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Who's Idea Was This.

"Sweetie, let me drive her!" River yelled while she and the Doctor were being thrown around in the Tardis. The Doctor held onto the scanner as The Tardis turned sharply.

"MY Tardis River! I'll fly her," he exclaimed, now pulling levers and pressing random buttons. His like a five year old boy that doesn't want to share his toys. River rolled her eyes and sighed, as best as she could, bear in mind she still has those stiletto heels on, she jogged round the Tardis console and slammed her hand down on the blue switches. The Tardis froze, well not really froze, she just wasn't going all haywire anymore. The Doctor hopped over to River, and gave her a death glare.

"River, why'd you push the stabilisers?" He stropped, huffing and puffing until he landed on the Tardis chair in frustration.

"Well, when you learn to fly her properly then maybe I would have to click them," she retaliated with a smirk.

"When you learn to fly her properly," he repeated her words. "HA!" He mocked, raising his index finger in the air. River shook her head and walked over to the scanner, while doing so she took off her heel and placed them on the scanner, like she did when they were in the Byzantium.

"We're in the seventh platoin, oxygen atmosphere…" She started to list the information.

"Planet Aloopen. It's seven minutes past twelve, snowy intervals… You might want to get your coat," he shouted over the top of her smugly. He looked over at her, she had the 'he's hot when he's clever face' on, making the smile even wide. She pretended to look unimpressed, which failed miserably, and waltzed over to the Doctor near the Tardis door, and brushed past him, making her way out of the Tardis.

The Doctor didn't follow her straight away; in fact, he rushed into the Tardis corridors and checked all the cupboards and wardrobes.

"C'mon where are you," he spoke to himself, while rummaging through old clothes and devices.

"Got you!" He announced, picking up the object and running off to meet River.

As River stepped outside the coldness hit her straight away, it felt asif somebody has just slapped her round the face. She could already feel her ears going cold, which, protected by all that hair, was quite a challenge. She rubbed her hands together, in hope she would warm up just a little bit. She sighed and strolled off, looking at her surroundings further. The planet Aloopen always had beautiful scenery, well from what she read from stories and books anyway. The sky was a mixture and orange and red, with some yellows bleeding through. It was like a never ending sunset, purely stunning. However, the temperature didn't meet the skies expectations… It was freezing. The snow is like a beautiful blanket of icing, caking every surface it touches in magnificent cases of frozen water...The feeling is unimaginable. Chilling to the bone, only in a gracious, welcoming kind of way, and the air she breathes in while it snows is crisper, lighter some-how...It's soft and gentle to touch with the hand but crunchy and hard underfoot...almost magical...

"Planet Aloopen, voted thirty eighth for beautiful scenery. In my opinion it should be in the top twenty at least, but you can never debate against civilisation I suppose.." The Doctor stated. River was so intrigued by the scenery she didn't even realise his absence.

"It's beautiful," was the only thing she could say to describe the place. The Doctor walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He bent over so as his mouth was literally millilitres away from her ear.

"Not the only thing beautiful around here," he whispered. Just his voice alone sent shivers down her spine, his breath warming up her ears in an instant. She smiled and lent back into him, looking up at his face, her smile automatically turned into a frown.

"What?" He asked nervously, looking at himself up and down, checking he hadn't dropped anything down him or spilled anything. No. Nothing.

"What is that abomination on your head?" She asked sternly, her hand slowly going for her gun.

"It's just ear muffs. Calm down, please don't shoot it," he demanded defensively, covering his hands over the ear muffs. He stepped back slightly, quite scared.

"Sweetie, I have nothing against ear muffs, but when they are in the shape of fezzes-" Then she was cut off with a snow ball to the face. She immediately, wiped of the cold snow and pummelled to the floor. The Doctor, still not realising he hit her quite hard, stood behind the Tardis for self defence. Once he realised River was on the floor, he instantly sprinted over to her.

"River! River! Are you okay? Of course you're not you're on the floor…" He panicked worryingly. In a flash, River grabbed the Doctor hand pulling him to the floor with a thud, and grabbed his ear muffs.

"This is what you get," she enunciated, running off with his head wear. The Doctor pounced up off the floor and started chasing her, but it was too late.

"RIVER!" The Doctor yelled, and ran over to the, now brown flaky burnt material on the floor. He fell to his knees and picked up the remaining dust that was the ear muffs.

He heard evil little giggles from behind….

'All's fair in love and war sweetie." She remarked.

That woman…. That head gear murdering woman.

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