You'd think I was in love with Coldplay or something recently. (Truth be told, I am) Aren't you all just loving the fact that I've written something else? I would absolutely love to get back to Science & Faith or Jealousy, but I really am stumped for plot ideas. However I did re-read Jealousy again today and draw up some drafts for things. I'll have no time to write them though, as I'm actually being social!

This has nothing to do with the actual song 'Princess of China', I just love the title and the song in general. I've had Mylo Xyloto on repeat all day.

Enjoy, review, make me happy?

Amy Pond is fascinating.

The Doctor finds himself lost in the arch of her neck, eyes drifting over the delicate skin. He'd never quite realised how pale she was. Her skin was a shocking white, holding almost no pigment. It created an illusion of transparency, like if you looked hard enough you'd be able to see her heart in her chest.

He found this very much easy now, the way it seemed to bring a glow to her. Soft, warm, uninterrupted expanses lay before him. His fingers twitched with the desire to touch.

"You really are beautiful Pond," He mumbles affectionately into her hair. It's scattered like a matted halo around her head, tumbling and curling in every direction.

Amy hums lowly, a sound lost in the back of her throat. It is still far too early for compliments, she thinks. Rolling slightly, she places a finger over the Time Lord's lips.

"Shh." Amy wishes for the moment of silence to last a little longer.

Content, the Doctor simply observes her breathing. Despite the fact she's almost lying on her stomach, it's mesmerising to watch her chest rising and falling. He traces lazy circles into the small of her back, listening to the way it affects the steady rhythm of her breaths. The skin feels like porcelain beneath his fingers.

She's so delicate, so human.

He breaks contact to remove her finger from his lips. Amy sighs incoherently, bringing her head up from the pillow to look at the Time Lord. The Doctor steals the opportunity for a kiss. It's nothing savage, or even remotely so.

It's short. It's chaste. It's perfect.

Love you, Pond.

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(And you should all go by Mylo Xyloto now, it's only £3.99 on Amazon up until Sunday!)