2nd February, 1920

The peace treaty is signed. The peace of Tartu is signed. Jaan Poska from Estonia and Adolf Joffe from Russia. Estonia is now really independent country. And Soviet Russia signed that they will respect Estonian independence forever and they won't try to conquer us again. But we'll see.

We are on the edge of new life. Things could only get better from now on. Nothing will be the same. And we are here to make a difference and to build up Estonian future. We are the future. The university is opened again, in Estonian. Schools are open again. None of us is going back.

We are on the edge of something new.


On 6th August, 1940 Soviet Union occupied Estonia, breaking the treaty they signed. No-one cared. The country was wiped from the world map. No-one cared. People escaped, whoever could.


On 21st August, 1991 Estonia got independent again. We are part of EU and NATO and hopefully this time our freedom will last longer than the last time.


AN: The names I used, Konsap, Kohlapuu, Tääker... I didn't make them up. They are real people. They are from a book Names on the marble, where author wrote about his experience. The names are made up, but they are inspired by real people. There is a movie made after the book in 2002. Good movie, I like it. I used the movie as a source, my knowledge and some other books to write this.