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Spin the Bottle

They were absolutely exhausted. Having just ran about 5 miles non stop from an angry alien mob was not what they would call 'fun'. Both Rory and Amy were sitting on the Tardis stairs. They would get up and move to a comfier spot, but there energy will literally drained so much that just breathing was taking up effort. As per usual the Doctor was still all energetic and lively. Twisting and turning all around the Tardis console, pulling levers and pressing random buttons. From where Amy was sitting it looked asif he were just clicking random buttons to make himself look 'impressive'. Nevertheless it still worked on River. No matter how many times she's seen him 'attempt' to fly the Tardis; it would always make her smile.

"Doctor," Amy panted still trying to get her heart speed to normal.

"Yes I know, I know. But it was worth it! I mean did you see the look on his face! Ahaa," he said excitedly with a huge grin on his face. River rolled her eyes in response.

"Yes we did sweetie. But asking a woman if she's pregnant is really not a smart move, even you should know that," Amy nodded in agreement.

"She wasn't even pregnant though. She was just…" Amy went to say 'obese' but knew that then the Doctor wouldn't take things seriously. Even now, when he was being scolded at, he would just smirk and chuckle to himself. Rory made the decision to take the conversation from a different perspective.

"Doctor… If I've learnt anything from being a nurse, it's that you do not under any circumstances ask a woman if she's pregnant. If you went round doing that all day, then you would have no face left." He flinched slightly, thinking that would deserve a smack to the face from Amy," We were lucky we escaped just! The whole flippin town was after us," he now pointed his finger at him sternly, "cause you decided that out of ever female you could have said that too, it just had to be the queen."

"Yes well… Hawaaii 71st Century! Containing 37 moons and 21 suns. Summer time amazing, although you do have to wear a few jumpers' otherwise the sun will freeze you solid. Did I mention the sun releases cold gas?" He said enthusiastically trying to change the subject. Amy and River huffed in perfect harmony together. He doesn't listen to anybody; it just goes through one ear out of the other.

"Doctor I'm a bit tired now," Amy moaned now looking at him, continue to whizz round the Tardis console.

"As much as I would love to do another adventure, I have to agree with Amy on this one," River emphasized, now taking off her red stiletto heels that she was famous for wearing. She sighed in relief as soon as the shoes were off her feet, obviously sprinting 5 miles in them bad boys would surely cramp your feet.

"Fine." The Doctor whined, letting his arms fall to his sides in defeat. "I suppose we can stay entertained in the Tardis for a while."

"I'm going to go get changed into something more comfortable," Rory confirmed, looking down at his top which now had rips across his chest.

As soon as he shuffled his way from Amy grasp he made his way to the Tardis corridors. The Doctor clapped his hands together and made his way to were Rory was just sitting.

"Amy Pond… Or Amy Williams? Hm. Nah. Amy Pond sounds better, don't you think," he nudged her on the shoulder.

"Doctor your doing it again," Amy smiled slightly nudging him back. He frowned his eyebrows' and turned his head to the left slightly, clearly confused.

"Talking out loud sweetie," River told him, answering his unasked question.

"I wasn't? I asked her a question," he replied back now shaking his head in disagreement

"Yes but Doctor when you answer your own question's there's no point in asking me is there," Amy announced now with a smug grin. Just as the Doctor was going to reply with some silly excuse Rory came back, with an object in his hands.

"Anybody up for spin the bottle?" Rory asked now staring at everyone with joy.

"Yes! Yes, a million times yes! Haven't played that in ages," Amy replies clapping her hand together and jumping up and down in joy. The Doctor looked up at River, who in response winked at him, leaving a rather flustered Doctor on the stairs.

"Okay so we all know the rules now don't we? If the bottle land on you it's either Truth, Dare, Kiss or 'Would you Rather'," Amy confirmed. Glaring at the Doctor giving speech quotations on 'Would you rather'. It seemed he didn't like the 'truth, dare, kiss or swear' idea. Apparently there should be no violent language said in the Tardis. So he added the 'would you rather' instead. They all nodded showing they now understood the rules. Amy was the first to spin the bottle, landing on Rory as a result.

"Crap. Um.. Truth," he said panicky.

Doctor, River and Amy then huddled up together whispering ideas, all Rory could make out was 'boxers', 'nose', 'banana?' and 'what size'. He was awfully regretting this now.

"How old were you when you how your first kiss?" Amy asked now laughing with River.

Rory blushed, the only girl Rory has ever been out with is Amy, and even then it took him 2 whole years to pluck up the courage and kiss her.

"18," he mumbled very quietly. The Doctor was killing himself laughing on the inside; he was on the verge of tears. One quick look at River and they both started to laugh, he couldn't help it.

"Guys stop laughing," Amy tried staring at them harshly, but she to was laughing slightly. She turned to Rory who was now bright red.

"I think it's adorable," she said in admiration, and kissed him on the lips.

"Right your turn to spin the bottle," she handed the bottle to him.

This time it landed on Amy.

"Would you rather," she said with no hesitation to her voice.

"Would you rather bathe Dorium maldovar for a whole week naked… or spend 50 minutes in the same room with one weeping angel?" the Doctor asked.

"Naked Dorium definitely!" She said a bit too proud.

The game went on for hours and was beginning to turn more dirty every minute.

"I'm just going to pop to the toilet. If it lands on me then I'll pick kiss.," she informed them while she strutted up the stairs.

They span the bottle and asif by commandment, it fell onto River.

They all looked at each other dazed and shocked.

"Well that leaves me out of the question," Amy remarked looking at both the men in front of her.

"Married," Rory stated pointed at Amy.

"Time lord," the Doctor quickly said pointing at himself. He smiled as though that was a valid reason. Rory and Amy just looked at each other with frustration,

"Doctor. That's not a reason," Rory remarked, shaking his head at the silly little excuse. "And besides, you sort of…" he was going to finish the sentence until Amy elbowed his ribs. Red leaked into his cheeks as he nervously smiled and bit his bottom lip. He couldn't win this fight, and he knew it. But in a way he was glad, after seeing River's face when they shared her last kiss, it really did make him feel guilty, like somebody had stabbed him a thousand times in the stomach.

"F-fine," he admitted. "I'll do it. BUT! I don't want either of you to do any funny business after it's happened," he accused them both while pointing his finger at them both.

"No promises," Amy giggled.

River now entered the room, her lips a lot redder than before.

Why do I have the feeling she somehow planned this, The Doctor thought to himself.

"So… Who'd it land on?" She asked all nonchalant with her hand placed on the console.

"It landed on you," Rory announced with quite a serious face.

She strolled over to The Doctor swaying her hips more than what needed, bent down so as she was level with him and kissed him on the lips. As per usual his hands were out of control, Amy couldn't help but laugh. River stood back up to her normal stance, leaving the Doctor with a puzzled expression. River smiled at the man infront of her,

"I don't want to play this game anymore."

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