Elena's POV

Standing in front of the Salvatore's cellar door in the basement I stopped to stare inside. Would Elijah really help me? Would he actually save me and take care of my loved ones? I thought to myself before I got up enough nerve to unlock the door and walk in. I only have a few minutes before Stefan realizes I'm not in the shower, so it has to be quick.

I strode into the cellar and saw Elijah's dead body still laying on the ground, the same exact place were Damon and Stefan left him. Slowly I bent down beside him and pulled my arms over top of the dagger. On the count of three, I told myself, One….Two…..Three. The dagger slid out of his body, falling back to rest on the ragged wall behind me. I expected Elijah to wake up immediately but he just laid there. His eyes were still closed with his dark rigged veins popped out of his skin.

It's not going to work. I'm a fool for thinking this would work and that he could actually help me out. I thought. Playing with the dagger in my right hand I stared down at his lifeless body before me. Looking at my watch I realized its been fifteen minutes already. Getting to my feet I took one last look at Elijah before disappearing once again. His lifeless face now had some purple color to it as his veins were slowly disappearing from his face. Soon his body became rigged as he struggled to catch his breath. His eyes were opened wide as he struggled. Elijah looked like every bone in his body just broke.

His voice was rigged as he spoke softly, "No…no….Katrina?"

"Elijah…it's me, Elena." I spoke to him.

He only panted and whispered, "Oh my god." Then he laid his head down on the sandy ground.

What should I do? Their going to realize I'm here sooner or later. Come on…come on think. I thought to myself. I didn't have much time. I put my hand slowly over top of him as he gasped a deep breath of air and rolled over top of me. Pushing me up against the wall. He rose to his feet and tried to inhale but all he could do was speak in a slight tone.

"I…..I….I can't breathe." Then he fell to the ground. He then got to his knees and pulled himself onto his knees. "What…what happened?"

I couldn't find my voice to speak, I mean what was there to say? I don't know what happens now and days with all these vampires running loose with different abilities. Just then Elijah raised to his feet as he speed out of the room. I ran right behind him trying to catch up to him, I reached the hallway and saw the door standing wide open with Elijah standing right outside the door hurled on his knees. He raised his head a slight bit as he tried to renter the house to get to me. No can do Original, this is my turf now. I thought.

"What happened?" He demanded. I immediately threw my finger up to my lips to silence him and then pointed directly to my ear to let him know that Stefan and Damon are still here and they have no idea what I'm doing.

"Not here," I whispered. "I choose you."

"I don't believe you." Elijah said with both of his hands positioned on the side frames of the door. "I trusted you." With his face like stone I could tell that this wasn't going to end to good.

I took the dagger and put it in reach of him so he could grab it. He took it cautiously and put it inside his coat pocket.

"I can explain everything, just not here, not now." I replied to him.

"Follow me," was his only response. He started to walk away as I followed close behind him. Just as I stepped outside of the door he rapped his right arm around my neck and his left arm around my waist pulling me close to him. He pushed my neck to the right and bit down. I could feel the blood being drained from within me as he drank from me. My eyes felt heavy as the drooped, I tried to keep them open but I couldn't. I felt him pick me up in his arms as he carried me away.

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