Author: sub0chick (jujukittychick)

Cast: Harry/Draco/Lucius, Snape

Rating: NC-17

Warning: m/m, m/m/m sexual relationships, further warnings on per chapter basis

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Summary: Voldemort is dead, Harry's at the end of his sixth year, and the Malfoys have been cleared of all charges. Life is good…until Harry finds out he's what's commonly known as a Breeder and the family he's destined for is none other than the aristocratic blondes that have made his life hell for the past six years.

Chapter 5

Rousing himself from his dark thoughts, many of which centered around practicing his Death Eater skills on a certain Muggle family, Lucius gave Severus a concerned look. "Where would he have gone? He shouldn't have been able to apparate out of here in the first place, but in the condition he's in, I don't like the idea of him being alone somewhere."

Severus snorted and shook his head. "The boy apparated out of the Ministry, for Merlin's sake, your house wards wouldn't bother him in the least. Merlin's beard, the boy can get in and out of any part of Hogwarts any time he wants, though we've tried to impress on him the inconvenience caused by someone ripping through them willy-nilly."

Severus laughed to himself at the startled looks on the Malfoys' faces. It was impressive enough that Harry could get through Grimmauld and the Ministry's wards, but Hogwarts was older than both and infused with ancient magic as well as the newer wards. Even Voldemort hadn't been able to break through, and yet, one wisp of a boy slipped through as if they simply didn't exist. None of the Order members truly wanted to think about how much power it meant Harry had, it was simply kind of frightening. Personally, Severus believed the old castle had an affinity for the boy anyway, perhaps because he was the direct descendent of at least one of the founders. IT was much easier to accept than the idea that the brat was going to be equivalent to the next Merlin. Now that was a scary thought.

Dragging himself back from that particular train of thought, Severus returned his attention to the blonds. "To answer your question, though, he's probably in his room upstairs. He said he was going to lay down, not leave."

Having something to focus on instead of the miserable childhood Harry had described, Narcissa summoned an elf. "Check to see if Harry is in his room." Waiting for a minute for the elf to disappear and reappear, babbling an affirmative, she nodded. "Very good, take him a pot of tea and… Does anybody know what his favorite treat is?"

Without hesitating, Draco responded. "Earl Grey and treacle tarts." As his family turned surprised, but amused, looks on him, he huffed and crossed his arms defensively across his chest, blushing faintly. "What? We've essentially been stalking each other for six years, he probably knows all my likes and dislikes as well."

Narcissa managed to suppress a laugh at her disgruntled son, though her lips twitched in a broad smile. "Yes, well…" Turning her attention back to the elf, she fell back into the calm personality she normally showed the world and that she found worked best when dealing with the overly excitable house elves. "Take Harry some treacle tarts and a pot of Earl Grey and let him know that we await him whenever he feels up to joining us again."

Lucius looked to Severus, hoping that just maybe Harry had been exaggerating about certain things. "Was he exaggerating by any chance? Any of it? What he's told us… he should be dead or on his way to being the next Dark Lord."

Severus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Some of what we were told was new to me as well, though it does explain quite a few things, his weight and stature for starters. Severe malnutrition and improper care during his formative years would explain why he is so much smaller than his year mates. His questionable 'care' at the hands of his relatives would also help explain his odd emotional outbursts and personality quirks."

Snorting in amusement, he looked over at Draco. "And his repressed Slytherin side would explain the masks he's formed to hide his true self… if he even knows what that is at this point with how many different expectations have been placed on him."

Draco, who'd only been paying minor attention to the discussion going on, was lost in his thoughts once more. The incident from earlier replayed through his mind as well as Harry's emphatic refusal to lose the mark Ihe/I had left on him and he had to fight down a wave of desire. To think they could've been in the same House all this time if he hadn't decided to show off all those years ago. They could've been friends, roommates…lovers? An image of Harry spread out on his bed in the dorm, flushed with desire, his coloring a perfect compliment to the green and silver sheets flashed in his mind and left him choking back a moan as he shifted restlessly on the couch. He could swear in that moment he could feel that connection Harry had told him about and could follow it with his eyes closed directly to his little mate.

