Diary of a Madman, Middle Class, aetat 59


To whom it may concern,

The following documents were collected from the cell of Mr. R.M. Renfield, who died seven years ago, which the reader may know is the same time that the curious and horrific situation with Count Dracula was happening.(I have attatched the details of Mr. Johnathan Harker and one Dr. Abraham Van Helsing) for those who wish to know more about the series of events) Consequently, it seems fitting to store these alongside other documents regarding the aforementioned events as, despite the mental state of the writer, these documents hold immense relevance.

In usual circumstances, these papers would be dismissed as the nonsensical ramblings of a madman. However, given the severity of mine and my associates' dealings with the Count, I feel they may hold some relevance. I have attempted to correctly order and date the entries, but this is the furthest they have been altered.

I feel it would be appropriate to give a brief description of the writer alongside these notes- a frame for the painting I suppose would be an appropriate term. At fifty nine years old, Mr. Renfield stood at six foot two with red hair and beard. I did not dare to offer him a shaving razor or scissors, and no member of staff was willing to help with his hygiene, not least due to an attack upon a previous doctor which resulted in the loss of an eye. He was of a pale, sickly, bloodless complexion, and needed blood transfusions on several occasions during his incarceration. This bloodlessness may have been a partial cause of his delusions; however, the subject's records document the use of mercury upon the patient at the beginning of his incarceration, which suggests that syphilis may also have been a factor.

On a final note, I must stress to the reader that, while Mr. Renfield could occasionally be coherent and articulate, he was undisputedly a lunatic- his account must be treated with caution.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Seward.