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Jealousy For Love:

Prologue Chapter 1: The New Co-worker

It was a bright, beautiful, and sunny spring day that was just the right temperature to go outside and play. Which meant loads of costumers, for Wagnaria, since people get thirsty fast in warm and hot weather, sometimes families just come to cool down and relax! Which made it one of the best restaurants, and most unusual one as well, considering all of the workers and their weird personalities…

The work morning was just beginning for cheerful, Yachiyo who had just given Kyouko a delicious and rather large parfait that was strawberry flavored, the third one she had that day, and they weren't even through the whole day of work yet. Kyouko just grabbed the treat, and started to greedily eat mumbling with food in her mouth a, "Thank you." Yachiyo smiled excitedly, in one of her best moods with her idol, Kyouko who she has been side by side with ever since she stopped some bullies for her when she was young.

She watched her other co-workers with a huge smile, very intrigued at what was going on, since she never really paid attention, all she ever noticed was Kyouko, and occasionally Satou. Popura was again asking if Souta could cross dress once again, because she wanted to see her idol and mentor again, while he blushed red and looked away yelling, "NO!" Inami took Popura away trying to convince her that he never feels comfortable when he's dressed up like that, as Popura didn't even listen to a word she said.

Yachiyo moved her gaze away from the sink where the plates get washed, so she looked at Aoi, who was trying to hug Souma with him struggling to get her away from him, her wailing childishly like a little girl that she wanted a real family member to hug. She sighed, remembering that she had no idea about who Souma really is, no one really knows, but maybe Aoi since she got away with bothering him a lot, like for now as an example.

Yachiyo continued to look at the kitchen seeing her one friend that she was so scared of, the first day of work, Satou Jun. He had blonde hair, and a look that meant 'don't go near me unless I ask you to', but that was never the case between them, he always let her talk to him, while he cooked. She giggled, remembering that whole 'love' misunderstanding that happened between them, thinking that he probably never wanted to talk about it again. She didn't really want to either, but secretly she felt sort of disappointed when he told her he saw a ghost behind her, even though she may have sounded relieved.

Yachiyo had a dreamy look on her face not even noticing that Kyouko was curiously staring at her, and looking at what Yachiyo was staring at. She was surprised to see that she was staring at Satou, but she just shrugged and scraped her spoon loudly against her glass cup for the rest of the food that was left. Yachiyo was startled, and slightly blushed before running to make her another parfait, saying sweetly, "No need to worry Kyouko! I will make you another!" as she dashed through the kitchen nearly bumping into the blonde she stared at earlier.

He noticed her happy face, humming as she made the delicious treat for their vice manager of the restaurant, and he scowled realizing that it wasn't for him but her obsessed love, Kyouko. He continued baking trying to help himself from looking at the girl he fell for since he met her on the first day. The morning went by quite nicely, with a few punches from Inami to Souta, until Kyouko started talking to Yachiyo in the kitchen that was surprisingly empty with no one in sight.

Yachiyo curiously looked around for any sight of blonde hair, she even stared at the large freezer wondering if he was locked up in there. She then asked Kyouko suddenly as she ate the parfait Yachiyo made for her, "Um…Kyouko where is everyone?" Kyouko looked up from the vanilla flavored treat and gave her a serious stare before saying with the least amount of emotion, "Oh, I must have forgotten to mention this to you, we have a new co-worker that Popura is showing around, and introducing to everyone right now."

Yachiyo seemed startled by this and said, "I better introduce myself then!" before running out of the kitchen. Kyouko scraped the last amount of vanilla left, eating it, before going after her friend. When she walked in, the restaurant was deserted with no costumers, since they all probably finished their food, and all of the workers huddled in front of someone. Yachiyo stood in the back, not able to see the new co-worker; she had a worried look on her face, so Kyouko yelled, "Please stop gathering together! And let Yachiyo meet the new worker!" at the top of her lungs.

The other workers were startled by their boss' loud thundering voice and stepped away immediately except for Satou who stood in his place not afraid at all. Yachiyo's mouth dropped at the sight she saw in front of her, and no it wasn't Souta's cute and adorable little sister. It was much more older than that. Kyouko broke Yachiyo's train of thought as she suddenly said loudly, "Oh, I forgot to tell you Yachiyo our new worker is a girl."

The new girl stood in the middle staring surprised, and shaky at the boss' loud and threatening voice, which she wasn't used to yet. The new girl was clinging onto the blonde man that Yachiyo knew for so long, and for some strange reason made her feel very uneasy.

This is going to be a different experience; Yachiyo never thought she would ever have. And that experience is jealousy.

Now this is going to be fun…

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