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Chapter 7: Regrets and Hurt

Souma got up slowly and scowled to himself before noticing the new brunette co-worker walking into the restaurant. He turned and smiled at her and Violet gave him a suspicious look but nonetheless stated kindly, "Good morning. And why are you crouched over?" Souma immediately realizing this stood up abruptly and gave her a mischievous grin his dark blue eyes filled with unexplained thoughts, "Apparently, Satou can pack a good punch without his frying pan," he said almost in a whisper. Violet's lips formed a small smile as she giggled from his joke. Satou was now in the kitchen and was starting to prepare some coffee for soon to be morning customers. "Violet I advise you stay away from Souma, his stupidity is contagious." Violet laughed at the blonde's remark and patted the now glaring Souma on the back, "Good try sport." Souma smiled and walked beside her while they head to the kitchen, "By the way that headband looks cute on you, " Souma replied softly as he grabbed the mop and the bucket of water that was sitting on the floor.

Violet blushed as she suddenly felt self-conscious and thumbled when she started grabbing coffee mugs for Satou. "It brings out your green eyes," he continued with a smug look on his face. She nearly dropped one of the mugs but managed to catch it in time before it could shatter into a million of pieces. She gasped from the sudden moment when her heart skipped a beat. Her sisters voice was ringing in her head loud and clear. She mumbled her face still filled with blush, "Thank you." Before Souma could even remotely even respond a loud voice snapped, "SOUMA. NOW is NOT the TIME to be fondling our lady CO-WORKERS. NO MATTER how CUTE they are. There is serious work that should be getting done." This startled the smug Souma who nearly slipped on the floor her just mopped. Kyouko stood inches away from him, her face on edge as if it were about to crack in two. Her short dark hair framed her pale face and her dark eyes proved that she was seriously on her edge. Souma immediately nodded frantically like a scared schoolboy and Violet just stared at them dumbfounded. Kyouko's dark eyes darted to her and Violet immediately continued to help Satou start cooking a breakfast dish. Kyouko yelled, "Aoi Yamada! Wake up I have a job for you!" Aoi appeared in a matter of seconds from the attic she lived in.

"Yes? Kyouko?" Aoi asked sweetly, not even hesitating with the puppy dog eyes, even though all the workers new it was fake. "Clearly, since Souma can't handle mopping on his own. You will mop on his behalf. Souma you can go and make yourself useful by writing on the chalkboard the specials for today," Kyouko practically spat out venom seeping through her angered voice. Aoi lost her act immediately noticing the boss' bad mood and grabbed the mop straight from Souma's frozen hands. Souma rushed to the chalkboard, running from the battlefield in the kitchen. Satou's eyebrows twitched from Kyouko's pressing mood, why do I have a feeling this has to do with me not staying with Yachiyo. Kyouko gave Satou an evil smirk, "Oh, and Satou." Satou turned and gave her his normal blank expression. Violet glanced to see what was going on and noticed her expression falter even if it was only for a second, it faded like it wasn't even there in the first place. "Keep Souma under control," she stated sternly. "I always do," he replied aimlessly, relief coming over him as he turned back to continue working. Once he heard her retreating heels fade by the slam of her office door, he sighed to himself, Kyouko sure isn't herself today either he thought to himself as he worked.

Violet's suspicions got a million times larger; Satou definitely knows something about Kyouko. But what could it be? She thought as she helped gather the ingredients for him. Popura ran in cheerfully saying, "Good morning!" over and over again as she passed by everyone. She then disappeared into the change room before any of the others could respond. "Is she always like this every morning?" Violet questioned as she watched her retreat. Satou chuckled, "Yup. Pretty much."

