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I opened my eyes to the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The grass was a lush green and it smelt heavenly; like freshly cut grass, apple and cinnamon spice.

"Daughter, why are you here? You're not supposed to be here." My mother said. I heard some kids playing some place farther away from here.

"Well surprise, aint you glad that I can live here happily?" I asked her.

"Yes but you need to go home, this isn't where you belong." She said to me.

"Where do I fucking belong then?" I asked.

"With Pam and Eric but I grant you into the otherworld so you can enter it anytime you like, so you can escape from what is happening at home." She said and I walked over to her and gave her a hug.

"Time to go back little one, you may feel a bit dizzy and you might throw up." I nodded into her shoulder. I felt that I was falling at a very dangerous speed and that if I hit anything, I would be crushed but when I opened my eyes I was back in Fangtasia, with somebody holding on to me tightly and crying badly.

"Hey going to mess my outfit you know." I said. I heard fangs snick out. Fuck I am so going to be drained.

"You are supposed to be dead." Pam says with a lisp.

"Well, there were some difficulties. My mother wouldn't exactly let me in but I am welcome to go there and I might be able to take someone with me to the spirit world." I tell her in a rush.

"Does that mean that I might be able to see my mama and papa?" Pam asks.

"Yeah we could search for them if you're allowed in there." I say. I felt dizzy and thought I was going to be sick.

"Fuck I'm gonna chuck up." I say and Pam passes me a bin. I fucking did chuck up but it was blood and guess who walks through the door way? Eric and he fucking dropped his fangs at me.

"I die and come back to life, and all you do is drop your fucking fangs." I stop to chuck up again.

"This is the best welcome home ever." I hurled up more blood.

"Guess I owe you bloody thanks." I know, no pun intended but I also offer him my bloody bucket but bring it back to myself to throw up in again. When I felt that I wouldn't chuck up again I put the bucket down on the floor. I laid down on the couch with my feet in Pam's lap. My head felt like there was a war going on in it.

"No thanks I had my dinner already." Eric said to me so I teleport next to him, I let all my shields down and I go into full goddess. I changed my clothing into a lapis lazuli coloured ball gown which is like from the rich side of the Italian renaissance, it had a matching lapis lazuli headdress that had a pendent in the middle of my forehead, a lapis lazuli tiara, pair of heels, and a cloak with a fur hood. My hair went in to tight but not too tight curls.

"Are you coming out to enthral the humans Pam?" My voice sounded like bells tinkering.

"Of course but I feel like a slob compared to you." Pam said to me so like magic I manifested the same designed outfit but her clothes in a blood red and her hair same tightness curls.

"There you go Pam." I say to her and she curtseyed to me.

"Thank you, Goddess Sookie." She said to me.

"Fuck off Pam; this is only me in my true form. That's all. Soon I will take you to see your parents and I will have to dress like this to show that I am a goddess." I said to her, still standing next to Eric who was just staring at me.

"What is she saying? You can't see your parents Pamela, they are dead; another bit of dust in the wind." Eric said to her and I saw Pam's lip slightly tremble.

"You take that back you bastard! Pam can see them all she likes because every time I go to the otherworld she is coming too and guess what we might see? Your parents there, living it up in the otherworld." I said to him softly. I walked out of the office and waited for Pam. I heard a bang and a crash so I ran in there. What I saw was the cruellest thing that a vampire can do to their child, Eric was using his mental powers that come with being a punishment and he was draining her of her blood and putting it in vials.

"You will teach her manners Pam and if you don't I will command you into meeting the sun." Eric says and punches her in the face. All I can see is red as I got the elements ready and my knife drawn out.

"Eric, leave the girl be now. You don't want to harm Pam; it is I who you want to harm." I say to him as I got Spirit to soothe Pam's mind, I got fire to burn the vials and I got Earth to remove the tubes from Pam's arms. Pam moves straight from Eric to behind me.

