting on some makeup to cover up the dark circles beneath her eyes.

A few minutes later she walked out of the room and went to her room to put on a pair of shoes and get her things, before heading to leave. She only stopped once more in the entrance hall, wondering whether to take a jacket with her, but then decided against it, considering that it was another unseasonally warm day and the weather forecast had announced sunshine. After making sure that she had her keys and cell phone she left.

Later that day:

Returning home around noon she quickly headed up to her room to put her purchases away. As she walked through her room she took a quick glance at her calender, checking when exactly her appointment was. Seeing that she still had quite some time she went to her bed, dropping her shopping bags on it and started to empty them, putting everything away.

Once she was done she glanced at her watch and decided to already get ready for the appointment, so she went over to her closet and opened it, trying to figure out what to wear. She wanted to make a good impression, without dressing too formal...

After minutes of consideration she settled to simply dress casual and picked a simple white shirt to wear along with the blue jeans she was already wearing. She quickly checked if there were any spots or anything on it, before she went to head downstairs to quickly iron it to get rid of a few slight wrinkles in the fabric.

A few minutes later she returned to her room and pulled of her tank top, before putting on the white shirt. Then she brushed her hair and refreshed her makeup. When she was done she went to her desk to get all the things she would need for the appointment and put them into her bag.

As she checked once more the time she saw that she still had over forty minutes until her appointment, but not knowing what else to do - and not wanting to take the risk of being late due to traffic - she decided to already leave. After making sure that she really had put everything she might need in her bag she left her room and headed to leave. On her way out she met her mother who wished her luck and gave her a hug. Alex smiled slightly at her, thanked her and left.

At the university:

She was a little early for her appointment causing her to have to wait for quite a while, so she turned her iPod back on, though she made sure it wasn't too loud, and read through a brochure of the university, trying to distract herself from her nervousness. Nonetheless she fidgeted slightly and after a while she got up and started pacing.

Alex wasn't sure how much time had passed when a female voice disrupted her in her train of thought.

"Ms Hale?"

Pulling her earplugs out Alex turned around to look at the woman, who she recognized as the dean's secretary.

"Yes?" Alex said, turning her iPod off.

"You can go in now, Mr Anderson is expecting you."

Alex smiled politely and after thanking the woman she went into the dean's office.

As she entered the room Dean Anderson rose from his seat behind his desk, watching her approach. When she had reached the desk he lifted his hand and said,

"Hello, Ms Hale. I'm glad you could make it." They shoke hands, then he indicated one of the chairs in front of his desk and added,

"Please have a seat." After they had both taken a seat he spoke up again,

"If I understood correctly you studied until a few weeks ago at the University of Maryland, before dropping out?" As Alex gave a nod he continued,

"And now you want to be accepted into this faculty." It was rather a statement than a question,

"As you know the semester already started so the deadline for applications for this term has past months ago. Therefore you will probably understand that I will need a good reason for considering to accept you for this term - especially considering that you just dropped out of another college."

Alex nodded,

"Of course." The dean gave her an expectant glance, motioning for her to continue and explain her request and after a moment she started to hesitantly explain the situation, telling him about what had happened during her rafting trip with her friends - though of course she left out the gory details - and that she had needed a change.

As she stepped out of the dean's office about forty minutes later and closed the door behind her Alex let out a sigh, closing momentarily her eyes. A moment later she opened her eyes and started walking down the hallway and toward the closest exit, a smile forming on her lips.


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