Satou realized he hadn't seen Yachiyo yet, even though Kyouko was supposedly responsible to bring her. No. Kyouko couldn't possibly forget Yachiyo. Could she? She did seem angry. Didn't she apologize to Yachiyo for ignoring her? Satou gritted his teeth at the thought of Yachiyo being treated rudely. How come I worry so much over her? He sighed silently to himself. He suddenly longed for the old days when she was always by his side, even if she wasn't talking about him the fact that she was there was what mattered. Now all he ever talked to was Violet. Who was nice. Pretty, in an innocent way. Smart. And not mention single. How come he doesn't feel anything for her? I guess this proves absolutely no one can replace Yachiyo. No matter how cute they were Satou thought quietly.

Everyone continued to work in silence the only sound heard was the quiet hum of the freezer. Everyone had his or her thoughts elsewhere on what events would be followed on this Saturday morning.

"Somebody! HELP! HELP!" a screech was heard which seemed to sound like Popura's voice from the change room. Everyone froze except Satou who immediately ran to the change rooms. Satou yelled worriedly for his pony-tailed girl, "POPURA!" thinking some creep hid in the change rooms to take advantage of her. Wait, what if Yachiyo's in there too? She wasn't anywhere else! Satou thought hurriedly as he ran into the frantic yelling Popura.

Satou immediately grasped down on her shoulders, his fingers digging into her soft pale skin causing her to pay attention to him, "Popura! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! WHERE'S YACHIYO?" he yelled at her crazily as he shook her, her big brown eyes wide in shock. He gritted his teeth as his body trembled, trying to control his anger of the thought of any man hurting Yachiyo. Especially inappropriately.

Popura squeaked, "Y-Yachiyo I-is hurt! She's bleeding! She doesn't remember where she is!" That's all Satou needed to hear as he rushed in with Popura trailing behind running as fast as possible with her small little legs. Satou saw Yachiyo sitting on one of the change room's benches, and he ran to her stiff form to see her injury. Yachiyo was never the type to get hurt, she always defended herself Satou thought. But when he stood in front of her he couldn't believe his eyes. He gasped, "Yachiyo?! Can you hear me?" This wasn't the Yachiyo Satou loved and had the privilege of knowing.

Her eyes were blank as if she wasn't alive and her head trickled dark red blood all the way down to her chin. "Popura call the ambulance!" Satou ordered her as she scrambled her shaking hands to get her cell phone out. The others were already gathered in the gloomy change room, and Kyouko appeared standing beside Satou.

Yachiyo's eyes moved slowly. "Satou?" she said with no life in her voice. But he was glad to hear her voice again whether it was alive or not, "Yes, it's me Yachiyo. Stay calm, the ambulance is coming for you soon," Satou desperately said as he took her hand to let her know it was him saying this and no one else. Satou glanced to Kyouko whose eyes were filled with worry and were narrowed. Kyouko was practically Yachiyo's mother who took care of whatever Yachiyo needed. And what Yachiyo needed right now was to keep on breathing. It was as if the Yachiyo that was sitting here was not the same Yachiyo who lay peacefully in her bed this morning, completely unharmed.

A giggled filled with mock in a girl's voice rang through Satou's ears as his hand was pushed away from his crush, "HaHaHa! Satou what are you talking about I'm fine. I need to start working now," as if she were someone else. Satou was frozen in shock as Yachiyo struggled to get up, "No need to worry over me. I am fine," she struggled to say while she staggered.

Kyouko pushed her back down on the bench and stated to everyone else, "We are not waiting for an ambulance. We are going NOW." Kyouko instantly threw her car keys to Souma and he caught them quickly using his reflexes, he ran out the door to start the car and drive it to the entrance. "I'm not giving up on her. Nor will I let her lose her memory," Kyouko stated as she motioned to Satou. Satou nodded and picked her up, "Yachiyo stay awake!"

Yachiyo's face was covered with blood and her heart was beating so fast that it wrenched against his heart. She gripped his uniform, "S-Satou? W-What is going on? Where a-am I-I?" she gasped between breaths. "Your with me," he answered as Kyouko and the others followed Satou outside. Yachiyo's eyes were closing and she was growing tired, she whimpered, "Satou, I don't want to die. I- Don't l-let m-me d-die! PLEASE!" Her pleads scared Satou as Kyouko pressed the gas and ordered Souma who was at shotgun to take out her fake siren in the glove department. Souma's face was serious, he didn't even hesitate in listening to her orders and he slammed the fake siren on top of her car. The siren screamed loud and clear.


