Hey guys. This isn't another chapter, but please read anyway. I want to tell you guys about suicide. In my middle school, there was a kid only a year younger than me. He moved out to Texas this year, his eighth grade year. His name was Robert and yesterday he killed himself. I don't go to his school anymore but it was a horrible, tragic thing for people who didn't even know him. He was thirteen. He had a little brother and a little sister. He had his parents. He accidentally overdosed on pills while trying to take just enough to keep him home from school today.

In this story, I left it up in the air about whether or not Andy killed herself. I posted this story the same day and today I found out about Robert. I'm still shaking.

There are ideas about why he did it, but bottom line is he will never go to school again. He'll never get married. He'll never have kids. He'll never even finish middle school.

So please, please I'm begging you. If you are thinking about the smallest possibility of killing yourself get it out of your head right now. My entire town is devastated by this. Trust me when I say people do care about you. Tell someone what's wrong. Talk to someone. If you need to talk to me. PM me and I'll gladly talk to you as much as you need about whatever. If you know you're friend or someone you know is thinking about killing themselves TELL SOMEONE. I can't even tell you how important that is. Don't just say "They don't mean it" because if there is even a slim possibility they did it's too late by the time you find out.

Do not throw your life away over a problem that can be fixed or will go away. Don't joke about it. Don't say it just to say it. Talk to me if you don't think there's anyone else. I will be more than happy to just listen if that's all you need.

Thank you.

Rest in peace, Robert. You're missed so, so much.