The sun shone unforgivably on the torn landscape. Rock and stone jutted unnaturally into the air, trees lay broken and uprooted, and blood mixed with water dripping into the gouges torn into the earth. In the center of the destruction stood two figures, a raven and a blond, stark contrasts to each other, like shadow and sunlight.

The raven-haired man clutched at his chest where he was sure he had a few broken ribs, glaring blearily at the blond boy, no, man now; Naruto was far from the dobe he had been as a kid. A trickle of blood tinged his vision pink as it fell into his right eye, which had long since returned to it's natural onyx. Sasuke ignored the sting, not taking his eyes off Naruto for a moment as the blonde laboriously shuffled closer to where Sasuke hunched over. He didn't bother to try meeting Naruto halfway. The blonde would come to him, just like always.

This would be the last exchange, both Sasuke and Naruto had ran out of chakra some time ago, resorting to taijutsu until their forms became sloppy and their fists went wide.

Sasuke watched as Naruto slowly approached. He looked the worse for ware, blood showing vividly in his sun-kissed hair, matting it on the left side of his head, and right arm hanging uselessly at his side. But as many of Naruto's opponents had learned to their detriment, appearances could be deceiving; and Sasuke knew better than to pay too much attention to Naruto's apparently pathetic state. It was Naruto's sky blue eyes, steeled in determination that Sasuke stared at as the distance closed between them. Those blue eyes that could cycle from the sparkling clear baby blue of a summer sky to the cloudy blue of a stormy sea, to the devilish red that warned of the Kyuubi's influence. Really, it was a wonder that he made it as a ninja at all, wearing his heart on his sleeve, his emotions broadcasting through his eyes for the world to see.

He was close now. Sasuke watched warily as Naruto finally stopped, too close, only a foot away. From this close he could see the flecks of navy in Naruto's blue, blue eyes; and suddenly Sasuke was exhausted, far too tired to do anything but wait for that final strike.

Slowly, Naruto lifted his good arm and reached for Sasuke's face, and Sasuke blinked, ice pierced his gut for a moment as an image overlapped Naruto's, purple-colored nails slowly questing for his eyes. Quick as a flash, Sasuke grasped Naruto's wrist, stoping his hand an inch from his cheek.

For the first time in years, Sasuke saw Naruto's face soften, his eyes took on a slightly humorous glimmer and his lips quirked into a sad smile. "Still so afraid of touch, Sasuke?" he murmured, almost as if to himself.

This quiet Naruto was very unlike himself, and Sasuke didn't even have time to decide if he would deign to reply when Naruto was kissing him; and without even thinking, he was kissing back. Hard and rough until they were both gasping for breath, and broke apart, collapsing beside each other, not-quite-touching.

As Sasuke observed the blue, blue summer sky through his sweat-soaked bangs, and Naruto reached over and threaded his fingers through Sasuke's, he though that, perhaps he could give Naruto this victory, for once.