This year winter was cold. But the coming winter wasn't as cold as the last one. Maybe it was the good feeling and warmth inside, that kept the winter warm. Yes, the cause might be the fragile independence, that was announced 9 months and 3 days ago. But the feeling wasn't as good good as we are on the edge of new war. First world was is just finished, but the final decision about the world is yet to be made.

We are living in a country, where independence is a new thing. Throughout the history – this country I call my home, has never before been independent in this territory. The leas peace of so called independence was until 1221, when ancient fight for independence started and at 1227 the battle was lost. Christianity was brought here. It was violent battle and there might be some reasons, because our people are one of the least religious in Europe.

But that ancient history is not what I am talking about. My name is Jenny Shepard, I am high school student. Me and Jethro are seniors this year, Tony, Ziva, Kate, Tim and Abby are a year behind. Another friend Donald is in the uni, 2nd year in medicine. We are a colorful company – my father served in the army, but mother is dead. Jethro wants to become a marine after graduation. Tony actually moved here a few years ago, he is from the capital city actually. Ziva moved here from Tel-Aviv, she is a jew. Kate is also religious – she is a Catholic girl and amazing at reading people. Tim likes taking everything into pieces and then putting them back together. If we have troubles with the fridge or any other technological gadget, then we turn to him. Abby is a girl, who has her own style and view, but she is the most loyal friend a girl could want. Donald or Ducky as we call him, but he doesn't like being called like that, he is a medical student in uni and speaks Russian better than us, because he is studying it in Russian.

This is us. We are living in Tartu, where is one of the oldest universities around. That's, where Donald is studying. Boys are studying in Tartu's Kommerts school, me and girls are in Tartu Eesti Noorsoo Kasvatuse Seltsi Tütarlaste Gymnasium ( Tartu's Estonian Youth Educational Group Girl's Gymnasium, in English I think ) . In my opinion it's wrong to make us go to different schools, but I am not the one making the decisions.

I started with saying that world is recovering from the war, Russia is recovering from the October revolution, Germany is recovering from the loss. Estonia didn't exist until 24th of February, and that was 9 months and 3 days ago. The war ended at 11th of November, at least we were told so, the last German occupants left Estonia 10 days ago, meaning on 14th November. Today it's 27th of November, Wednesday. First world war went through Estonia with German coming here a day after independence. Oh, the great independence was announced on 24th of February in 1918.

We are on the edge of new war. I said our independence is fragile, because Russia is not happy with this. They want this little territory back. Both of us are preparing and the war might begin at every given moment. It might start in 5 minutes, in 5 hours, in 5 days or in five weeks...

The war is about to start, and we are the witnesses of the new world. The new time has begun in Estonia. And we are on the edge of better life, when we can keep the independence and start building up our own thing in our own way.