I wrote this for my Hamlet test in English. We had to write an "I Believe..." essay from the point of view of a character. I chose Hamlet.

I do not own Hamlet.

I believe in justice. Everyday people are free to walk the streets after they have murdered somebody. Nobody suspects them and they hide in plain sight. People who kill other people for their own wants should be killed as well. Justice must be served.

My father was a great king. He had a beautiful wife, my mother, and a brother who was always envious of the good things his sibling received. Recently, my uncle killed my father as he was taking a nap in the garden by pouring poison into his ear. A month later, he married my mother and took over the crown. Two of the palace guards told me about the ghost of my father appearing in front of the gates. I stood out on watch with them one night and saw the ghost. My father's ghost spoke to me and told me that my uncle, Claudius, had killed him.

I vowed from the day forward to kill my uncle. He would not walk free to rule Denmark. Claudius would pay for his actions towards my father.

However, before justice can be executed, the proper evidence must be found. People must not be murdered needlessly without the proper proof of their crime. I could not kill my uncle until I knew that he killed my father. I planned a short play and they acted out what had transpired the night of the father's murder. My uncle had stopped the play and stormed out. I knew then that I could perform the justice that needed to be done.

It is not revenge. Revenge is giving an eye for an eye, but I was not doing that. I was going to kill my uncle because he took two things that did not belong to him: the crown and my mother.

Justice is the act of righting the wrongs in the world. I will start by righting the wrongs that my uncle performed. Justice is not an idea, it is a belief.

Well, that's it. I channeled Light Yagami from Death Note to help me write this. XD Also, the last sentence is a play on one of Metro Man's lines in Megamind during their banter.

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~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama