Sixteenth Entry, undated

I hear the women again. Giggling, all of them. I hear whimpers, too, from a child. Are their offerings more than the sparrows, I wonder? Perhaps so, but then they are around the same size. In any case, I shall be joining them soon, so I need not worry over who collects more life.

Lucy- I assume it is Lucy, for she was not at the castle- appears to have been very pretty. I have not heard her for a while. Perhaps something has happened to her.

This business reminds me of my first meeting the master. I was a historian. I wished to know all I could... and, I suppose, to distract myself from my new status as a widower. My enquires led me to Castle Dracula, and therefore to the master, who was happy to explain the folklore to an ignorant foreign historian such as myself. I stayed for longer than was necessary. I suppose it could be said that I considered the master my friend. I spoke openly to him of my wife's death, how I had behaved and reacted to it, the agonising knowledge of my own mortality... He showed me that I had another option, other than death or madness from succumbing to...

I should not think of this. I should stop thinking of Lucy and Mina and the other women, too. I should know by now what trouble women have caused.