"Pam, leave us. Close the bar and go home." I said to her. She blurred out and told everyone to clear out. Once they did she told us she's leaving and so it was only Eric and I. I laid down my knife and the minute it touched the floor, I'm swung into the wall where Pam was. I was grabbed by the throat and flinged across the room again, I whacked my head against the wall. I could feel blood. Next he grabbed my arm in a tight grip and I heard it snap. I screamed and he growled.

"Fight back you, daughter of a forgotten whore." Eric shouted at me. Now he was asking for it. I grabbed his hand, the one that is holding my bad arm, and twisted it round so much that he howled. I carried on twisting it. He went on his knees; I stepped behind him and quickly took my shoes off while keeping hold of this bad hand. I raised my foot then brought it back down on his legs. He groaned in pain. I manifested a knife and started to skin him, I also stabbed him in places that hurt but wouldn't be too painful. I left my ancient symbol over the place of his un-beating heart. It burnt him and it would leave a scar. Then I walked over to his desk and put the knife back in its sheath, which is on the left leg as the right leg carries the sword that was made for me. I waited for Eric to heal and once that was over, I walked out and sat on my throne that was made for me when I joined Pam's family. Eric came out, looking a bit too white for a vampire. He went straight to the refrigerator and gets out royalty blended. I mentally smashed it and he went and got another one but I smash that one too.

"What time does Compton get here?" I ask him.

"In half an hour." Eric replies.

"Good, now come up here Eric and go on your knees beside my wrist." I said to him in a commanding voice which sounds great in my true form. Eric walked over to me and got on his knees. I put my hand on his cheek but he moved away.

"Don't touch me!" Eric shouted at me.

"Eric feed from me, I have hurt you, so I am offering my blood to you." I said to him and he made a hungry sound while his fangs dropped down again. He grabbed my good wrist and bit down on it with a moan. I winced at the slight pain but I was healing my left wrist. After Eric was finish with his supplement of blood he moved away from me and sat in his throne.

"I'm going to change." I said to Eric and he just grunted at me. I teleported back to my bedroom and I went to my walk-in closet. I picked out my mini skirt and my red satin tube top with my Gucci stiletto heels and made my hair twisted and pinned to the back of my head. I teleported back to my throne with minutes to spare before Compton arrived.

"Hello Sheriff, Sookie." Bill said to us and Eric Nodded to him.

"So Sheriff, the Queen wants Sookie to go to Dallas to find a missing Sheriff named Godric." When Bill finished saying it Eric went visibly tense.

"Of course I will and I bet the Queen will pay for the travel and pay me too." I said and Bill nodded.

"How are you doing Sookie?" Bill asked me.

"I'm doing good, thank you for asking." I said to him.

"Well I better be off." Bill said and turned before walking out and closing the door. That's when Eric started.

"It is so sickening." Eric said with distaste.

"What is?" I asked.

"How much you are into him." Eric said and I laughed at him.

"Don't be fucking stupid." I said to him.

"It is so obvious." He said to me. I got up and walked over to him. I sat down on his lap and leaned against his chest.

"If it's so obvious why am I here instead of being with Compton?" I asked him.

"I don't know." He said.

"I'm here because you are a better vampire then he will ever be." I say to him.

"I already know that." Eric said and I elbowed him in his stomach. He just growled playfully at me.

"I'm going home, I will meet you there." I said to him and moved in his arms, so that I was facing him and kissed him on his lips. Once we pulled away from each other I was left breathless. I teleported back the kitchen and I started to cook up a pizza. Eric came through the door and went to his office, calling Pam with him. They were still in there after I ate the pizza and got ready for bed.

"Good morning guys. I'm going to bed now." I said. I climbed onto my king-sized bed which had curtains I can draw to keep out sunlight. I kept on tossing and turning and when I finally got fed up with it, it was six in the morning and the sun was coming up. I went down stairs with some pillows and my quilt. Once I'd gotten to the living room I, I made my bed on the couch and I started a fire in the fire place and put the fireguard in place so it wouldn't burn the place down. Once I had watched the sun come up I fell asleep.