A Reunion of Rogue and Gambit

Chapter 1

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~Rogue POV~

A lot had happened since I last saw him. I'd graduated Bayville High, grown out my hair, cut back on the Goth make-up; I mean, I had gained control of my powers for the love of Peter Steele (1)! I am not the same person I was a year ago.

With this, rolling over and punching into my green and violet pillows, I rolled back on my back twisting the violet sheets and the full green comforter around my black boy shorts and green tank.

So much had changed. This is the room that I got when the Professor renovated last summer, my room with three green walls, and one wall purple with green curtains. And horizontally from the full bed is my desk, with my laptop that I take college courses on. Opposite from my desk were two doors, one leading to a small walk-in closet, where black purple and green were definite themes, the other leading to my small bathroom.

Sitting up I looked at the wall opposite my bed with my dresser/vanity and the door that lead out into the hall. I thought about how I had gone through it just hours before.

~Flash back six hours ago~

I was lazing about like every Sunday lying on my bed reading when the Professor sent a telepathic message 'X-men, please report to my office'. So I put down my book, and went out into the hall heading to the Professor's office.

When I got there, everyone else was already there. The Professor was behind his desk, Logan leaning against the wall near the door, Laura right next to him, and Hank was sitting in a chair by the desk with Ororo in an opposite chair across from him. Jean and Scott were on a loveseat by the fireplace, Kurt was hanging upside-down from the chandler, Kitty and Evan were sitting on the couch, and I went over to join them.

When everyone was comfortable, the Professor started the meeting. "X-Men, I want to bring a matter to your attention. Recently, I have corresponded with two mutants who wish to join our ranks. These mutants seem sincere in wanting to do good with their abilities. As you well know, this institute is open to any and all mutants seeking refuge and acceptance, but joining the X-Men would be determined by a trial period. If that period passes with no incident or fault on their part, they will be offered a permanent place here on the team. At present, they await my word to come and start there trial period. But before that, I would like all of your takes on the matter, because you've faced them in the field. This is a delicate matter."

(At the time, I found it odd that he seemed to be focusing on me while he said this last part, but in a minute, I would know why.) "For these two mutants are none other than Peter Rasputin, better known as Colossus, and Remy LeBeau, known as Gambit." As several people let out audible gasps, I stared at the Professor in stunned silence.

Then, before anyone could say a word, the Professor continued. "Before anyone says anything, let me remind you that it is this institute's policy to grant second chances, and that if we hold prejudices against our fellows, we can never expect Humankind to accept us."

I surprised myself and everyone else by speaking first. "I think that we should allow the trial period. The Professor is right, if we don't allow for second chances, then we're nothing but hypocrites."

That's when everyone starting giving their thoughts, and the first was Curt. "If Meine Schwester is alright with it, then I have nothing against it." Then Evan. "Aye, I'm no hypocrite. Why not give them a chance?"

And then Scott opened his big mouth. "Oh, I don't know, maybe because they were enemies, maybe because that Gambit kidnapped Rogue…." Thankfully Kitty cut in. "But Scott, if she's okay with them coming here, then why shouldn't we give them a chance?"

I had to point out the obvious. "Because it's exactly like he said, they were enemies, operative word being 'were'. Think about how many here at the institute were enemies: Wanda, Pietro, Lance, Tabitha, Laura, and me."

At this, there were no more objections, just a few head nods, and some furrowed brows. The Professor then spoke "Alright, then I'll let them know. They will arrive in two or three days."

~End flash back~

And I didn't give it a second thought until six hours later at midnight. When I was in my bed, staring up at the ceiling of my dark room, I thought about the person who haunted my every vacant thought.

Every time I wasn't doing something, my mind shifted to him, that drawl that made his words roll in such a way that made it seem as if sex itself had a voice, his face with its harsh line and lips made for sin, that dark auburn hair that looked as soft as a feather, and those eyes, those piercing eyes that had depths that spoke of his soul, yet made it seem as if he could see yours. And it was best not to even think of that body of his, long, lean, and muscular, with broad shoulders, and he had to be at least a head taller than me.

"Ok, stop thinking about that. If I start down that road, I'll never get to sleep". And so I focused on slipping into a meditative breathing style that Logan taught me, 'in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5, hold for 5' somewhere while doing this I fell asleep.

The next day past in a haze of training, studying, eaten, and conversations. It was announced that they would arrive at noon tomorrow.