Satou's heart broke from Yachiyo's pleads and whimpers. He held onto her with the last hope he had left. He couldn't let her go like this. They had to save her. He promised he would save her.

"Yachiyo. You will be fine. I'm not going to let you die," Satou whispered as he stroked her bangs on her bleed forehead that was damp. He wondered why he never stroked her hair like this before because it felt as if he did it every day. Souma and Satou continued giving each other worried glances. Souma didn't want Satou to go through hell, even if Satou hit him all the time, they were still good friends.

Kyouko hadn't uttered a word, though they sped faster now with the siren on, she still didn't believe it would be fast enough. She clenched the steering wheel and her knuckles turned white. A million voices were running through her head. A million memories. Yachiyo was what kept her going. Yachiyo was her daughter. Not only Yachiyo was her family, all of the employee's at Wagnaria were her family. If any of them got hurt she would support them. But…Yachiyo? How could I let her get so hurt? Was I really not there for her enough? Kyouko thought as she drove even faster. Her emotions were spilling out and she felt her eyes watering and blurring her vision. Kyouko almost drove into a car and Souma turned the steering wheel himself just in time. Souma took the wheel with both hands and Kyouko covered her face so no one could look at her emotional state.

Souma calmly said, "Switch spots." Kyouko merely nodded, her face still hidden, unbuckled her seat belt as well and they slid past each other and Souma sat right on time to dodge another car. Once comfortable he gave Kyouko a sympathetic glance and put one of his hands behind her back. He did it hesitantly, not really sure how the moody manager would react. But she just shuddered from her uncontrolled gasp for breaths. Souma smiled slightly noticing Kyouko was emotional right now. Even if he was sneaky, he knew Yachiyo's life was at stake. He soothed her by doing slow circular rubbing motions on her back and her shudders evened out.

Finally, for it seemed hours they arrived at the hospital and parked behind an ambulance. Souma unlocked the doors and Satou was already running out to the hospital. Emergency ambulance workers noticed Yachiyo's injured state and helped immediately. They put her on a stretcher and strapped her up as the medics stated what procedures were necessary. Yachiyo held tightly on Satou's hand as she fought to stay conscious. Satou ran with the doctors while Kyouko and Souma followed quickly behind.

Kyouko's black heels slowed her down and her tight skirt burned against her thighs as she ran with Souma's hand on her back. The doctor's led Yachiyo into an operating room and said that they would have to wait outside of the room. Yachiyo pleaded, "Satou! I want Satou to stay! And Kyouko!" Kyouko wouldn't dare look at her young girl's pleading eyes but Satou just whispered to her and gently let go of her fragile hand. In a second Yachiyo was gone and the room was silent. No one uttered a single word. They already knew what they would say.

Satou furrowed his eyebrows and punched the wall he stood in front of. His eyes closed, his teeth gritted, and his body shook from the truth. Yachiyo might not see him ever again. She won't breath again either. His heart physically broke from this realization. The realization he was avoiding to face the whole time.

Her voice rang in his ears as he slid down against the wall and huddled in his long legs. His heart poured out what it wanted to pour out the second he saw her lifeless blank eyes. His body shuddered and his weak cries escaped his trembling lips. Tears started pouring and blurring his vision. He shivered with worry and sadness. And the only person to blame was himself.

Kyouko was crying and whimpering silently and hugged her shivering body close to herself. Souma's eyes were worried but no tears were shed, he wrapped his arms around the manager. Kyouko melted into sobs filled with sorrow. She didn't hug him back. She merely cried in his chest and gripped the white fabric of his uniform. Souma patted her back once again and ptied his emotionless manager who was now crying with all her might.

Satou couldn't look Yachiyo in the eye anymore. Not after this. All they could do right now is wait. Wait for the news on whether Yachiyo was still alive.

And smiling like she always does.