A/N: This was GONNA be a parody of Yoshizilla's fart stories (entitled This Chapter is Also Avant Fart), but I randomly decided to read Sonic Project XXX 3 and all I have to say is... Sweet Grambi! I guess this chapter is a slight parody of Silver & Knuckles Watch the Wall and those 2 Girl 1 Cup videos you see all over YouTube. Also, here's a spoiler alert: This is a short chapter.


The web-cam turned on. Blaze and Tails were in Tails's room.

"Hey," Blaze greeted. "Ever since last chapter, we've been doing nothing, but the author's been begging us to read Sonic Project XXX, what ever that is."

"I really hope it's nothing too bad," Tails admitted, rubbing the back of his head. "Seriously."

Blaze laughed. "Me, too," she agreed. "Let's just get this over with."


Blaze clicked an unseen link (it WAS a webcam) and brought up the "cover". Needless to say, both of them had to repress the urge to throw up.

"W-what is that?" Tails asked, pointing at the screen.

"It's Amy," Blaze replied, stating the obvious. "But my question is, why are we acting this way? We've seen this shot at least a dozen times before."

Tails nodded and he clicked the link the the first page.

[PAGE 1]

"OK, so on this page, I'm working on I think my TV," Tails explained, "and Amy's there. I tell to get something and we get that shot again. I get really worked up about it, for some reason."

"I've seen your reactions to shots like this before," Blaze teased. "Don't act like this is any different."

Tails sighed. "You're right," he muttered. "But... Look at it!"

Blaze looked at it for a second before saying, "You're right, it's NEVER looked like that. Are all fan comic writers like this?"

"I think this is what they call Rule 34." Tails wasn't too sure on the term. Blaze was and she was very curious to know why Tails knew such a term. At least he never turned SafeSearch off on Google, that's for dang sure.

[PAGE 2]

"See? Even this Amy is wondering why you're like that," Blaze stated.

"See really doesn't know why, though," Tails argued. "I'm not that kind of person. I'm only 9,"

Blaze scoffed. "From what I've heard about this..."

"You've heard about this?" Tails enquired, looking at Blaze.

"Yeah, but I've never actually seen this," Blaze replied. "Let's just continue... Just to see the same shot again!"

"And that..." Tails added, pointing to what he was referring to.

Blaze stared wide-eyed at it, then at Tails, then back at the picture and then back to Tails. She did that for a while and eventually had to be stopped with a slap across the face from Tails.

"I don't know what goes on in your mind..." Blaze said slowly, sliding a few inches away from Tails.

"I don't think like that!" Tails exclaimed. "It's just these weird artists and writers!"

Blaze rolled her eyes.

[PAGE 3]

"What would Amy want me for?" Tails wondered aloud. "Consider what I've thought before this, my thoughts are, admittedly, kinda childish."

"That's 'cause you are..." Blaze muttered. Then she saw the next panel. "Hell-o Pinocchio's Revenge!"

Tails looked at Blaze all confused like. "What?"

"Oh, it was some movie Sonic and I watched," Blaze said. "It was pretty bad. And the reason why I refer to it is that there's one scene with nudity early on in the film, which is heavily censored, but then there's an explicit one later."

"Well, I never wanted to watch it anyways..." Tails stated. "Mainly because I've never heard of it before now. Can we just continue?"


They read the rest of the page and then came to a conclusion.

"It's an Tails/Amy story!" Tails yelled, putting head to whatever the laptop/computer was on.

"Considering what I've heard about this..." Blaze started.

"I'm starting to wonder if you've actually read this and just won't tell me!" Tails interrupted.

"I haven't!" Blaze reassured Tails.

[PAGE 4]

"So I head into Amy's room," Tails narrates, "and the lights are off. Then the lights are turned on and the door is shut and I look behind me-"

Blaze started snickered. "Lookit your face..." she muttered.

"It's not that funny," Tails said bluntly.

"Different strokes, different folks," Blaze quoted, trying to calm herself down. "Let's just move onto the next pan- I've got a bad feeling about this."

"I knew this had something to do with Rule 34..." Tails said.

"Seriously, how do you know what Rule 34 is!" Blaze asked again.

"The internet." Tails shrugged.

[PAGE 5]

"I know for a fact that I'd be worried," Tails told Blaze. "Why would I be so calm? SHE HAS NO CLOTHES ON!"

"Well, that's obvious," Blaze murmured.

"I'm betting Bonnie would hate this," Tails said.

Blaze looked all confused like at Tails.

Tails noticed Blaze's look. "Don't worry. It's all in your mind ya know," Tails quoted Yellow Submarine. "Let's just go on... I know what she wants."

"We can't be sure," Blaze reminded Tails. "But then again, we can."

They read on, muttering stuff like "This is obvious", "We're gonna be surprised for no reason" and "It's getting so much better all the time".

[PAGE 6]

Tails and Blaze both looked shocked.

"We k-knew it was c-coming..." Tails stammered. "But still..."

"Yeah," Blaze whispered in agreement. "But what's that? Up there? That photo?"

Tails looked at the last panel on the page and, sure enough, he saw it. "What is that?" he asked, confused as all heck.

"I dunno," Blaze answered. "How much you wanna bet we'll never find out?"

Tails shrugged and Blaze nodded.

[PAGE 7]

"Oh my goodness," Tails said. "Oh my actual goodness."

Blaze followed suit, by also saying "Oh my goodness." But they both said it for different reason. Tails for what he was about to do to Amy in the comic. For Blaze, it was the fact that Tikal showed up.

"How did she get in!" Blaze enquired, horrified.

"I thought you would know!" Tails yelled back. "Blaze, you've read lemons! Are they really THIS bad?"

"For one, you shouldn't read lemons," Blaze scolded Tails for even thinking of that, "and two, no. This is a COMIC."

"Well, it's a 'too be continued' comic," Tails pointed out. "Wanna see what part 2 has in store?"

"Knowing this comic..." Blaze started, but cut herself short, knowing that she'd be repeating herself.


Tails threw up into a trash can while Blaze closed the window.

"Well, I'm sure he's scared," Blaze told the viewer (YOU), looking at Tails. "I don't know why I forced him to read this with me. But I did." She then turned her attention to YOU. "Anyways, hope you enjoyed Tails and I's reading of the first part of Sonic Project XXX 3. Never read it. Ever. On an unrelated topic, you should go read Unusual Heat."

Sonic crashed in the door at that moment and shouted, "#11: Have somebody advertise a different fiction!"

Blaze rolled her eyes and shut the camera off.

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