I got up and my first thought was that today was the day Remy was coming to the mansion. "Ah… what am I? Obsessed?" I said to myself as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

I came out into my room feeling refreshed. I got dressed in a dark green scoop neck t-shirt, black corset, and faded black jeans. To finish off the outfit, I put on back ankle boots, fingerless-gloves (black, of course), thin added mascara, eyeliner, grey eyeshadow, and grey lipstick. As I did this I smiled thinking about how I'd gotten so use to gloves that when I'd gained control of my powers I'd switched to fingerless.

When I was ready I headed down for breakfast. As usual, the dining room was a whorl of people, conversation, and food. Kids getting ready to head to school, and adults making plans for the day. It was hard to believe that Evan and Tabitha were graduating this summer; I mean so much time had past, so many things had changed with that thought Logan barked at one of the recruits to ask for something to be past (the boy, one of the newest additions, promptly dropped the bowel of scrabbled eggs, he'd been levitating towards himself, it fell to the table with a thud) I couldn't help but chuckle at this thinking that the more things changed, the more thing stayed the same.

When breakfast was over and all the kids were off to school, I helped Ororo, Logan and Kitty clean up. Thin I went upstairs to work on my online college courses 'Agh! Math!' I'd gone and tested out of some of the more basic classes, but I couldn't test out of math.

After working for two hours are so, I realized it was ten 'til ten. So I got ready for my one-on-one danger room session with Logan and headed down. It was a hell of a session with no real winner just him beating the crap out of me, then me beating the crap out of him.

These sessions were so I could hone my new abilities. I could tap into the psyches at will their knowledge their power, it was terrifying but thrilling. With the control of my powers had come, the control of the psyches. It was slow at first, I'd constructed a room for each psyche. I'd approached each psyche, and designed a room for them.

It was grueling work I could only do two or three at a time, but I'd eventually made a room for each psyche. And all those rooms were held in a sort of mental mansion. There were differences between it and the physical mansion, of course, but I'd made it complete with gardens and cerebro, of course, my cerebro controlled my powers.

The Professor called it my main psychic plane, and said that he was flattered because that usual was a mental manifestation of the please we felt safest. He thought that with time I might be able to control more than one power at a time or at least be able to switch between them simultaneously.

After the session with Logan, I went up to my room, showered and changed back into my clothes. After re-applying my makeup, I went down to the kitchen for a quick bite of lunch.

~Gambit POV~

Pete and I pulled up to the mansion on our bikes, it was immense; Le Professeur, Wolf-man, the Weather goddess, and the Blue docteur were out front waiting for us. We were shown to our rooms, one right next to the other. We put our stuff down and as the others left, the Weather goddess 'Ororo' offered us a tour, and we accepted, of course, no need to be grossier, right?

So we went. "The left wings of the second and third floor, are the male dorms were as the right wings are the female dorms" Ororo said as we walked towards the stairs. As we headed down to the first floor she said, "The Professor's office, the library, dinning room, kitchen and rec-room are all on the first floor." Then she showed us the library, the two rec-rooms, pointing out the door to Le Professeur's office. When we were near the kitchen, I caught an aroma, 'magnolia and lavender' an intoxicatingly familiar smell.

~Rogue POV~

Salad! That's what I'd have, I thought, as I entered the kitchen. I put a lot of lettuce in a bowl, putting that back, I proceeded to add leftover chicken, some croutons, cheese, and tomatoes and I finished it off with ranch dressing. Grabbing a root-beer from the fridge I sat down at the counter to eat.

I was cleaning up, when I heard a group of people approaching. I didn't think anything of it and continued what I was doing. I had just closed the dishwasher when the door opened and Ororo said, "Ah Rogue! Hello, Peter and Remy just arrived so I thought a tour was in order." As she said this, I tried to focus on Ororo, and tried not to openly stare at him.

~Gambit POV~

I tried not to stare but she was beautiful. Her arms bare her hair grown out a slit curl to it, a corset accentuated her curves, damn it, it was enough to make a Priest sin. 'I needed a cold shower, a smoke, and a good drink'.

~Rogue POV~

'Damn it! He looked good, better than I remember even. His jeans were ripped at the knees and hugged his ass, a black muscle shirt showed off a six pack, tasseled Auburn hair fell around his eyes and combat boots incased his feet. Overall, the outfit said 'bad ass,' she thought as Ororo continued to speak and they continued to stare openly at each other.

AN: I don't even know if I like this fic anymore. The original idea for it cam to me abut three years ago.

(1) For the love of Peter Steele is the memorial site for Peter Steele the lead singer of Tip O Negative.