Title: That Campbell Girl

Summary: Emily and Naomi never met at 12, didn't have a relationship at college but things are gonna change. Mayhem along with the whole Fitch Family. This first chapter is short. I blame it on ADHD.

Disclaimer: I do not own Skins nor the characters in that show. I do own Auburn. She's gonna appear somewhere in this fic, so there. I'm not as property-less as I appear to be.

"Oh fucking hell. Who put this shit in front of the goddamn lift?" A wave of heads turned to where the loud cursing came from. When they saw who had been making the racket, the same wave returned their gaze to where they were originally looking. They wouldn't want to be caught ogling. Some even tried their best to look small or disappear behind their desks altogether. Nobody wants to be in the way of a cursing Fitch, especially in that of the one sashaying her way inside the offices from the elevators. The sashaying came after the particular Fitch pushed a document trolley out of her way, not caring that it hit a passing male employee. Katie F. Fitch is on a mission and God be damned any trolley that crossed her.

The door opened even before she could touch it. "Ah Katie darling, come give your dad a Fitch hug." Robert Fitch didn't wait for an answer, instead he pulled his fuming daughter into a bear hug while he shot his employees an apologetic look then closed the door. "What's the racket on about love?" He guided her into a chair across his massive desk and rubbed her arm.

"Don't get cute with me dad! Is it true?" Katie abruptly stood up her leopard-print suited petite frame shaking with bottled fury. Hands on hips she's determined to get into the bottom of this mess.

"What is true doll?" In all fairness her dad really seemed clueless. She smoothly took out a brown parcel from her pink Gucci bag and threw it on her father's desk, the contents spilled. Rob Fitch stared at the package for a long time. At last he turned to his daughter with solemn eyes. "Please don't tell your mother."

She stormed out of her father's office not wanting to hear anymore. 'Please don't tell your Mum.' Oh those words, those words just tore through her heart. She made her way to her waiting car, told her driver to drive to somewhere. After having her heart settled a bit, Katie dialled a number but all she got was voicemail. "Bitch!" She threw the offending phone into her bag, only to pick it up again and hit redial.

"What is it Katie?" Came a husky reply.

"Oh fucking finally!" She squeeled into her twin's ear. "It's true bitch. Out of his filthy mouth. He's really fucked us over. You gotta fix this. Coz I swear to God if I lift a finger into this there will be blood and we both know that I'm too pretty to be in a bloody blimmin' chokey!" She's stumbled on her words, her lisp became more apparent as she rambled on. She didn't care. Her father's gone and done it and it's gonna ruin everything.

"Calm down Katie, nobody's gonna go to prison." Emily held the phone away from her ear as her twin screamed her frustration on the other end.

"Calm down, you really want me to calm down. What the hell is wrong with you? You gone mong or something?" Katie finishes with a bloodcurdling scream. "I don't want to go through this again." With that said Katie Fitch burst out crying. There was a time 7 years ago. They've lost everything; their house, money, every possesion they had gone in a flash. All they had back then was each other. They got through that because they never gave up on each other. Katie would never, for the love of God, admit it but her family is the main thing that is important to her. If it goes up in smoke, she's gonna die. Well not die as in die, but there's nothing to live for then. "Fix it Emsy."

'Fix it Emsy.' Emily sighed as she put the phone down. Katie is all fluster and buster but she knew that her twin is a big softy. Her poor twin's probably worrying her heart out over this matter. "Oh Emily, you gotta fix this." She told herself. Her desk was littered with the same shit her sister had just presented to their father. Quietly, she gathered the contents and leafed through them for the nth time that morning. Photos never lie or do they? She stared at them for the longest time as if to memorize each detail. They were all different but contained the same concept. Her father with his tart. She picked up a particular photo. It showed only the woman laughing at something, probably something her father had said. Her blue eyes were twinkling with mirth, Emily just wanna puke.

'Fix it Emsy.' Katie's words echoed through her head. Emily gathered the photos unceremoniously and shoved them inside one of her desk drawers. Yes, she's gonna fix this. It's time to pay that bloody whore a visit. It's time to visit, Naomi Campbell.