And wasn't that an odd thought, a mate… who he would share with his father. It left him feeling lost and unsure of himself, something he couldn't stand. A Malfoy always had a plan and a course of action and knew himself. Well, what did he know? He wanted Harry, but then he'd always wanted him, from the very beginning. He felt possessive, he didn't want to share the other boy's attention with anyone else. He automatically thought of the other two thirds of the golden trio and resisted the urge to growl. He had to fight the urge likewise when he thought of the other students and teachers. He turned his thoughts to his family, his father particularly, and found he felt nothing out of the ordinary, perhaps whatever magic was behind the body made him subconsciously alright with the situation. Thoughts of Harry around his mother prompted only mild irritation, and thoughts of Uncle Sev… Well, now that was interesting. He had the same non-response that thoughts of his father had produced. He had to wonder what it meant.

He was abruptly pulled from his thoughts as though someone had called him. When he opened his eyes, he saw Harry shifting nervously in the doorway, his eyes red and puffy looking from his earlier breakdown, his hands twisting in the end of the hideous Muggle shirt that he now knew had been handed down to the other teen. He looked so small and lost, Draco found himself on his feet and moving across the room before he consciously made the decision to move, feeling his father's presence behind him as he came to stop just out of reach of the brunette. Unable to decipher the emotions roiling inside him, he resisted the urge to reach out to his mate, his hands clenching at his sides instead. "Are you…"

"I'm okay. I'm sorry if I made any of you worry." Harry looked at each of them, seeing only concern in their gazes, well except for Snape who was his normal indifferent self. Turning again to his two mates, he felt himself tremble, though it wasn't nearly as strong as it had been before; maybe the incident with Draco earlier had helped after all. But looking at them standing there, appearing so strong and caring, if unsure of their welcome, had him unconsciously swaying towards them, seeking comfort.

Lucius, seeing both boys' actions, fought back a smile. Lifting his hand, he placed it on the back of Draco's neck just as he'd done for Harry and leaned down to whisper in his son's ear. "Go to him and hold him as so." He tightened his hold on his neck slightly to explain before releasing him. "It will help calm and ground him."

Draco stepped forward, looking into Harry's eyes as he started to lift his hand before letting it drop again, feeling suddenly insecure with his family watching. "Harry, I… I'm not sure… I'm not used to…"

Harry gave him a shaky smile and stepped closer so there was less than a foot separating them. He appreciated what the blonde was doing more than the other teen probably knew. He'd had so few people offer him comfort in his life that the very fact that he was at least trying I meant a lot. Sending a small pulse of magic and appreciation along their bond, his smile grew as Draco gasped and stared at him wide-eyed. "It's our connection. I've found I can play with it as well as see it. Here, Luc found out that this helps me… helps keep me calm. Guess you should know what my 'off' switch is just in case I need it when we're back in school next year."

Harry gave a small nervous laugh, wishing the two of them were alone again; he just felt very self-conscious with the three adults watching-not-watching them. Taking a fortifying breath, he reached out and took Draco's hand, biting his lip to distract himself from the pleasurable tension he could feel building inside, and guided it to the back of his neck. Draco's touch was hesitant at first, but quickly gained confidence as his hand seemed to settle naturally into place, his thumb brushing gently up and down the pale column of Harry's neck.

Lucius watched as an unnoticed tension seemed to leave both boys with the small contact and smiled softly. Yes, Harry may be his mate, and due to the bond he felt a sense of affection and protection towards him as well as lust, but it was nothing compared to what the two boys felt towards each other naturally. All that passion and fire they'd been expressing as anger all these years would soon have a more natural outlet he was sure. Glancing over at Severus, he noticed the intense look on his friend's face as he watched the boys and wondered what the normally reserved man thought of the situation. Perhaps after the boys had retired for the evening, they could talk; it would certainly be an interesting conversation.