"So," Harry mused to himself. "This is the One."

The club was typical of this side of the city, dark with red and purple lights flashing over dancing bodies. The base was turned so high that Harry could feel the beat in his lungs, and between the writhing forms, he spotted a man standing apart.

He was young-looking, early twenties perhaps, with dark hair and pale skin, handsome, Harry supposed, with a serious cast to his face. He fit right in, except for the fact that it was obvious he did not want to be there. He stood awkwardly to the side with a glass in hand, as if he were expecting to be stood up for a date. Harry chuckled at the thought.

Harry had been keeping tabs on this man for a long time. Not anything serious, but he made it his business to know where the man was, and his general state of well-being. After all, in the game to come, this man was a key player.

But, as Harry observed a tall, thin woman dressed in black insinuate herself next to his mark, he knew the fun was about to begin. Endings were always interesting.

The thought of revealing himself crossed his mind for a moment, but was discarded just as quickly. As it is, the man would probably think this was all a dream, and there was the added annoyance of his newest guardian angel. Harry eyed the woman, who had finished whispering in the man's ear, and retreated to a distance where she could observe him without being seen. They both watched as the man searched futilely for the woman, before kicking back the rest of his drink and leaving. The women followed, Harry did not. Instead he turned to the bar he had been leaning against, and ordered a whiskey. The man would be safe in the woman's protection for now.

Lifting his vivid green gaze from the counter, he flashed a roguish grin to a woman who had been eyeing him from across the bar. She blushed prettily, before picking up her drink and heading over. In the flashing lights, her bone-straight blonde hair almost looked red.

Trinity and Neo, huh? Their meeting was fairly innocuous for such a legendary couple. Then again, he and his love had met in equally boring circumstances. It just went to show, fate just had no sense of proper drama.